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Will GTA 6 be announced before May 17th? What we know so far

A rumor has started about when we might get the first official details from Rockstar about Grand Theft Auto VI. Here’s what we know.

Will GTA 6 be announced before May 17th? What we know so far

It doesn’t matter when you’re reading this, but one of the most anticipated titles in the industry is the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. The Rockstar Games franchise has positioned itself as one of the most important since Grand Theft Auto III and the revolution it brought. Now it is the turn of Grand Theft Auto VI, a title that we know the studio is already developing, but we have not officially seen anything, but fans are already speculating that we will know very soon.

Why before May 17th could be the day of the announcement?

According to some rumors, something related to Grand Theft Auto VI will be shown before May 17th. Some fans speculate that this is because Take-Two Interactive, the parent company to which Rockstar Games belongs, will be holding an investor call on that date. These meetings provide information about financial results, games in development or what’s coming next from each company, and it seems that this is reason enough to fire up fans of the franchise.

It’s worth clarifying, especially from this tweet and the way the information is being handled, that Grand Theft Auto VI is already officially announced and what people should really be waiting for is a first trailer. A hunch just because of an investor meeting is not enough reason to believe in it. Just for the record, Grand Theft Auto V’s development was officially announced on October 25, 2011, two weeks before their upcoming investor call in November 2011. Does that mean anything? Not really.

A long-awaited title

Just last September, the unthinkable happened to Rockstar Games: more than 90 videos and images of a very early version of Grand Theft Auto 6 were leaked on social media. This was a serious blow to the company, which mentioned in a statement that they were “extremely disappointed” by what happened. At that time, the studio had already officially announced that a new installment of Grand Theft Auto was already in “active development”. The 17-year-old teenager behind this leak pleaded not guilty after appearing in a London youth court.

Grand Theft Auto V will turn 10 years old on September 2023.