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The reasons why xQc will not fight in a boxing event in Spain La Velada

The confrontation between xQc and Rubius in one of the most watched streaming events in the Spanish-speaking world is still to come.

The reasons why xQc will not fight in a boxing event in Spain La Velada

For the past few years, there has been an event that has brought together Spanish-speaking youtubers, streamers and influencers that has broken attendance records: a series of boxing matches called “La Velada”. The event, organized by the famous Spanish streamer and presenter Ibai Llanos, is already preparing for its 4th edition, and although every year there have been names of streamers from the American continent, sometimes some have come to miss at the last minute or apparently lost interest, as in the case of xQc.

Will xQc be in La Velada 4?

Since the beginning of this year, xQc was expected to have a fight with Rubius, one of the most watched Spanish streamers in the world, for La Velada 3. The challenge was originally issued by the Spaniard during La Velada 2, which was ignored, but was repeated during this year’s event.

It was in this last challenge, launched in July, that the Canadian streamer finally reacted and responded. Although xQc commented at the time that “I will accept a fight that is a little out of the norm, especially so we don’t get too much physical damage. But I will fight him though,” there has been no response from him.

Time has passed and Rubius is still waiting for his confrontation with xQc. Recently, the host of the event himself, Ibai, mentioned in a recent stream when asked about the much talked about participation of the Canadian streamer and Spanish streamer TheGrefg. that “[with] xQc I don’t even try anymore”. “I think at the end of the day, La Velada is something that those who want to participate in have to participate in, and it is totally respectable that there are people who do not want to participate”.

It is assumed that the xQc only accepted because of the emotion of the moment.