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Zack Snyder talks about Batman v Superman again 7 years later

Renowned filmmaker Zack Snyder explains why he thinks critics didn’t understand his version of the Justice League’s trinity with Batman v Superman.

Batman v Superman Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder is a misunderstood film director for many; his peculiar vision and way of working are impressive to many, although it is also the subject of controversy for others. Be that as it may, Batman v Superman was not the success that he expected, both critically and at the box office, falling short of expectations and unleashing the suspicions of Warner, which started to distrust his vision of the DCEU. Now, and on the occasion of the Full Circle event, the filmmaker has spoken openly about said film, assuring that people “did not understand” his vision and his way of working with superheroes as flashy as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

A misunderstood vision of the DC universe

Zack Snyder himself looked back at the public reaction to his vision of a crossover as striking as Batman v Superman, and how he tried to dig much deeper into the characters themselves: “I think that probably is what caused the movie to be so polarizing. I think, and maybe I’m wrong. but I feel like a lot of people went into the movies for going like, ‘Oh, it’s the superhero romp, right? Let’s have fun with it.’” says the director.

Batman v Superman Zack Snyder
Full screen

“And we gave them this sort of hardcore deconstructivist, heavily layered, experiential modern mythological superhero movie that needs…that you really need to pay attention to. That was not cool [for them]. That’s not something anyone wanted to do. They were like, ‘What? No! That’s exhausting. How about, why do they fight at night?’ I hate that.”

Zack Snyder’s next production is Rebel Moon, his first movie in a new science fiction universe that he’s been working on for Netflix for a few years now.

Source | The Direct


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