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xAI, Elon Musk’s Twitter proposal to “understand the universe”

Tech magnate Elon Musk released a new account by surprise with which to debate reality itself, apparently linked to Artificial Intelligence.


If there is a public figure from the world of technology that is always on everyone’s lips, it’s Elon Musk. Not only because he is one of the richest people in the world, but because he is capable of doing many things and surprising with them, both for better and for worse. And the last one is a mystery to everyone since today he presented what he calls xIA.

xIA, Elon Musk’s new project

In recent months we have seen how Twitter has changed with the arrival of Elon Musk. The South African genius knows how to get the world’s attention, especially when he has in his possession one of the most important social networks of the moment. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to turn a profit on it, although, with his recent efforts to get all celebrities to the checkout and the strategies of his new president, Linda Yaccarino, he has them in the works.

But in the meantime, surprises can come from anywhere and xAI was just presented today. Again, another novelty with the letter X in its name, and this time everything indicates that it will be something related with artificial intelligence, although little is known beyond what is described in the official website.

And it is here that it is not clear what it’s supposed to be, because the site reads that “The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe.” This could possibly be done with a good team behind the piles of money Musk commands, but the vast majority of his people is already dedicated to the development of new technologies and applications dedicated to data management.

The appointment starts this Friday

There’s not much more information about it, but what Musk has revealed on the web is that it is a way in which all these thinking heads want to give different answers to everything that happens in the world, the cosmos, and everything that surrounds us.

To do this, they have set up a space on Twitter from which users can join and ask questions by way of participation with all these geniuses who seem to give a twist to everything that your eyes can see.