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This is what Goku would look like as an old man according to Akira Toriyama, with gray hair, mustache, and Master Roshi’s staff

The famous Mangaka showed years ago how he imagined Goku as an old man through a very funny illustration.

Goku Dragon Ball

Goku is one of the most famous characters in popular culture, a recognizable figure to most people even outside of Manganime. The Saiyan is one of the most recognizable fictional characters in history, on par with icons like Spider-Man or Batman. But what would Goku be like as an old man, and will we ever see him at an advanced age? Akira Toriyama himself, the creator of ‘Dragon Ball’, asked this question in 1989 as part of a witty message from the mangaka, along with an illustration that fans can’t miss.

This is what Goku would look like as an old man by Akira Toriyama

So, as part of his usual contact with fans, Akira Toriyama shared a nice illustration of Goku with a very peculiar aspect, in his old age. All this to answer a question that many fans have asked over the past decades, using the inevitable passage of time as an excuse: What would Goku look like as an old man? Toriyama has an answer for everything.

Goku Dragon Ball
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In October 1989, in the middle of the Frieza saga, Akira Toriyama shared one of his usual messages to fans, which included an illustration of Goku as an old man, all through the special issue “Dragon Ball Z Anime Special” of the Shueisha’s Jump Gold Selection line, the publisher responsible for publishing Jump magazine with some of the most famous manga in history.

In these special issues, Toriyama explained his involvement in the anime adaptations of ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’, as well as answered questions from fans and shared trivia about his popular work. At the time, Toriyama admitted that he didn’t know how ‘Dragon Ball’ would end, so he decided to share a picture of Goku as an old man, offering a glimpse of a possible future.

Will we ever see Goku as an old man? Of course, the image is priceless, with white hair, mustache and a cane in the purest Master Roshi style. At the moment, the most advanced image in Goku’s timeline is the one at the end of ‘Dragon Ball Z’, when he confronts Uub and decides to go with him to train him as his successor.