Splinter Cell Remake offers new images and details to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise

Ubisoft celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Splinter Cell saga with new details and concept art of the long-awaited remake of the original game.

Twenty years ago, on November 17, 2002, Ubisoft shook the video game industry with the launch of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. Surely without being fully aware of what they had in their hands, the developer introduced us to Sam Fisher, the character destined to become one of the great faces of the stealth genre and one of the main bastions of the French company. Today, two decades later, Ubisoft has remembered its award-winning creation and has published a video for the 20th anniversary of the saga in which they share the first details and images of the Splinter Cell remake they are working on.

Still a long way to go to see it in action

"We don’t want to rush anything," Chris Auty, creative lead on the game, says in the video. "We want to make sure that we absolutely nail the game, we actually do everything in the right way, and produce an absolutely stellar-quality experience. And we will be going dark for a little while, so we can focus on making the absolute best game possible."

It is not just a remaster and will revive the franchise

Auty also remarks that "it is not a simple remaster" and assures that the game It’s being built from the ground up. We get to do all the content from scratch, fresh and ready to go." These words are echoed by Zavian Porter, the level designer of this Splinter Cell Remake. we’re aiming to create this top-tier remake and push quality as much as possible. This should help us set a good foundation for the franchise going forward."

A new graphic engine

Splinter Cell Remake will use The Division's Snowdrop Engine. The game will show off an enhanced version of the graphics engine that Ubisoft seems to have adopted in most of its current developments. The company's upcoming Avatar game, Frontiers of Pandora, will also make use of it, as well as in its mysterious new Star Wars project. It will deliver “new-generation visuals and gameplay, and the dynamic lighting and shadows the series is known for."

Changes to the original story

The video also confirms what was already announced a few weeks ago, that the remake of Splinter Cell will adapt its story to today's audience. "We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable." Perhaps the most controversial statements among so much good news. Let's hope it's just to look for that "cohesive and compelling narrative experience" they talk about.

The original Splinter Cell, free

Finally, and before the remake returns to the radio silence in which it has been kept since December 2021, when it was announced, Ubisoft has confirmed that to commemorate this 20th anniversary, the original Splinter Cell will be free to download until November 30. You can do it from this link, because we can not think of a better way to alleviate the wait than remembering one of the great classics of this industry.