Saints Row presents its very unique and detailed customization system

Volition and Deep Silver show us the exaggerated level of customization that characters, cars, weapons and more will have in their next installment.

As promised, Volition and Deep Silver showed us this afternoon everything related to the Ultimate Customization that will be an important part of their next installment, Saints Row. With a brief trailer and a talk with the developers, many details were given about all the features of this customization system.

“The Ultimate Freedom”

The presentation begins by talking about Saints Row's quest to give "ultimate freedom to express yourself in the weird wild west", promising us that we've never seen anything like it. The Saints Row formula of outlandish skins, weapons and vehicles continues, and it seems to be increasing.

In the most recent installments of Saints Row, creating your character had become a real ritual, with multiple clothing options, hairstyles and accessories to choose from and leave your avatar with a very particular and unique style. Taking the generational leap, Volition has sought to increase these possibilities and add the characteristic madness that has defined the franchise with an enormous amount of possibilities.

Everything you expect in clothing will be at your disposal: pants, hats, full suits, sweaters, and even socks will be part of our character's closet. If you want to be a golfer, a magician or a fireman, you will be able to do it and you will have multiple options to inject your own style. Something that was discussed with the developers was the possibility of modifying the face of our character, even being able to make it have a very recognizable face if you edit half of your face in one way, and the other half in another. Haircuts are not left behind, having different styles, colors, and combinations with different textures that go according to each hairstyle.

On the other hand, the body will also have multiple options, from different skin tones, ranging from those that nature itself has given us to metallic or golden tones, including scars, tattoos and even prosthetic hands and legs. Makeup is also a part that will be present, with very flamboyant styles, including camouflage, or even fake bruises and black eyes to intimidate enemies. In addition to this, there is the definition of the muscles -or how heavy or lean you want them to be- and even details such as the color of the teeth. If you've played the previous installments, you'll have an idea of what they're looking for, even returning to more bizarre aspects such as dances and strange voices that the characters can do.

Move with syle

Customization continues with vehicles. Cars, motorcycles, jet skis and other motor vehicles can go through the mechanic's workshop not only to be painted but also to be given finishes and details that make them stand out. Other details can also be added, such as chains, turbo and even a seat ejector to reach new heights. What really caught our attention was seeing the hoverboard as we knew it in Back to the Future.

This is my boomstick!

Weapons are also customizable in almost every aspect. If there's one thing that Battle Royale games have left us with, it's very flashy and stylish skins, but Saints Row can deliver even more exaggerated combinations. The trailer also lets us see a lot of weapons that will appear in the game, from the classic machine guns, to piñata-shaped grenade launchers and even a bazooka in the shape of a guitar case which is a great nod to El Mariachi.

Cool Lair

Finally, and as the headquarters of your criminal empire, you will need a HQ, and this will also be customizable. The large number of colors, statues and decorations will allow you to demonstrate not only your power but perhaps the good - or bad - taste you have in home decoration.

This new version of Saints Row will arrive on August 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC.