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Nationals 27-Americans 10: Summary, score, stats, highlights | Nationals win Senior Bowl 2023

Over 100 of the top senior college football players in the United States showcase their talents at the 2023 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Talent was on show in the 2023 Senior Bowl

Though the score was one-sided and the Nationals were undoubtedly the better team, it has to be said there was some top tier talent on show for both sides. Firstly, we've got to mention Nationals QB, Jake Haener, who picked up the MVP award. The Fresno State product showed a wide array of attributes in the win. From his running game, to calmness in the pocket and of course his arm, it looks like we've got a star in the making. Of course, there was also Malik Cunningham who stepped in the middle for the Nationals and his contribution told us he's got a bright future ahead.

On the American team's side, one player that was noticeable was Tyson Bagent. A division 2 quarterback, Bagent showed a calmness and arm strength that would likely make you think he plays for one of the nation's top programs. It will be interesting to see how the signal caller does when the NFL Draft rolls around. The same can also be said for Chris Rodriguez, a running back who show real bite, which is made even more impressive by the fact that he's still in mourning, following the unexpected death of his mother in January.

Ultimately, the Senior Bowl was exactly what it's meant to be: a fun, respectful forum in which the next generation of football's stars get to show their mettle. With that, we thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoyed our coverage of the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl!

That's a wrap

If you're just joining us, then you missed an interesting affair. It was the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl and the Nationals got the better of the Americans with a 27-10 win.

The NAtionals have the ball with a 17-point lead at their own 14. Jake Haener takes a knee. It's game over and what a decent game it's been.

Bagent tried to do too much on the play after having to scramble out of the pocket. His pass out wide is picked and with that, this game is more or less over.

We've got a 5-yard penalty for a false start on the offense. We go again with 49 seconds on the clock.

It'll take something special with the time that's left, but the American team - with Bagent in the middle - has definitely improved here late on.

Bagent showing his feet there as he literally ducked under a tackle, before finding Wayne for another reception. It's 3rd & 1. This time Bagent scrambles and dives for the 1st down.

We're inside 2 minutes and it's Bagent with the ball and a first down. He finds Jalen Wayne for a small game, which leads to 2nd & 5.

Though down 17, the American team is now inside the red zone with a 1st down. Again Bagent with the top notch play. We've got a timeout.

Big play from Bagent who is hit after the fact. His pass to Rodriguez leads to a huge gain. Penalty results in 15-yard gain after the catch and automatic first down. We're at the 28.

There's probably too little time, but the American team - with Bagent in charge - are having a good go. The D2 QB is now on 13-of-17 passing.

Bagent in the middle now and is made to pay for it once again as the Nationals pick up yet another sack. He responds with a 30-yard gain for a first down.

That's how you pass a football

The Nationals' QB went big on that one and got a big reward.

Huge play on the first play. Jake Haener with a 44-yard pass to Wilson who catches and prances into the end zone. Perfect play to take the Nationals to 26. With the field goal now good, it's 27-10.

It's 4th & 15 and Bagent goes for it up the middle, but it's incomplete. The Nationals will take over from here with a few minutes left in the game.

Bagent actually trips over his own teammate and goes down, but on the following play their is a flag. Remains 3rd down.

The American team will take over again and it's Bagent in the middle at the 48. 1st & 10

Here's that sack!

Isaiah Land nailed it on this play.

And that's a SACK! Haener took too long in the pocket and the American team has got a big play with 5:50 on the clock.

Peoples finally finds the hold and is able to get a decent gain. We're at 4th & 9. They're gonna go for it.

Again Peoples is targeted by Haener but it's for a loss. We're at 3rd & 22.

It's 1st & 20 for the NAtionals. Haener was almost in trouble there, but he just manages to hit Peoples for a short gain. It's 2nd & 19.

The Nationals are making steady progress at this point. It's 1st & 10 at the 45 and it's Peoples who tries to find the gap, but we've got a flag. Holding on the offense to the tune of a 10-yard penalty.

The Nationals have gone to the run game for the moment as Haener passes off to Hull. small gain and we're at 2nd & 8 from the 35. Haener's bullet pass is caught by Michael Wilson for a first down.

We've just got word that Malik Cunningham is out of the game after an awkward fall on the interception play. The QB won't continue.

The field goal is good and its 20-10!

OOOO...we've got our first interception and it's a big one as it ends in a touchdown. Anthony Johnson makes the pick and scores the resulting touchdown. We've got a field goal to come, but for the moment, it's 20-9!

We're back and it's the 4th quarter in the Senio Bowl with the score standing at 20-3 in favor of the Nationals.

This kid is going places

Following a few saucy plays, it's clear that the division he plays in has little to do with his level. Keep an eye on this guy.
6 secs

Bagent almost got picked there as he went out wide. The field goal attempt misses and the Nationals will take over the ball with the score still standing at 20-3. We've got one more quarter of football left.

2nd & 10 after Wayne can't hold on to Bagent's pass. Can they get something here?

2nd & 4 and gets the the pass off and his receiver steps out of bounds after the 1st down. 1st & 10 from the 15.

We've got a timeout with 21 on the clock.

Bagent with two big plays and we're down to the 36. It's 1st & 10.

Bagent is pressed this time and has to throw it out of bounds. We're at 2nd & 10.

Bagent is definitely commanding the team as he passes off to Spears, but the RB just manages to get the 1st down. We're at 1st & 10 with 1 min on the clock.

It's been a long time since a D2 QB was drafted into the NFL, but most expect Bagent to be the next one. He certainly looks like he's worth it. Once again he makes the play as the American team moves up the field. We're at the 45 and its 3rd & 2.

Tyson Bagent has entered the game for the American team at QB and gets them off and running with his very first pass

We've got a 42-yard field goal from Chad Ryland. We've now got a 20-3 game.

Almost a huge play from the Haener/Tucker combo but the latter is just unable to hall the ball in as he crosses into the end zone. To be fair credit should be given to the American team's CB.

Once again Haener finds Chase Brown for a short gain. It's 2nd & 7.

Great play from Jake Haener who finds Trey Tucker out wide for a huge gain. 1st & 10 at the 32.

Chase Brown once again showing his skills out wide off of a great cut. Haener picked him out like a bull in a china shop.

In truth, the National team has dominated their opponents. Now at the 35, it's 2nd & 7 with Haener back in the middle.

It appears the American team is going to go for it on the 4th down and they do indeed, but again his receiver is unable to get his hands on it in the corner. The National team will take over once again, with the score still at 17-3

The American team is making decent progress. Duggan goes big with a 40-yard pass to the end zone, but his receiver can't quite haul it in. We're at 3rd & 10.

Rodriguez up the middle in impressive fashion for a small gain. We're at 2nd & 4.

4th &2 for the American team and they've got themselves a 1st down off of a decent Duggan pass up the middle for a 10 yard gain.

Duggan is forced into a scramble and just manages to get the ball out of bounds before he's sacked for a loss.

Max Duggan will take over for the American team at the 47 with a 1st & 10.

We're back with Haener an the National team on 3rd & 9, but he's sacked for a loss, meaning it will be 4th and 17 for the National team. They will go for a 52-yard field goal, but it's not good. We stay at 17-3.

A look at the fumble

Phelps with a cheeky piece of defense to force the fumble from Rodriguez.

We've got a timeout with the National team in position on a 3rd & 9.

Haener took too long on the play and ends up throwing the ball out of bounds to avoid the sack. We go again with a 3rd & 9.

Haener is back in the game an swings the ball immediately out wide to Michael Wilson for a small gain. We're 2nd & 9 at the 36.

QB Max Duggan hands it off to Chris Rodriguez for the run but he's block sufficiently well and sadly drops the ball. The National team recovers and we've got our first turnover of the game for a loss of 4 yards.

The National team gets us going again with a big kick that makes it all the way into the end zone. The American team will get us going once again in this second half.

Getting ready to go again

The players are heading back onto the field as we prepare for the start of the second half of this, the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl.

A Collegiate Feel

Always nice to have that collegiate feeling given that we're watching college football athletes. Southern University's "Human Jukebox" marching band provided the music during the halftime break.

Remember to catch the game on FuboTV!

If you're just joining us and interested in watching the game, remember you can watch the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl on FuboTV (offering a free trial).

Playing through heartbreak and still looking great

Having lost his mother to Lupus in January, it's quite a thing to see Rodriguez on the field. Even more so, considering that his contributions so far have been special. Another kid with a bright future that you can't help but root for.

Cunningham has got the run game as well

Having been responsible for a 100+ touchdowns in his college career, it's clear that Cunningham's arm has got a bright future, but so too do his feet, as showcased on this play.

Cunningham to Durham

It was a clean play for the two-point conversion, with both QB and receiver showing what they're capable of.

We're at the half now folks and the score is 17-3 to the National team. Stay with us as we will be back soon enough.

Cunningham goes on a run and manages to get out of bounds. We're 2nd & 3rd at the 35. The following play the QB once again shows his arm strength. Open catch and we've got a 1st & 10 with 5 seconds on the clock at the 25. Field goal attempt is good! It's a 17-3 game.

Great catch out wide from Ronny Bell off of a clean Cunningham pass. Bell gets his feet out of bounds to stop the clock and we've got a 1st & 10 at the 44

After a "fair catch" call the National team retain the ball at their own 25 with 1st & 10

Duggan redeems himself with a decent scramble but not enough for a 4th down. The American team will punt.

We're at 2nd & 10 and Duggan with time but takes too long and we've got our first sack of the game.

The American team starts strong with a decent pass out wide from Max Duggan who has checked into the game as the QB. We're at 1st & 10.

Great playing from Cunningham who targets Thompson out wide for the two point conversion. It's a 14-3 game here in Alabama.

Timeout is over and again we're at 1st & Goal with the NAtional team on the ball. Cunningham is in the middle and the QB takes it himself across the line. We've got our first touchdown of the game. It's 12-3 to the national team and they've got a field goal to take, but they're keeping the offense on the field, which says they're trying for 2!

1st & 10 at the 18 now, can we get the first touchdown of the game? It certainly looks that way with a great catch from Durham, but he just can't manage to get it across the line. 1st & Goal.

3rd & 1 now at the 24 and we've got a breakthrough from Thompson once again for a first down. This guy is proving himself to be a top notch running back. 1st & 10 at the 17. Cunningham goes big to the end zone, but his pass finds nobody and their is a flag on the play. Penalties on both sides leading to a repeat of the 1st down.

We're back and we've got 5:24 on the clock here in the 2nd quarter. It's currently 6-3 to the National team. A huge run from the running back there for a significant gain. It's 1st & 10 at the 27 and again the National team runs it. 2nd & 2.

America's special teams is crafty

It was a cheeky play from the American team's special teams unit, to secure a down on the 1-yard line.

Once again Cunningham is at the center of things as he works his way along the left side of the field for a big gain. It's 1st&10

We're back and its Malik Cunningham who has entered for the National Team at QB. His pass out wide gets a 1-yard gain. It's 2nd and 9.

That guy is quick

The National team's Jayden Reed is definintely a quick kid, as you can clearly see on the play.

It's 4th down now and we're getting the sense that Tune wants to go for it, but once again we're going to see a field goal attempt. 35-yards out, Korsack nails it and we've got a 6-3 game.

Tune was forced to scramble there and manages to get a small gain. We're on the 24 with 3rd&11.

Tyjae Spears has just entered the game for the American team. A genuine star, it will be interesting to see what his introduction can produce. With that said, Tune finds Muskgrave for another 1st down. We're at the 20 with a 1st & 10

This time it's Eric Gray with the running game at the it's 2nd & 9 for the American team. Clayton Tune has a look up the middle but his receiver can't hold on to it. It's 3rd & 2 now. Kenny Macintosh gets a 3-yard gain for the first down.

Christian Rodrigues is at it again and almost gets a major breakthrough. He is of course playing with a heavy heart following the death of his mother back on January 11th. We're at the 2nd & 5.

And we're back for the start of the 2nd quarter. The American team will take over at the 25 and they run for the first time. Rodriguez crosses the 30 for a 5-yard gain.

The National team is going to look for what they hope will be a tying field goal from 37-yards. It's good and with that the National team have a 6-0 lead.

Peoples is not happy and we're at 3.rd and 10. Haener manages to get off the pass but the gain isn't enough for a 1st down. 4th & 7 and we've got a timeout.

Following a flag on the play, the National team will now have a 1st down with 30 seconds on the clock at the 35-yard line. Can Haener get something out of this? His dinked pass to Peoples is not caught. We're at 2nd & 10 with 25 on the clock

Clayton Tune is having a tougher time and the 4th down after two incompletes, shows it. American team will punt at 4th and 7.

Haener's pass is incomplete and we're at the 4th down. National team will punt.

Chase Brown tries to run it and gains a yard. Incidentally, he's playing alongside his twin brother Sydney for the National team. It's 3rd & 9

Jake Haener is showing us why he helped the Bulldogs win the NCAA title this year. It's 3rd and 2 and the National team gets another first down. We're at the 2 minute warning.

Big play from HAener who connects with Jayden Reid for 24-yard gain. 1st & 10.

Haener manages to get a pass out wide for a 6 yard gain. 3rd & 4 here we go!

From the one yard line on 1st & 10 the NAtional team attempts to run their way out, but no progress. 2nd down at the 2.

Huge play from the American team whose special teams downs the ball on the 1-yard line after the punt. The National team will have their work cut out for them.

Following the flag, the offense sees a 15-yard penalty and it's still 4th down. The National team will punt.

We're now on 4th and 4 with Clayton Tune once again looking for a 1st, which he gets courtesy of a Gray catch, but we've got a flag on a play.

Luke Muskgrave is the target this time and it's becoming evident that Tune is a top notch quarterback who is comfortable in the pocket.

we've got a flag on the play on the offense, but it remains a 1st down. We're on a 1st and 15 and Tune tagerts Macintosh, but he drops the ball on the catch.

Tune is at it again with a bullet of a pass up the middle to his receiver. That's another first down at the 50 yard line.

On the very first play, America's Clayton Tune gets a great look and an immediate 1st down. This QB can play ball.

After the penalty, Haener goes big from the 15 yard line but misses the target. The National team will go for a field goal which they make!. 3-0 to the National team here in the 1st quarter of the Reese's Senior Bowl.

Haener is back on the field and in the mix and makes a beautiful play out wide to his receiver, Jayden Reid, but there's a flag on the play. Pass interference on the offense. Touchdown won't count.

National team calls a time out with 3rd and goal.

Evan Hall rties to rush for the National team and manages to gain a yard. National team at the 4-yard line. Hall tries again but no progress and we're up to the 3rd down on the 4-yard line.

The National offense has a beast of a player in Cody Mauch who literally laid his opponent flat to allow for another good play. We're at 2nd and 8 on the 25 yard line, but again Haener passes a good ball into the red zone. National team at the 5th.

We're off and running!

The American team has got us off and running with some decent play from Michael Wilson wide out. Great catch for the 1st down but he took a brutal hit after. The National team are out to a good start.

Tyjae Speas is a star in the making

Tulane's running back has been turning heads this week and we expect him to do so when the game kicks off in a few minutes.

Let's get ready to rumble

We're all set for kickoff in the 74th Reese's Senior Bowl coming to you live from Mobile, Alabama.

The weather is perfect and so are the conditions. Indeed, we're about to witness a college football game between the National team and the American team, with just 82 days remaining before the NFL Draft.

Remember you can watch the National team vs the American team in the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl on FuboTV (free trial available).

Ones to watch

These boys ain't playing around. Tulane's Tyjae Spears and Dorian Williams are definitely two players that you should be keeping your eyes on in this one.

It's Almost Time for Kickoff!

With the start of the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl less than half hour away, we're definitely getting excited over here. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching a showcase of the nation's best talent and the quite frankly, the future stars of the NFL!

There are some big names out there

From Georgia's prolific running back, to TCU's stellar signal caller, there are definitely some major talents to watch in Saturday's Senior Bowl. Indeed, we're watching the future of the NFL right here so don't miss out!

Somethings are more important than football

The Kentucky product will likely still have a heavy heart, such that his appearance in the Senior Bowl is itself, a reason to be impressed. Fittingly, both he and LSU have seen fit to honor his mother who passed away recently.

All systems go for Senior Bowl!

Even the weather is cooperating. It will be bright and sunny for the showdown of the best and the brightest in college football.
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You can watch Senior Bowl live on Fubo TV (free trial available)

Pre-Senior Bowl celebration

If we were to go by the enthusiasm exhibited on the eve of Senior Bowl, then we are in for one heck of a game.
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The pace of Pace

Ivan Pace Jr. made our list of players to keep an eye out for in the Senior Bowl. This video clip gives you an idea of the level of skills he brings to the table.
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2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl: Who are some of the top NFL prospects?

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From one big Bowl to another

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts will be playing in the Super Bowl next weekend, and he is proof positive that the Senior Bowl truly features the best of the best.
How are the players of the Senior Bowl selected?


How are the players of the Senior Bowl selected?

Making it to the Senior Bowl is no mean feat, and getting chosen to play for the big game is more complicated than you’d think. Reem tells us more about how the most talented university football players make the cut.

2023 Senior Bowl: American vs. National

The most talent-studded game in college football is here!

The all-star Senior Bowl is held every year to showcase the top university football players and NFL prospects in the country ahead of the NFL Draft. The game gives 100 elite draft prospects from around the US a chance to demonstrate their talent and connect with coaches and decision-makers from all 32 NFL franchises.

AS English will be with you throughout the game, providing live coverage, stats, scores, highlights and analysis of the 2023 Senior Bowl taking place in Mobile, Alabama.

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