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When does Arcane season 2 premiere: release date and everything you need to know

Riot Games’ critically acclaimed animation will return for Season 2, but players and fans will have to wait a little longer to see it.

When does Arcane season 2 premiere: release date and everything you need to know

Riot Games surprised us in 2021 with Arcane, an animated series released on Netflix that managed to transport viewers into the world of League of Legends and was acclaimed by fans, the community at large, and critics alike. We knew that this series had already been renewed for a Season 2, but since the year of its premiere, not much was known, until now.

Arcane Season 2 has a release window

Although there is no confirmed release date as such, it was revealed this morning during the Tencent Video V Vision Conference that Arcane Season 2 will have its release window during the winter of 2024, so we will still have to wait more than a year to see this sequel.

Arcane Season 1 had a total of 9 episodes with a total running time of 45 minutes and featured the voices of Hailee Steinfeld, Kevin Alejandro, Terri Douglas and Jason Spisak, among others.

Arcane is still a long way from its premiere.

Earlier this year, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent admitted that the success of Season 1 took Riot by surprise, so there was no hope of seeing the series in 2023.

“So, I just watched the third episode of Season 2 before my flight to China. We’re making progress on it. It is not ready yet, and there are two reasons for that. One, you want the quality. We just do not want to rush, and that takes time. So that’s a good reason,” said Nicolo Laurent in response to a fan’s question about the whereabouts of Arcane Season 2.

“The bad reason is honestly we didn’t know if Season 1 was going to be a success. So, we didn’t start Season 2 until... If I had known, we would have started Season 2 way earlier. But we didn’t know, so we kind of waited a bit. So now we’re kind of paying the price,” concluded the Riot Games CEO at that time.


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