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Valve speaks about “Steam Deck 2”, reveals it will take a few years to come to market

A new Steam Deck model is something of a possibility, but according to Valve it’ll take a few years before it actually hits the market.

Steam Deck primer aniversario

Rumors about a new Steam Deck model fly over the industry from time to time, but these can now be stifled for a significant period of time thanks to the statements of Pierre-Loup Griffais, a programmer at Valve who currently works on the portable machine, as reported by CNBC.

Griffais highlights that “right now we are kind of looking at this performance target that we have as a stable target for a couple of years. We think that it’s a pretty sweet spot in terms of being able to play all the experiences from this new generation. And you know, so far the new releases that are coming up are great experiences on Steam Deck.”

Valve seems to be more than satisfied with the performance of the current Steam Deck model, and based on Pierre-Loup Griffais’ statements at Tokyo Game Show, we will have to wait a few years until we hear about a Steam Deck 2.

The future of Steam Deck

One of Valve’s goals is to expand the Steam userbase, which is already huge, but a great way to reach new members is through the Steam Deck thanks to its portability and ease of use. The presence of the portable machine is a fact, but despite this, there is always a certain expectation about a possible new launch.

Valve recently celebrated Steam’s 20th anniversary, a highlight for the North American company’s digital distribution store, in which Steam Deck was also the protagonist.There are significant discounts of up to 20% on the portable machine, a great opportunity for all those who do not yet have it, and if there were doubts about the extension over time of the current model, Valve’s statements should put an end to them. There will be Steam Deck for a while, with absolute confidence in the power and performance of the current generation, it is expected that new releases can work perfectly on it for a long time yet.


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