Promo Codes

Free Roblox codes (March 2022); all available promo codes

March has arrived and we present you the free reward codes that Roblox has this month, which ones are currently available and how you can redeem them.

March is here and as usual, we can find a series of free reward codes in Roblox to get costumes, hats, pets and much more for the game. Below we leave you with a list of free reward codes available during this month to get rewards at no cost. Some of them are already known from previous months, but this could be your chance if you haven't redeemed them yet. In addition, many of the rewards we show you have to be obtained through one of Roblox's internal games: Island of Moves. Finally, we show you how to redeem them in the game, step by step.

Roblox and its free codes for March (2022)

This is the complete list with all the promotional codes you can redeem at Roblox during March 2022:

  • SPIDERCOLA - Redeem code for free Spider Cola Shoulder Pet
  • TWEETROBLOX - Redeem code for a free The Bird Says____ Shoulder Pet
  • StrikeAPose - Redeem code for a free Hustle Hat (Must be redeemed in Island of Move)
  • SettingTheStage - Redeem code for a free Build it Backpack (Must be redeemed in Island of Move)
  • DIY - Redeem code for a free Kinetic Staff (Must be redeemed in Island of Move)
  • WorldAlive - Redeem code for a free Crystalline Companion (Must be redeemed in Island of Move)
  • GetMoving - Redeem code for free Speedy Shades (Must be redeemed in Island of Move)
  • VictoryLap - Redeem code for free Cardio Cans (Must be redeemed in Island of Move)

How to redeem reward codes in Roblox

Follow our step by step tutorial to learn how to redeem all Roblox promocodes available during the month of March 2022:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account where you want to redeem the code.
  2. Go to the promotion code redemption page.
  3. Enter your code in the box below.
  4. Click on Redeem.
  5. If you have successfully redeemed it, you will see a green message indicating this.
  6. In case the code is inactive or not a promotion code, the message will be red.
  7. Once we have successfully redeemed the promotion code, we will be able to find the item in question in our account inventory.

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