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All nerfs and buffs planned for MultiVerus characters in its next update

We take a look at all the changes applied to Multiversus characters, and especially those that are to come in an upcoming update after EVO 2022.

Multiversus is undoubtedly the game of the hour. Destined to become a hit almost since its announcement, this crazy multiplayer game is delighting players around the world, breaking records since its beta phase, and boasting an accessible gameplay system.

All this, combined with the fact that it is free-to-play, has made the Warner Bros. game achieve great achievements, and like any other game as a service, it will be in constant evolution. One of these changes will be the characters that have been glimpsed in the first days as the most and least powerful, and that will be tweaked in an upcoming update.

Upcoming changes to Multiversus

During these first days on the market, Player First Games has already applied some changes to certain characters, many of them aimed at correcting some bugs: such as Batman's Hook, and certain Steven Universe and Iron Giant moves have been modified. However, the most drastic changes will affect two characters in particular.

One of them is Bugs Bunny, revealed as the most powerful character of the game in the first days. This nerf was already anticipated by the game's director, Tony Huynh, who also assured that these changes in the character will not be applied until after EVO 2022, which will take place between the 5th and 7th of August.

But there will also be improvements, and Wonder Woman will receive a buff, although it has not been detailed exactly how it will work. Many of the complaints from players are due to the high cooldown time of her abilities, which makes her a very little-used character. As in the case of Bugs Bunny, this improvement will not be applied until after this coming weekend.

These are not the first changes in characters, as we mentioned, since Taz was nerfed on the first day of release of the current beta version of Multiversus, since players claimed that he was, directly, broken.

Multiversus is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.