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When does the Halloween 2022 event start in Fortnite? All the details

Fortnitemares 2022 is coming very soon. We tell you when it starts and all the information so far about the Halloween 2022 event in Fortnite.

October is kicking off, which means that Halloween is practically just around the corner. Epic Games is aware of this, and the announcement of this year's Fortnitemares event has not come long. In this article, we tell you when is the Fortnite Halloween 2022 event, which will take place in Fortnite Season 4:

When is the Halloween 2022 event in Fortnite?

Epic Games has announced via a tweet on the official Fortnite account when Fortnitemares 2022, their now classic Halloween 2022 event, begins: on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

No further information has been revealed; Epic has only released a four-second teaser in which we can see a figure that gives the appearance of a wolf that could be one of the new themed outfits to arrive in the store during these dates.

It is to be expected that there will be more teasers of this kind, revealing the outfits that will arrive to the game, until the date of the event gets closer.

What content will be in the Halloween 2022 event in Fortnite?

It is still a bit early to tell, and Epic Games has not given official information about it. However, we don't think that what's coming in Halloween 2022 in Fortnite will differ much from what was already there in previous years/seasons.

In addition to Halloween skins in the store, changes to the island map can be expected both in the form of Halloween decorations and the return of items such as the Witch's Broom and candy. In addition, it also seems certain that the Cube Monsters will return, and perhaps with a chrome version; so hints the "Never Take Me Alive" Loading Screen, which corresponds to this month's Fortnite Club.

In any case, as usual, we have to wait for more official information.

Source | Twitter/FortniteGame