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XDefiant reveals the first trailer for its Season 1, with new content and features on their wy

Ubisoft’s answer to Call of Duty, XDefiant, is getting ready to release the title’s first official Season of content.


Ubisoft’s newest venture, XDefiant, wouldn’t miss the recent Ubisoft Forward 2024, and it did so by releasing a brand new trailer that confirms what players can expect to release alongside (and throughout) Season 1 of the game, set to start on July 2, 2024. A new faction, three new maps, a new game mode, and much more are showcased on the trailer for what many have already called Call of Duty’s biggest rival yet.

A shooter that stands up to Call of Duty

Just a few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to try XDefiant in depth, and our first impressions leave no room for doubt. If there can be a game that rivals the all-powerful Activision franchise, it is this great game that Ubisoft has pulled out of its sleeve overnight. “It is pure adrenaline and brings together all the ingredients to reign in the genre.” Now, what are those ingredients?

“It is played like an old-school FPS, just adding a little sauce to the formula. For a start, all of Ubisoft’s universes are mixed. Each saga has its own faction and class. There are characters from Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, The Division...they all have unique abilities and their own gameplay.”

“Their matchmaking method is similar to the shooters of the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. You have 24 weapons and 44 accessories to unlock, but you can only put 5 accessories on each one. That’s it, the skills and that’s it. It manages to be much simpler and clearer than the recent Call of Duty games, which err on the side of overwhelming newcomers”.

“But If XDefiant has something left over, it is content. From day one there are 14 maps and dozens of modes. Furthermore, with each season a lot more will be added. It is a quality shooter, which arrives for free and is packed with content. There are few arcade FPS left on the market and Ubisoft has managed to find the key to the most difficult part: playability.”

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