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The Witcher Confirms Season Five Renewal

The series will say goodbye to Henry Cavill (Geralt of Rivia) after the third season, who will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in the following seasons.

The Witcher

The Witcher will say goodbye to Henry Cavill in the third season. Netflix surprisingly announced the actor’s decision to say goodbye to Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the series. Starting with the fourth season, Liam Hemsworth will don the witch’s wig. Will there be more seasons? Although Netflix has not officially announced it, Sophie Holland, their casting director, revealed in an interview with Deadline that there will be a fifth season.

“We’re just about to start filming on season four with Liam Hemsworth and there will be a short gap then we go straight into season five.”

Henry Cavill’s departure, one of the thorny issues

As for Cavill’s departure, one of the most controversial issues surrounding the series, Holland preferred not to comment: “I probably won’t comment on that one. I’d love to, but I won’t. I really look forward to seeing what Liam brings. He has a big fan base. Season four will be a nice mix of new characters and returning faces.”

Anya Chalotra, Jennefer on The Witcher, spoke about Cavill’s departure: “Yeah, it’s hard to take because he’s a crucial part of the show and we all adore him. So, we’re gonna miss him a lot. I wish him all the best.”

Another issue she was asked about was the writers’ strike, which threatens to paralyze the filming of series and delay their premieres. The casting director admitted that the strike will “certainly” affect the production of the series, but expressed her solidarity with the writers: " I have nothing but support for what the writers are asking for.”

The third season of The Witcher will be released in two volumes: the first will be released on June 29, while the second part will be available just a few weeks later, on Netflix from July 27.

Source | Deadline

The Witcher Confirms Season Five Renewal
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