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Xbox continues to let down fans with this ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ promise from two years ago

Once again, Hollow Knight: Silksong fans are left wanting after the promised sequel is nowhere to be seen. Even when Xbox themselves put their name on the line for it.

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It’s been 5 long years since Team Cherry announced to the world that their next DLC for Hollow Knight would become a full sequel to continue the series. Ever since, they’ve been working on the title, with fans subjected to long periods of silence between updates or announcements. But from a few years back to today, that silence has been extremely loud. Perhaps as a way to ease fans, it was Microsoft and Xbox who tried to calm the expectant masses.

Exactly 2 years ago to the date of release of this article, Xbox held its summer Games Showcase for 2022. During this event they had the pleasure of releasing another trailer for Silksong, to the surprise of many fans, as it was announced that it would come to Xbox Game Pass from Day 1. However, with no release date confirmed, some were suspicious. That very day, they took to promise that everything they showed during the event was to become playable in the following 12 months.

Of course, someone had to ask: did that include Silksong? Was that confirmation of their wait finally coming to an end? Xbox responded with a simple promise that lifted the spirits of fans on every platform: “That’s exactly what we said.”

The Silksong that never was

However, the months passed, and no release date was given. Eventually a full year passed, and along came another summer of announcements… but Silksong was nowhere to be found. Fans demanded a release from Xbox, but the company couldn’t give them one, and ever since it’s been silence.

It’s now been over 5 years. The halls of Hallow Nest continue to echo the promise of a sequel, with speedrunners and fans taking over the fandom, in the absence of any news. Some choose to make their own games, others flock to the renewed metroidvania genre that their favorite game helped revive. But still, we’re all waiting on Team Cherry to give us some long-awaited good news.

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