Dragon Ball: Akira Toriyama reveals his favorite character of all he has created

The well-known mangaka reveals his favorite character of the entire saga and the influence of his role in the development of the story and its characters.

Akira Toriyama, the famous manga author creator of such influential works as Dragon Ball or Dr. Slump and character designer of the Dragon Quest video game series, among others, has revealed which is his favorite character of all those he has created for Dragon Ball. And it is not an easy decision, since a saga as long-lived as the one starring Goku and company has featured hundreds of characters; and for an author, choosing his favorite character should not be an easy task. But it seems that Toriyama has it clear: Piccolo.

Evolution and influence of the character

This was revealed in a recent interview for the official Dragon Ball website in relation to the imminent release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In it, he assures that his favorite character of the entire Dragon Ball saga is none other than Piccolo, from whom much is expected in the upcoming Super Hero movie: "Piccolo is my favorite character. He's always so quiet, so this might be the first time he's been this talkative and active," Toriyama said of his role in the new animated feature.

As if that were not enough, Toriyama has delved into the evolution of Piccolo since his first appearance and how he has influenced Gohan and his family, becoming a loyal ally of Goku and almost a second father to Son Gohan, making sense of his predilection for the Namekian: "Gohan has always had a strong bond with Piccolo, ever since training with him as a young child. Videl and Pan likewise think of PIccolo as a family member they can rely on more than any other," Toriyama concludes.

Of course, Piccolo is a recurring character throughout the saga, even in the later arcs of Dragon Ball Super, as in the fight against Moro. We will see what role Piccolo plays in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and if he is as important to the story written by Toriyama himself.

Source | Comicbook