Game of Thrones | In what order to read all the books?

We order the main books of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga by George R. R. Martin and the other books set in the Game of Thrones universe.

It has been several years since the final season of Game of Thrones aired on HBO. Since then, the platform has been working on other products of the saga, several spin-offs that are already underway and that we will enjoy soon. The first of these is The House of the Dragon, a prequel to the original series that is based on the book Fire and Blood. The production has counted on with the participation of George R.R. Martin himself, the author of the novels. And it's all about books, because taking advantage of the upcoming premiere of the miniseries, at MeriStation we show you in what order to read the books.

We have decided to separate the main novels (with the exception of Fire and Blood) and the three stories of the Tales of Dunk and Egg, which serve as stand-alone prequels to A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Song of Ice and Fire Saga in chronological order

We present Blood and Fire as the first book to read, even though it is not part of the main saga of A Song of Ice and Fire. We have done so because chronologically it fits in this way, although we clarify that this work is not so much a novel, but a compendium that compiles the history of the Targaryen 300 years before the events of the main books. This is the order we propose:

  1. Fire and Blood (2018)
  2. A Game of Thrones (1996)
  3. A Clash of Kings (1998)
  4. A Storm of Swords (2000)
  5. A Feast for Crows (2005)
  6. A Dance with Dragons (2011)

The Song of Ice and Fire saga is incomplete. George R.R. Martin plans to close A Song of Ice and Fire as a heptalogy, but the last two books are still in limbo. Winds of Winter has been delayed multiple times and still has no confirmed publication date. The final volume will be Spring Dream and will close the story in a different way than what HBO did with the Game of Thrones series.

George R.R. Martin has not only explored his fantasy universe in the main novels. Over the years, he has written stories as prequels, known as the Tales of Dunk and Egg. These are three novels that have also been grouped together in a single volume, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: Tales of Dunk and Egg (2015):

  1. The Hedge Knight (1998)
  2. The Sworn Sword (2003)
  3. The Mystery Knight (2010)

The House of the Dragon premieres next August 21 on HBO Max.