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The League of Legends community chooses the 3 worst champions in history

With over a decade of updates and additions to the roster, League of Legends has quite the variety of champions. But not all of them can be the most popular.

The League of Legends community chooses the 3 worst champions in history

For years, League of Legends players have heatedly discussed their opinions on which champions are “the worst” in the game. From perceived overpowered characters to champions that actually broke the game (and not just the meta) with their designs, fans have always had their opinions. Now, the game’s subreddit has seen the arrival of a thread for this specific topic, and three names have dominated the conversation.

“It’s Yuumi, let’s be honest” says the top-voted comment on the discussion. “Her untargetability is not a good fit for the game.” K’Sante and Zeri fill in the top 3 “worst” designs in the title, and seemingly it was this last one that sparked the conversation, as the poster voted them in for their pick. They claim that the developer made “an ADC who can dash over any wall on a 5 second [cooldown].” They go on to explain that while its specific given roll is all about low mobility in exchange of high damage output, Zeri immediately has an advantage by having both.

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For its part, K’Sante is regarded by many as simply too powerful, to the point of having almost no weaknesses and hardly any effective counterpicks. “K’Sante is awesome to play but the fact the ult makes him switch from high mobility tank to some sort of very high mobility assassin is bad,” says another user, with his opinion being heavily echoed in the responses.

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Big changes are coming to League of Legends in the upcoming 2024 Season

The game’s Ranked gameplay is about to get some huge changes ahead of the start of the 2024 season, and while this don’t assure that every champion will be fixed, it’s a testament to the fact that the developers are always looking to improve the title and how the community experiences it. For now, we know that the main changes to the game are coming to the way ranked pvp, with players going through three ranked resets per season instead of the current two.

“One long gradual climb over 10 months can feel like a real grind with a long gap until the fresh climb,” said Riot Meddler. “There’s that down period at the end of the year where, often, a lot of people will want to play Ranked and can’t. And sometimes, it’s just a long time until we’ve got the next window for larger changes to Summoners’ Rift gameplay.” You can read all of the details through this link.


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