Top 10 highest-rated Dragon Ball Z episodes

We review the ten highest-rated episodes of Toei Animation's famous anime based on Akira Toriyama's manga through the IMDb portal.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most influential anime and with more followers in history based on the work of the mangaka Akira Toriyama. The saga continues being told and entertaining new generations with the new Dragon Ball Super stories, giving much to talk about with the constant returns to its great plot arcs, many of which are fan favorites thanks to villains as famous as Vegeta, Freezer, the Androids, Cell or Majin Buu, among others. Therefore, we want to review the 10 best-rated Dragon Ball Z chapters through the specialized portal IMDb.

Dragon Ball Z: top ten rated episodes

According to the IMDb portal, the 10 highest-rated episodes of Dragon Ball Z are the following:

  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Final Atonement | Score: 9
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Transformed at Last | Score: 8.9
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Another Super Saiyan? | Score: 8.6
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: The End of Vegeta | Score: 8.5
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Goku... Super Saiyan? | Score: 8.5
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Frieza Defeated!! | Score: 8.4
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Explosion of Anger | Score: 8.4
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Goku vs. Vegeta... a Saiyan Duel! | Score: 8.4
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Vegeta's Pride | Score: 8.3
  • Dragon Ball Z | Episode: Upgrade to Super Saiyan | Score: 8.3

The highest-rated episode of Dragon Ball Z belongs to the Majin Buu story arc, when Vegeta, after being influenced by the evil sorcerer Babidi to increase his power to fight Goku (with the iconic "M" on his forehead). The super Saiyan prince finally realizes his mistake and decides to sacrifice himself for his own. The second top-rated episode takes us to the planet Namek, on the cusp of the fight between Goku and Freezer. And it is when the villain, in his perfect form, murders Goku's friends, that Goku enters a state of uncontrolled rage to transform for the first time into super Saiyan.

The third episode with the highest score is the one in which we witness the return of a rebuilt Freezer with his father, King Cold, upon his arrival on Earth. What they did not expect was to meet another Super Saiyan with a sword in hand... We return to Namek for the fourth top-rated episode, in which Vegeta is on the verge of death before Freezer with a now-recovered Goku. We continue on Namek for the fifth, in which Goku kills off some of Freezer's special forces in a spectacular way.

As we can see, many of the best rated episodes belong to Freezer's arc on Namek; so much so that the sixth episode takes us directly to Freezer's "death" with his own energy disk before Goku's superior power. The seventh shows us the beginning of Goku's brutal fight as a super Saiyan against Freezer. We return to the arc of the arrival of space warriors on Earth for the eighth, specifically, the fight between Goku and Vegeta.

In the ninth episode, we witness the confrontation between Goku and Vegeta, the latter under the influence of Babidi and the "M" on his forehead; Goku accepts the challenge. Finally, the tenth highest-rated episode of Dragon Ball Z shows us a Goku who is about to fall in front of Android 19, although Vegeta arrives in time to surprise everyone with his new level of power …

Source | IMDb