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What happened to Chris Tyson? Is he still on the MrBeast team?

Recent comments by Chris Tyson, part of the MrBeast’s team, have seen him fired from the famous YouTuber channel, according to rumors on social media.

What happened to Chris Tyson? Is he still on the MrBeast team?

YouTuber MrBeast has established himself as one of the most influential personalities on the platform in recent years, becoming a celebrity known for his high-budget videos and philanthropic stunts. His different approach to being a YouTuber has made him a role model that has attracted millions of fans. Alongside him have been other personalities such as Karl Jacobs and Chris Tyson, the latter of whom has generated rumors about his future with the famous YouTuber due to recent statements.

Why are there rumors about Chris Tyson being fired from Mr. Beast’s team?

Earlier this month, Chris Tyson commented on his Twitter account about starting hormone replacement therapy and how it has helped and saved his life and the lives of many others. Being a public figure on one of the most popular YouTube channels, this quickly spread across social media, unfortunately receiving hate and ridicule from a transphobic community. With this, a new rumor has started claiming that Chris has been fired from the MrBeast team, all because of starting this transition.

Toxic comments have begun to take part in this situation, with other content creators weighing in. Among these is SunnyV2, who stated that this situation would “soon be a nightmare” for MrBeast. Given this, we can see indications that Chris Tyson’s future is secure within the channel since his famous partner replied: “Yeah, this is getting absurd. Chris isn’t my “nightmare” he’s my fucken friend and things are fine. All this transphobia is starting to piss me off.”

So far, neither have talked about this, so officially, Chris is not fired and the rumors are just speculation. The YouTuber has shown a lot of empathy for his friend and has been very supportive of Chris’s recent gender transition.

At this time, Chris’ Twitter accounts last posted content a little over a week ago, so their social media silence may also play a role in this rumor. However, given the bullying and hate messages received during a time of transition, it is understandable that we may not see much of this person on social media for a long time.