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This is how Stranger Things 5 starts: these are the first lines of the script

The Duffer Brothers’ series continues production and confirms the title of its first episode.

Stranger Things

It’s hours before the release of the first teaser trailer for the fifth and final season of ‘Stranger Things’, which still has no release date on Netflix. The group of children and adults of the small town of Hawkins prepare for the final battle, because the defeat of Vecna in the previous season was not the end of the war. Evil will return to spread terror, but it will face Eleven and the rest of her friends. And how will it begin? The official account of the series has shared the first sentences of the script.

No one should expect any great revelation. The excerpt from the libretto gathers only contextual information, a few seconds in which none of the protagonists appear. It creates an atmosphere of pompous horror, of eternal and wintry night. It reads: “Darkness. The sound of cold wind. Groaning trees and... a child’s voice. Singing a familiar song:”

The Eddie Munsen Comeback Theory

We also know the title of the first episode, which was shared on social networks on November 7 last year: The Crawl. This revelation has fueled theories about the possible return of Eddie Munsen’s character after his death, because in the sequence in which he plays the electric guitar, the word “crawling” is heard. The actor who plays him, Joseph Quinn, said he would like to return, but doesn’t think it’s very likely.

The time that has passed between seasons of Stranger Things has not been in vain. Those who were children have already come of age. How will they deal with that in the fifth season? Director Shawn Levy recalled that the hair, makeup and wardrobe team is exceptional: “So we’re going to use all the all the tools available to us. And I know our cast is as eager to get back to work as the rest of us.”

The Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strike has changed the schedule of the major studios, but while the writers have already reached an agreement, the actors are still negotiating, so this situation has also affected ‘Stranger Things’.