The Rings of Power: what is the bright light that Galadriel sees on the ship on the way to Valinor?

We dispel doubts about the scene in which Galadriel's ship and her elven companions head towards the light on their way home at the end of Episode 1.

The summer is over and so is the wait for the premiere of one of the most anticipated series of the year: The Rings of Power, a prequel to The Lord of the Rings. From September 2 we can enjoy the first two chapters and wait for a new episode every Friday, as specified in the premiere schedule with all the episodes of the first season.

Tolkien's lore is very dense and from the beginning, the series is full of mysteries that leave the viewer with a sea of doubts. On this occasion, we will try to explain some of them. Of course, there are spoilers ahead of Episode 1:

Why does a light appear on the way to Valinor?

One of the mysteries that has intrigued us the most is the appearance of a huge and bright light in the middle of the ocean in front of the ship where Galadriel and her group sail "back home" to Valinor. This destiny is the highest honor for the elves and Gil-Galad (their king) grants it to them to thank them for all the years they have dedicated to protect the world from darkness and eradicating evil, thinking that there is no more danger.

Galadriel's instinct says otherwise and she boards the ship with misgivings, as she still thinks that her mission is not over. Her armor is removed while her intuition tells her that she should not part with her weapon, although in the end she hands it over (not very convinced). At the last moment, she gives up going towards the light and jumps overboard.

What does the light in front of the elf ship represent?

It is not known for sure what happens when crossing the light on the way to Valinor. Considering the enormous distance that separates the destination and the starting point, it could be an interdimensional portal or a shortcut to teleport to Valinor. Tolkien was a devout Christian and transferred to his books some references to his religious beliefs. Therefore, going into the light is like going to heaven but in the series, it does not mean dying, necessarily. It is possible that Valinor is not a physical region, so passing through the light could represent the passage to another ethereal and incorporeal dimension.

This moment in the first chapter reminds us of the ship heading towards a light in the scene at the end of the movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" where Frodo departs with Galadriel, Gandalf and Bilbo for the Undying Lands.