Spider-Gwen in Fortnite: how to get the Gwen Stacy outfit?

We tell you how to get the Spider-Gwen outfit in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. How to get Gwen Stacy in Fortnite Season 4? Here are all the details.

Spider-Gwen is one of the significant new additions to Fortnite Season 4, as she is a new outfit in its Battle Pass. In this section of our Fortnite Season 4 guide we tell you how to get Spider-Gwen:

How to get Spider-Gwen in Fortnite

To get Spider-Gwen in Fortnite, we have to buy the Season 4 Battle Pass, available from September 18, 2022, for 950 V-Bucks, the in-game currency. That done, we will have to play, level up, get Battle Stars, and unlock the Spider-Gwen outfit on Page 10 of the Battle Pass. We will have to "buy" it by redeeming 10 Battle Stars.

As usual, once unlocked, it will be ours forever, and we can equip the outfit whenever we want from the Locker. Spider-Gwen is Fortnite Season 4's equivalent of what used to be the level 100 outfits.

In other words: we will have to play a lot and complete all kinds of quests to get the necessary experience to level up and unlock Battle Pass pages. We also have the possibility of paying to unlock all the content at once, but sincerely we do not recommend it since, simply having the Battle Pass, we will get to unlock everything by playing as the season progresses.

All Spider-Gwen items in Fortnite and how to get them

Below we leave you the price list of all Spider-Gwen items in Fortnite, and how to unlock them. Remember that every level we go up we get 5 Battle Stars:

Page 10 of the Battle Pass

  • Spider Nare Harvesting Tool - 7 Battle Stars
  • Banner Icon - 2 Battle Stars
  • Good Game, Gwen Emoticon - 3 Battle Stars
  • Arachrobatics Emote - 7 Battle Stars
  • Meanwhile… Back Bling - 6 Battle Stars
  • Gwen’s Spiderchute Glider: 6 Battle Stars
  • Mid-Swing Spray - 3 Battle Stars
  • Web of Life loading screen - 3 Battle Stars
  • Spider-Gwen Skin - 10 Battle Stars

Page 2 of Additional Rewards

  • Gwen Stacy style for the Spider-Gwen outfit and loading screen Swing into Action - We have to unlock all Battle Pass rewards, a total of 5 additional Battle Pass Rewards, and then we have to unlock it with 15 Battle Stars.