Fall Guys controls and tips for grabbing, pushing and double jump

We explain the best way to play, grab, push and jump with impulse or double jump in Fall Guys, even how to annoy your rivals and get more crowns.

Fall Guys has opened its doors to everyone. The famous party game, so much in trend in the lockdown days, has come to a bunch of new platforms and it also has become free to play, so anyone can play it completely for free since a few weeks ago. Now, anyone can play, but not everyone can win. To claim victory - or rather, the crown - the first thing is to know the controls inside out and master the special techniques. We'll go over everything below to give you a chance.

Fall Guys controls on PS4 and PS5

Let's start with the controls on the first platforms on which it was released, those of Sony.

  • Move: Left analog stick
  • Move the camera: Right analog stick
  • Jump: X
  • Dive: square (in the air)
  • Grab: R2
  • Show player names: L2
  • Emotes: D-Pad

Fall Guys controls on Nintendo Switch

If you happen to have gotten a Switch these days, this controls guide is for you.

  • Move: Left analog stick
  • Move the camera: Right analog stick
  • Jump: B
  • Dive: Y (in the air)
  • Grab: ZR
  • Show player names: ZL
  • Emotes: D-Pad

Fall Guys Controls in Xbox Series X|S

Here are the controls for Fall Guys on Xbox:

  • Move: Left analog stick
  • Move the camera: Right analog stick
  • Jump: A
  • Dive: X (in the air)
  • Grab: RT
  • Show player names: LT
  • Emotes: D-Pad

Fall Guys Controls on PC

We close with the PC ones, although here you can always use the controller:

  • Move: WASD
  • Move the camera: Mouse
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Dive: Control (in the air)
  • Grab: Shift
  • Show player names: Tab
  • Emotes: 1, 2, 3, 4

How to double jump in Fall Guys?

To double jump in Fall Guys you have to press the jump button and then the dive button to get a boost. This is one of the key moves of the game. It's essential to jump further and avoid falling into the void at the last moment. However, it is easier than it seems. To jump, just hit the jump button and, once in the air, press the Dive button. But be careful, because after that the character will need a few decisive seconds to get up from the ground. If the platform is tilting towards the void, we may slip before we can get up.

How to grab in Fall Guys?

To grab in Fall Guys you have to press the grab button. As simple as holding down the corresponding button, often the triggers. You will notice that the character raises his arms every time we do it as if he was trying to grab something. Grabbing is used, for example, to pick up eggs, balls and other objects used in the tests. It can also be used to hook onto ledges (if you then tilt the stick forward, our character will climb that ledge). Or to give a tug to others, annoy them and kill them, for example, by slowing them down in the middle of a jump.

How to steal tails from others in Fall Guys?

To steal tails in Fall Guys you have to do the same, press the grab button. In some mini-games, we will have to steal a fox tail from our rivals. To get it is as simple as grabbing them, although the distance from which we can do it varies depending on the lag and latency of the server. By the way, a tip: you will run slower if you keep your arms up trying to grab people, so raise them only when you think that others are within your reach.