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The new weapons that come with the DayZ patch 1.21

A new update has recently arrived for the open-world survival title, bringing a long list of weapons and changes to the latest version of the game.

The new weapons that come with the DayZ patch 1.21

The DayZ Update 1.21 was released a few days ago and it contains a number of new features, balance changes, and bug fixes. The most notable additions are new weapons such as the crossbow, sword, and even a set of medieval armor.

In addition to the new weapons and armor, Update 1.21 also includes a number of balance changes and bug fixes that really fix some issues that players have been experiencing on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. Let’s take a look at the major changes from the DayZ Update 1.21 patch notes:

DayZ Update 1.21 Patch Notes


  • Crossbow and color variants
  • Bolts and Improvised Bolt variants
  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Chainmail
  • Chainmail Leggings
  • Chainmail Coif
  • Norse Helm
  • Chest plate
  • Medieval Boots
  • Wool Gloves with fingerless and color variants
  • Feathers
  • Added new game hints
  • Thrown items and moving vehicles now move smoother on high refresh rate devices
  • Status icon for mild leg injuries
  • Sound indicator when dying of thirst


  • Accepting a friend invite to a server while connecting to a separate server would not cancel the ongoing connection process
  • Combining fuel in a fireplace would in some circumstances not work
  • Leaning was only possible with raised hands when using MnK
  • The controls screen had the “menu” and “inventory” buttons swapped
  • Fixed further exploits to look through walls
  • Fixed an exploit to glitch through walls
  • It was possible to execute a stealth kill even if there was an obstacle between the player and the target
  • Several explosions were missing their tail sounds
  • The camera would move sharply when a vehicle turns opposite to the mouse/joystick movement
  • The camera would glitch when swimming with a broken leg
  • The action to refill a partially filled gasoline container would appear at water sources
  • The Scout rifle reload sounds would echo
  • Items ruined while in a container carried in hands would float in the air
  • Fixed issues with several structures
  • It was very difficult to reach the “Open trunk” action for the Olga 02 wreck
  • Ruining handcuffs would not free the cuffed player

If you want to take a look at the complete DayZ Update 1.21 Patch Notes you can visit the DayZ forums, here.


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