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When does the new Fortnite season start? Dates, start times and all the information

We tell you when Fortnite: Origins kicks off, the new season of the game that premieres in November 2023. Dates, times and more

fortnite origenes nueva temporada noviembre 2023

Fortnite: Origins is the new season of Fortnite that begins in less than twenty-four hours from the publication of this news. Here, we have compiled the dates and times in the different Spanish-speaking regions so that you do not miss the start of this new stage of the game. We leave you with all the details below:

Dates and start times for the new Fortnite season

Epic Games has announced the start date and time of the new Fortnite season: Friday, 3 November 2023 at 3:00 am ET. We leave y’ou with the schedule across the United States:

  • 3:00 AM ET
  • 2:00 AM CT
  • 12:00 AM PT

At this time of day, the game servers go into maintenance for a period that usually lasts two or three hours, and we have to download the 27.00 patch to be able to play the new season. At the same time, the gameplay experience trailer of the new season of Fortnite will be released, showing all the new features of the playable level (we remind you that they have already been leaked) and that will take us back to the same chapter 1, with the return of many weapons, items, the map and new remixed outfits. The date information is also available in the Fortnite news section.

When will the new season of Fortnite end?

fortnite nueva temporada cuando empieza noviembre 2023
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fortnite nueva temporada cuando empieza noviembre 2023

We remind you that instead of a “new season”, Fortnite: Origins is a month-long event, so it’s expected to end on Sunday 3 December 2023. In fact, its name already gives a pretty clear clue. There’s no trace of “Chapter 4″ in the name, which fits with leaks claiming that this month-long mini-season is a transitional period between chapters, culminating in a big black hole event that will lead us into Chapter 5.