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Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power confirms its length and how many seasons it will have

The Rings of Power, Prime Video's LOTR upcoming series, confirms the number of seasons and it’s total length. "We Know What Our Final Shot Will Be."

"We even know what our final shot of the last episode is going to be." JD Payne is blunt. The showrunner of the new series inspired by The Lord of the Rings wants us to be clear that everything is perfectly tied up. The Rings of Power will not be improvised on the fly. Its story will not change and the number of seasons will not be increased or reduced depending on the success or feedback from the public.

How many seasons does The Rings of Power have?

Payne himself insists on how much they have planned this new adaptation and confirms that it will be five seasons and a total of 50 hours. "The rights that Amazon bought were for a 50-hour show. They knew from the beginning that was the size of the canvas – this was a big story with a clear beginning, middle and end. There are things in the first season that don’t pay off until Season 5.."

The series Tolkien would have wanted

"It was like Tolkien put some stars in the sky and let us make out the constellations," is how the showrunner describes what it's like to work with a franchise of the weight and depth of The Lord of the Rings. Payne continues: "In his letters [particularly in one to his publisher], Tolkien talked about wanting to leave behind a mythology that ‘left scope for other minds and hands, wielding the tools of paint, music and drama.’ We’re doing what Tolkien wanted."

"It came from Tolkien and we’re just the stewards of it. We trust those ideas so deeply, because they’re not ours. We’re custodians, at best," he says.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 2, 2022, coinciding with the console release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, the franchise's first video game in a long, long time. It's just the first of many products to come about Tolkien's work. An anime movie called The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim is also expected in 2024.

Source | Empire