How to level up the friendship in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

If you want to complete the Pokédex you are obliged to understand how this system works, as some Pokémon only evolve if your relationship is optimal.

Friendship is an element that generates many doubts among fans of the saga. It appeared for the first time in Pokémon Yellow (only with Pikachu) and since then it is present in all the others. The peculiarity is that it is not like other parameters such as speed or special attack of a Pokémon. That is, we have no way of knowing exactly how is our relationship with it, since it is a hidden meter.

It is very important to know the mechanics, since there are several Pokémon that do not rise by level or exchange, but by raising to the maximum the level of friendship with their trainer. Luckily, in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet we have enough tools both to raise the bond in different ways, as well as to know -approximately- how is our relationship with our Pokémon. In this article of our guide we tell you all about it.

How to level up friendship in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The first and obvious thing is that the Pokémon you want to establish a strong bond with must be in your starting team. You must place it in the first position and make it your fixed Pokémon when exploring and fighting. The next step is to treat it well and take care of it as much as possible, so take it out to freely face other wild Pokémon and walk around Paldea with you. Also, you must be careful with its health; if it is close to falling weak, don't hesitate to use all kinds of potions and healing items on it. If it is healthy, it will be happy.

If you want to speed up the process, you can go to picnic areas and play with them or clean them, but first, it is important that you get the Soothe Bell, an item that enhances the effects of all these actions and will make the level go up much faster. You can buy it in the Delibird Shop in Mesagoza.

How to know your friendship level with a Pokémon

In the same way that we have seen in other installments of the saga, in Paldea there is also an NPC that offers us the possibility to evaluate how is the bond we have with a Pokémon of our team. It is in Cascarrafa and is easy to recognize, as it is a woman dressed in green and is always accompanied by a friendly Marril. If you talk to her and select the Pokémon you want information about, she will immediately tell you if you are close or not to reach the optimal level (for this, her phrase must refer to the fact that you are great friends and is very happy).