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Dallas Mavericks 108 vs 112 Memphis Grizzlies summary: stats and highlights | NBA

The Memphis Grizzlies had a dramatic comeback in the fourth quarter to top the Dallas Mavericks in what will probably be their last game without Ja Morant.

The Memphis Grizzlies rattled off their third straight win in what could be the last game they will be without Ja Morant on Monday night against the Mavs. Jaren Jackson Jr. led his side in scoring despite battling foul trouble to keep the Grizzlies win streak alive.

No Ja, No Luka

Ja Morant was serving the rest of his suspension that was handed out last week, while Luka Doncic missed his fifth consecutive game with a nagging thigh injury. That meant that it was up to Kyrie Irving and Jaren Jackson Jr. to lead their respective teams in this potential first round match up in the Western Conference playoffs.

Jackson Jr. kick started the Grizzlies night with two huge tip slams and had 11 points in the first quarter after leading his team to victory over the Warriors this past weekend. Jackson is quickly becoming a difference maker with Stephen Adams on the bench, and he proved that again on Monday night.

The game was in the balance for the entire first half, as the lead went back and forth for the first 24 minutes. That remained the same until Jackson Jr. got himself into foul trouble with back to back fouls early in the third quarter and had to go to the bench with five fouls.

Aldama with a career day

The Mavs used that to their advantage, building up a 13 point lead thanks to Christian Wood, who had eight points and Jaden Hardy who ended up with his third 20+ point game against the Grizzlies this year. Both ended the game with 20 points off the bench, most of which came in the third quarter.

While Jackson was on the bench it was Santi Aldama who came to Memphis’ rescue with a career high night in rebounds and points. With no Stephen Adams, still sidelined with a knee injury, and Jackson Jr. on the bench he posted 22 points and 14 rebounds to spark the comeback.

Memphis D locks down Dallas

Jackson Jr. came back onto the court with five fouls with under five to go in the final quarter, and he immediately gave the Grizzlies their first lead of the second half. Meanwhile the defense locked down Kyrie Irving and the Dallas offense. They scored just 12 points, went 3/20 from the field and went scoreless for over five and a half minutes to end the game.

Both of these teams should be getting their stars back in the next game or two, which should make the final three weeks of the season very interesting. The Grizzlies moved into sole possession of second in the West, while the Mavs dropped back to .500 and are now in Play-In position sitting in 7th.

This team is vibing right now, and they are on the verge of getting Ja Morant back. I have this funny feeling that this is the team that is going to be representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals.

If you don't know who Santi Aldama is or how he plays, enjoy.

Jackson came back right in the nick of time. After his team came back while he was on the bench, he got the bucket to give the Grizzlies lead back, and then this bucket which sealed it with under 20 seconds to go in the game.

Aldama got things started in the fourth quarter with this three ball to cut into the 13 point Mavs lead out of the break.

This was the last we saw of Jackson Jr. for a while. he picked up fouls 4 and 5 just minutes later and had to hit the bench until midway through the fourth quarter.

Santi Aldama had a career high night, scoring 22 points and 14 rebounds in a career high night.

The Grizzlies didn't shoot the three well in the first half, but Luke Kennard had three of his 10 on this corner trey.

Jackson Jr. wasn't just doing it on the offensive glass, he was doing it off the dribble too. He got himself into foul trouble early in the third quarter but still led the Grizzlies in the comeback win.

Jalen Jackson Jr. was the top scorer in the last game against the Warriors and started the game with a bang on this tip slam. He had three put backs and 11 points in the first quarter.

The Mavs scored 12 points and went 3/20 in that fourth quarter, and went scoreless for 5:40 in the fourth quarter. By the time they scored, with 4 seconds left, it was already too late.


Wood to the line after getting fouled on the three ball, and he hits all three but that should do it from Memphis with 4.4 on the clock.

Irving forced up a three ball, missed it and Aldama got the rebound to add to his memorable night with two FTs and he's got 22 points and 14 rebounds both of which are career highs.

Jackson Jr. working the screen and roll and he lays it in off the crystal as Jones get it back to him!

Timeout out Mavs, down 5 with 17.3 to go in the fourth quarter.

Irving just missed a tough lay up and he is now 0/7 in the quarter.

Bane going into the body of Kleber and he finishes with the lay up from the left side. Finally we have a basket after two and a half minutes without one.

Timeout Mavs with 1:29 to go in the game.

We have gone two minutes without a point for either team a we duck under two minutes to go in the game.

Mavs call a timeout with 4:06 to go in the fourth quarter.

Jackson got fouled by Irving, and almost saw that runner in the lane go down, but he makes both FTs.

Wood at the line after the Roddy foul, and he hits both.

Jackson Jr. back on the court and he give the Grizzlies the lead again with a short range effort in the paint!

Kennard pulls the Grizzlies back to a point with a mid range jumper

Hardy on the pull up from a step behind the FT line, and he's got three 20+ point games vs. the Grizzlies this year!

Kennard gets the ultra friendly roll from downtown!!! It's a one point game from Memphis!!

Hardy down the lane and he lays it up with the left hand.

Roddy going right to the rim and finishing in traffic!

Mavs take a TO with 7:15 to go in the quarter.

Aldama goes to the line and hits two of two after Irving's foul and he's got 20 off the bench!

Aldama on the huge tip in off the Roddy miss.

Hardy answers back with a three ball to take some of the wind out of the Grizzlies sail!

Aldama strokes the straight on three ball off the dish from Jones!

Roddy following his own miss and gets the put back to go.

Konchar with a three ball to start the quarter, and that could get the Griz going.

Bane strings a three ball to end the third quarter, but the 12 minutes was dominated by Dallas! Christian Wood got hot early to set the tone for the Mavs out of the break.

Bane fell, and gave it right to Irving who scooped and scored on the fast break lay up.

Timeout Grizzlies with 1:04 to go in the 3rd quarter.

Hardy on a quick trigger three ball and he's got 13 off the bench!!

Aldama on the tip in, and got fouled by Hardy! FT is good to complete the three point play.

Hardy with the catch and release three ball after Wood found him on the perimeter for three!

Wood with 8 points in the last few minutes after following his own shot and getting the put back.

Jones with the pull up jumper from the elbow@

Green goes to the line and hits both after the Aldama foul.

Wood with three straight buckets for the Mavs, this one came with a foot on the line.

Aldama back at it, this time with a hook shot from the baseline.

Wood is starting to get hot from close range. He hit another one from the paint.

Aldama on the tip slam after the missed Brooks floater.

Wood jams it over Aldama after the dump off in transition.

Hardy going to the line after Bane got a piece of him and he gets both two go.

Bane to the line after the Hardy foul, and he hits two of two out of the timeout.

Jackson Jr just picked up his fourth and fifth foul in a matter of seonds with 7 minutes in the third.

Hardy hits the mid range jumper and the Grizzlies need a timeout after things have just gone south in a hurry.

Brooks with a huge slam after the drive to the dish and then was T'd up after taunting the Mavs bench.

Technical FT is good from Irving.

Irving spots up from three point range and the Mavs are tied with their largest lead of the game!

Powell on the baseline and he hits the mid range jumper while falling out of bounds.

Jackson Jr. drops a three ball and he's got 22 on the night!

Powell hanging in the air after a drive down the lane

The call was reversed to an offensive foul on Powell. Irving looks to be ok after staying down after the play.

Brooks got a piece of Irving off the ball, and Irving stays down... He will get checked out as the refs take another look at the play.

Jackson Jr. with the hesitation in the paint and that opened up space for an easy jam!

Bane sends Irving to the line where he hits two of two.

Jones jacks the three ball off the Brook kick out and he strings it from DT!!

Green driving to the rack after Powell hit him in stride and he hits the short range effort from the block.

Green gets the credit for the bucket after the goaltend by Jackson Jr.

We are back for the second half of action in Memphis!

Ntilikina had a nice stretch off the bench, he went 3/4 from the field and had 8 points.

Kennard was getting into the action, and it was all hands on deck in that first half. He's got 5 points on the night.

Bane hasn't been on from downtown, but he's getting to the basket and has 8 points despite going 0/5 from deep in the first half.

Jackson had a few tip slams worth of the Top 10 highlights, but also did it off the dribble. He had 11 points in the first quarter and 17 points after the first half.

Jalen Jackson Jr. had an incredible start to the game, staring his night off with this tip slam.

Have a look at the angle that Kyrie banked this shot in from... Unreal. He's got 20 through the first two quarters.

Bullock is used to getting going from deep early in the game, but the defense turned to easy offense for the sharp shooter.


There hasn't been much between these two teams. They have changed leads, been tied and will have 24 minutes to decide a winner.

Kennard hits the pull up jumper for his second FG of the night.

Jones off the dribble in the land and he lets the floater drop.

Irving has 20 now wih a short shot from right around the rim after the jump ball.

Kyrie going to the rack again and he has 18 after the made lay up off the Bertans assist.

Jones gets snug to the rim and hits a floater in the paint.

Green spots up from 10 feet away .

Jackson to the line after the Bertans foul and he hits two of two.

Kyrie weaving to the iron and gets an impossible lay up to drop.

Brooks punches back with a three ball to keep the Mavs with in striking distance.

Bertans in the corner after the kick out from Kleber!

Jackson Jr. going back to the line after the foul on Bertans but he misses both FT.

Jones in the corner for three after Brooks kicked it out and he hits the long ball!

Timeout Mavs with under five minutes to go in the first half.

Jackson Jr. going back to work down low and gets the shot to go in traffic.

Extra pass from Wood leads to a wide open three ball for Bullock for his first three ball of the night.

Jackson Jr. got T'd up after the FT, so Kyrie goes to the line and hits the technical FT.

Jackson Jr. at the line after getting fouled by Wood on the three ball, and he hits two of three.

Irving crosses over at the top of the key, gets the to FT line and hits the jumper.

Green in the lane and drops the fade away falling outside the paint.

Wood was fouled by Jackson on the three ball, and will be called for a flagrant foul after Wood landed on his foot. He makes two of three and the Mavs get the ball back.

Tillman gets the offensive board and put back, and that's MEM's seventh offensive rebound.

Timeout Grizzlies with 6:53 to go in the first half.

Bertans found Wood down low and the big mad dropped the hammer!

Aldama answers back with a three ball of his own to tie the game again!

Wood pulls the trigger to end a couple minute scoreless streak for both teams.

Bane puts his head down and runs straight towards the iron in transition, and gets the lay up and the foul! FT is no good.

Tillman at the line and he hits one of two after the Beratans foul, and Aldama follows the missed second FT and got fouled on the tip back. He hit one of two.

Ntiilkina is back at it from downtown!! He's got 8, and the Mavs are on a 9-0 run!

Ntiilkina drills another long range one to start the second quarter, this time his foot was behind the line.

Hardy strings a three ball to bring the Grizzlies lead to two as the first quarter comes to a close!

The Mavs are hanging with Memphis, but Jaren Jackson has been a monster in the beginning of this game. He's got 11 points and three offensive rebounds, while Bane has 6. Irving has 11 after the first quarter as well for the Mavs.

Bane hits the pull up jumper from the FT line and he's been hot from the field tonight.

Hardaway with a floater in the lane and we have a three point game with under a minute left in the first quarter.

Ntilikina off the bench and on the board with a deep two, stepping on the line to break the 7-0 Grizzlies run.

Bane shows the Eurostep in traffic and gets the tranisiton lay up to go.

Kennard comes out of the timeout out and drills the three ball from the corner!

Jones with the pump fake, takes a dribble and drains the long two point FG and the Mavs take a TO with under 3 to go in the first quarter.

Irving with the fader on the baseline, and he went glass from the accute angle!

Aldama at the line after the Powell foul and he hits both FTs.

Irving is fouled by Brooks on the jumper and he hit both FTs.

Brooks dashing to the rack for a lay up on the left side.

Kyrie spots up from the elbow again and ties us up with five minutes to go.

Jackson back to the rack out of the timeout and he soars to the rim, gets the jam and the foul after Powell got a piece. FT is good and he's got 11 already!

Bullock gives the Mavs their first lead of the night with a mid range jumper and the Grizzlies will call a timeout with under 6 minutes to go in the first quarter.

Powell down low with an easy dunk after showing the strength down low.

Jones pulls the trigger from the elbow and drops it for his first FG.

Kyrie on the pull up three ball and we have a one point game!

Jackson Jr. with another tip slam after the Brooks missed three!

Green tried a looping finger roll that got thrown into the fourth row by Jackson Jr., but he was called for a goaltend

Brooks to the line after the foul on Kleber and he hits both FTs.

Iriving on the pull up jumper and he is on the board for the first time tonight.

Jackson has three of the first four buckets of the game for MEM, this time down low and took it over Kleber.

Kleber to the line after the Tillman foul and he hits both.

Jackson on the TIP SLAM with one hand off the Bane missed three!!!

Bane in the lane with the floater and he's on the board for the first time.

Bullock beats the buzzer after picking up a loose ball at his shoe strings and flipping it up in the lane.

Jackson Jr. was the leading scorer against the Warriors and starts his night with a jump hook.


The Grizzlies are getting quite accustomed to wining without their star, Ja Morant, and this starting five is the reason why. Stephen Adams remains sidelined as well, so it's Tyus, Bane, Brooks, Jackson and Tillman who are back in the starting five tonight.

With no Luka, Kyrie will have a heavy work load ahead of him tonight. He is joined by Powell, Kleber, Bullock and Green in the Starting 5 tonight for Jason Kidd.

Doncic won't return tonight

Luka Doncic will not be available for Jason Kidd and the Mavs tonight.  He has been bothered by a thigh injury, and was forced to miss four games. He was upgraded to questionable, and the Slovenian has stated before that he had been targeting this game for his comeback but it seems as though he will have to wait a little longer for his return. That means one less game that Kyrie and Luka have to start clicking before the playoffs arrive.

Brooks fined

Dillon Brooks is quickly becoming one of the bad boys of the NBA. Whether it’s him fouling Gary Payton II and breaking his elbow in last year’s playoffs or Draymond Green and Brooks mixing it up on social media he always seems to be in the headlines. But last game, that bad blood spilled off the court and into the sidelines as a camera man was “pushed” after Brooks went to go save a ball from going out of bounds. I’ve seen the replays a thousand times, and I honestly don’t know where the league is coming from with their $35,000 fine. He ran into the cameraman and tried to push off and get back into play or at least what it looks like to me. The NBA didn’t see it like that and now Brooks’ bank is a bit lighter.

What the West is looking like

Having a look down the Western Conference Standings we see the Grizzlies nestled in third place despite having the same 43-27 record as the Sacramento Kings. Both are chasing the Denver Nuggets and neither are likely too leapfrog the conference leaders, but there is a big difference between having the 2,3, and 4 seed. The Suns are way back in fourth so the battle will come down to the Kings and the Griz for the second and third seed come playoff time. The Mavs sit in sixth.. for now. You just never know in the jam packed West. They are a half game about the would-be Play-In bound Warriors in 6th place, 1.5 games ahead of the Utah Jazz who would presently be eliminated from the playoffs in 11th place, but are just two games back of the Phoenix Suns who are in fourth place and would have home court in the first round of the playoffs if the postseason began tomorrow.

Kyrie searching for answers

Kyrie Irving Is having to learn on the fly in Big D. The only problem with that is between his little niggles and Luka's little niggles, neither of them are getting a whole lot of playing time together. That means once the playoffs come around, this once supposed Super Team, will still be trying to learn how to play with each other. Kyrie has been spectacular since coming to Dallas, and quite frankly so has Luka, but that hasn’t translated to as any wins as they have thought. They will tell you they are taking it one game at a time, and that’s what Kyrie is going to try to do tonight at the American Airlines Center.

Grizzlies pulling up

The Memphis Grizzlies have been surviving without Ja Morant. Since he was suspended after the incident in which he was waving a gun in a Utah strip club, the Grizzlies have won eight of their twelve games without him. That’s not to say that this Memphis team will be fine without their star, but they should have no trouble staying in the top three of the conference as long as Jalen Jackson Jr. and company keep playing the way they have been playing.

Grizzlies down the Warriors

It was another testy game between the Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors over the weekend. Memphis took care of the defending champions at the FedEx Forum, and they did it with defense. The Grizz D held Curry, Thompson and Green to just 41 total points as Jalen Jackson Jr. posted 31 and 7 rebounds in the win. The Warriors were within two possessions going into the final 12 minutes but the Memphis defense stepped up and held Golden State to just 19 points in the fourth.

Kleber beats buzzer vs. Lakers

Finally, a Mavs game went down to the wire and it was Dallas who was celebrating when the clock hit 0:00. They have been locked in a lot of tight games since Kyrie came to town, but none of them were going their way as the Dallas Super Duo continues to work out their chemistry, especially at the end of games. Last game, against the Lakers, Luka Doncic was forced to sit bt Kyrie carried his team until the final seconds. He had 38 points in the winning effort, but with the game on the line, he made a cross court pass to Maxi Kleber for the game winning three to tumble the Lake Show in LA.

We are live from FedEx Forum

Hello everyone and welcome to Memphis where the Mavericks are looking to build on the momentum after a buzzer beating three last game. It’s been a long road for the new look Mavs, and they still don’t have everything sorted since Kyrie Irving joined Luka in Dallas. Tonight they will get a test against one of the top sides in the league who seem to be doing just fine without their superstar Ja Morant. They have won five of their last six games, including two games against the Mavs and tonight they will have a chance to make it a third in a row to take the season series.

Mavs vs. Grizzlies

It’s a very possible preview of a playoff matchup in less than a months time as the Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks meet for the third time in less than two weeks. AS English will be with you all night, providing live coverage, stats, highlights and analysis of tonight’s Western Conference showdown from the FedEx Forum.

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