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The legendary retro console returns nearly fifty years later with the new Atari 2600+

Atari announced the Atari 2600+, a new console compatible with most Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games. We tell you about its price, availability, and more.

atari 2600+ consola retro

Fashions are cyclical, and retro enthusiasts have been enjoying a sweet moment for a few years now thanks to the official re-releases of many old consoles. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is the legendary Atari; the company has announced the Atari 2600+, a new console compatible with the vast majority of Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games, and with HDMI output.

All about the Atari 2600+: price, features, and where to buy

The Atari 2600 was the first console released by Atari in 1977. In the middle of 2023, no less than 46 years later, the company announced the Atari 2600+, a new official console with HDMI output, widescreen mode, and several other improvements to the console’s quality of life.

One of the main attractions of this new game console is the fact that it is an official release. It is not a clone produced by third parties and it has some interesting features for our time:

  • Compatible with the vast majority of Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games (click here for a complete list of compatible games).
  • HDMI input for easy connection to modern TVs and monitors.
  • Widescreen mode.
  • Larger cartridge slot to prevent cartridges from getting squished.
  • Atari logo that lights up when you play.
atari 2600+
Full screen
atari 2600+

The Atari 2600+ includes a CX40+ joystick that has been recreated to the same specifications as the original, and also comes with a ten-in-one game cartridge with the following games:

  1. Adventure
  2. Combat
  3. Dodge ‘Em
  4. Haunted House
  5. Maze Craze
  6. Missile Command
  7. RealSports Volleyball
  8. Surround
  9. Video Pinball
  10. Yars’ Revenge

According to the official website, the Atari 2600+ costs $129.99 and can be paid in four installments. It will be available in other countries besides the United States, although at the time of writing the complete list of countries and stores is not yet available.

One of the most striking aspects of the Atari 2600+ is the fact that it has an HDMI output and not for the output itself; could this be a case similar to Analog Pocket, which “remasters” the games through various filters and rescaling? In any case, this announcement is good news for retro lovers in general and Atari fans in particular.