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Chicago Bears CHI
Dallas Cowboys DAL
CHI 0 17 6 6 29
DAL 14 14 14 7 49

Chicago Bears 29-49 Dallas Cowboys, Pollard three touchdowns, summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 8

The Dallas Cowboys dominated the Chicago Bears with a defensive touchdown by Parsons and three Pollard touchdowns on offense to head into their bye week.

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys: As it happened

GAME SUMMARY: Cowboys roll into their bye week 6-2 after victory over Bears

The Dallas Cowboys are heading into their bye week next week at 6-2 after their 49-29 win over the Chicago Bears. The Bears, meanwhile, fall to 3-5.

The first half was all about the Cowboys, who went into halftime with a 21-point lead. The Bears cut down that deficit to just 5 points and they did so quickly in the second half. But the Cowboys responded right away, bringing it back up to a 19-point lead even faster. 

Tony Pollard three touchdowns

With Ezekiel Elliott out with a knee injury, all the pressure was on Tony Pollard and he showed out. He finished the game with 14 carries for a tied career-high 131 rushing yards and three touchdowns on the ground - something Elliott has never done. His last of the three touchdowns was especially impressive as he went blowing down the field 54 yards without an issue.

Dominant Dallas defense

Once again, the Cowboys defense dominated with 4 sacks (Kearse, Fowler, Lawrence, and Odighizuwa), 7 tackles for a loss, 5 quarterback hits, and 1 defensive touchdown by Micah Parsons. That was Parsons' first career touchdown and it came on an incredible play in the 3rd quarter. Just after Pollard scored his second touchdown, Parsons recovered a fumble made by Bears RB David Montgomery, ran it down 36 yards as Bears QB Justin Fields leapt over him to avoid the touch and allow Parsons to run it all the way into the end zone. 

Dak is back

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott returned last week against the Lions after being out with a broken thumb since Week 1. In that game, he threw for just 207 yards and looked rusty. Today, he had 107 yards on1 10-of-11 passing just in the 1st quarter. He finished withe 21-of-27 for 250 yards, one interception, threw for two touchdowns and ran one in himself. 

Bears QB design runs

The Bears continued to use quarterback design runs, which work well for Justin Fields. He finished with 151 yards and threw for two touchdowns and ran one in himself as well and had no interceptions (though he did throw one which was called back after a Dallas penalty). His toss to Cole Kmet for 10 yards put the Bears within 13 points.

Cowboys and Bears leaders

For the Bears, it was Khalil Herbert,  N'Keal Harry, Cole Kmet, and Justin Fields who scored the touchdowns plus one field goal by kicker Cairo Santos. They had two failed 2-point conversion attempts. 

For the Cowboys, it was three touchdowns by Tony Pollard, plus one each for Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, Jake Ferguson, and Micah Parsons. Kicker Brett Maher made all his extra point attempts and never had to kick a field goal. 

What's next for the Cowboys and Bears?

The Cowboys have a bye week in Week 9. After that, they face the Green Bay Packers on the road followed by another away game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Bears are just off of their bye week last week and will face the Miami Dolphins at home in Week 9 followed by the Detroit Lions at home.

FINAL: Cowboys 49, Bears 29

Cowboys defeat Bears, 49-29

Bears are held to 4th down, punt it away, and the Cowboys kneel it to run out the clock and the Cowboys have advanced to 6-2.


Two-minute warning

Bears at 3rd and 15 at the Chicago 23 with two minutes left in the game ad they're down by 20 points. It's game over, folks.

Prescott SACKED by Brisker for a loss of 7, 4th and 20 they punt it back

Dallas is brought to 3rd and 12 after some more Davis tosses

False Start on Dallas' Smith (does he get at least one every game? I feel like he does), 1st and 15

Prescott hands it to Davis 3 times in a row and he finally converts on 3rd down

Highest ever total score in an NFL game

It won’t be this one, the record being held by the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, who produced a combined 113 points with a score of 72–41 in 1966.

05:12 Q4

The Bears go for it on 4th and 11 and it's a pass to Pettis, nearly stolen away by Kearse. It's short of the first so it'll be a turnover on downs and Dallas' ball at their own 16. 

05:20 Q4

Fields under pressure tosses it away and it's batted away by Fowler, 4th and 11 at the Dallas 18

Fields SACKED by Kearse (who again is back in the game and apparently doing just fine) for a loss of 2, 3rd and 11

Inside toss to Kmet and Parsons brings him down for a gain of just 1 yard, 2nd and 9

Montgomery gets the snap after a fake and gets a gain of 6 and the 1st down

Fields to Pettis for 12 yards, 4th and 3 and they'll go for it at the Cowboys 23

Fields SACKED by Lawrence, 3rd and 16

08:34 Q4

Fields under pressure, avoids the sack and throws it away, 2nd and 10 at the Cowboys 29

At 3rd and 5, Dallas gets a Pass Interference penalty on Brown, gives Bears automatic 1st down

Herbert hits the gas for a huge 36-yard run right off the bat before Vander Esch finally gets to him and shoves him out of bounds

Jones returns it for 25 yards

They needed a yard and they got 54 YARDS and Tony Pollard's THIRD touchdown of the day!


Davis gets a pickup of 7 after a short run by Pollard to bring Cowboys to 3rd and 1

Pollard up the middle for a gain of 14 to the Cowboys 37 and a 1st down

Turpin runs it back 21 yards, stopped by Ebner at the Dallas 21

Fields toss to TE Cole Kmet into the endzone, who gets his first touchdown since 2020 on a 10-yard run. They tried to go for two another time and it fails on an incomplete pass from Fields to Mooney.

Bears trail by 13 with 13:40 left in the game.


Dallas' Kearse is down on the field again, return is Questionable

Herbert gets a gain of 6, 2nd and 4

Dallas' Wilson was injured during the play, return is Questionable

Fields runs it again to get another 1st down on a 12-yard run

Herbert is stopped by Wilson for a loss of 1, 3rd and 8

00:00 Q3

END 3rd quarter

The Cowboys took back the big lead.  The Bears cut a 21-point lead to a 5-point lead and the Cowboys brought it right back to a 19-point lead.

Ceedee Lamb had a 12-yard touchdown and on the next drive, Micah Parsons got an interception and touchdown to give Dallas a comfortable lead.

At the end of the third quarter, the Cowboys are up 42-23 over the Bears.

Herbert picks up 13 yards before he's brought down Kearse (back in and seems fine)

Montgomery gets another pickup of 10, but a Holding penalty on Bears' Jones puts them back to 1st and 20

Cowboys' Kearse was helped off the field, return is Questionable

Montgomery takes it up the middle and gets through on a 10-yard gain and the 1st down to the Cowboys 30

Kearse brings Montgomery down for a loss of 4, brings Bears to 3rd and 6

Fields pass caught to wide open Mooney, gets a 17-yard gain and the 1st down

Fields pass nearly intercepted, batted away by Diggs brings Bears to 3rd and 8

Jones gets the 1st down on a 12-yard run

Fields took off with the ball on a huge 35-yard run but it was taken back to 1st and 11 on a Holding call on Bears' Kmet at the Bears 31

The Parsons TD

And the Cowboys are back with a 19-point lead on a fumble recovery and 36-yard run to the endzone by none other than Micah Parsons.

At 3rd ad 17, Fields scrambled away and tossed it to Montgomery who nearly made it to the 1st down, but Vander Esch stripped it away and it's FUMBLED, recovered by PARSONS, and he runs it into the endzone for a TOUCHDOWN for the COWBOYS!

COWBOYS TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Yes, you read that right COWBOYS touchdown!

False Start call on Bears' Wesco brings Bears to 3rd and 17

At 2nd and 22, Montgomery gets a gain of 10 to bring Bears to 3rd and 12

Fields SACKED by Fowler for a loss of 11 yards

Pollard gets his second touchdown of the day on a 7-yard run. The Cowboys responded to the Bears' comeback immediately by getting down the field quick with several big gains - 7 plays, 75 yards in 2 minutes, 51 seconds. 6:51 left in the 3rd quarter


Prescott shotgun pass to Lamb is caught for 12 yards and the Cowboys are now at 1st and goal

Turpin gets another pickup of 11 yards

Prescott to Schultz yet again for another 14-yard pickup and a 1st down, brings Dallas to the Bears 30

At 3rd and 9, Prescott throws it deep 30 yards to Schultz and into Bears territory

A 21-point lead has quickly been cut down to a 5-point lead as the Bears get another touchdown to start off the second half. Herbert took it up the middle for 12 yards right into the endzone.

The Bears have had a few breaks with an interception and fumble call both reversed on a penalty and booth review. Both reversed calls led to scores by the Bears, who are gaining on the Cowboys in the 2nd half, down by 5 with 9:42 to go in the 3rd.

Fields SACKED by Lawrence on a failed 2-point attempt


Fields bullet pass to Mooney is CAUGHT for a huge 36-yard pickup to the Cowboys 25!

Fumble call was REVERSED

Bears maintain possession, 2nd and 9

Fumble is under review

Looks like Herbert may have regained possession before he was down

Herbert FUMBLES and it's recovered by Dallas' Vander Esch

12:15 Q3

Cowboys follow suit with a 3 and out

The Cowboys go 3 and out on their first drive of the second half too when a 3rd down pass to Gallup is batted down by Johnson

13:12 Q3

Bears go 3 and out on first drive of second half

On a 3rd and 3 play, the Bears faked it to Fields, snapped it to Montgomery who was stopped by Bohanna to go 3 and out to start the 2nd half. Bears punt it back to Cowboys.

15:00 Q3

3rd quarter start

The Bears get the ball to start the second half. Before the end of the 1st half, the Bears got a touchdown, interception, and field goal to put them within 14 points.

The Fields TD that put Chicago on the board in the 2nd quarter

The CeeDee TD in the 1st half

Ferguson got the Cowboys' last TD before the half

00:00 Q2


Cowboys lead despite a bout of bad luck to end the half

The Bears got a touchdown, interception, and field goal to make it a 14-point game to end the half.

Santos 36-yard field goal attempt is GOOD!

00:03 Q2

Bears take third timeout

00:03 Q2

Montgomery stopped by Armstrong and Odighizuwa for no gain, 4th and 5

00:11 Q2

Bears take second timeout

Fields gets ready for another design run but Wilson gets to him and trips him up, 3rd and 4

00:15 Q2

Fields pass incomplete deep St. Brown, but an Offsides call on Dallas' Armstrong gives the Bears a free 5 yards, 2nd and 5

Fields tries to get the TD pass to Pettis but rookie DaRon Bland breaks it up on a great defensive play in the end zone

00:28 Q2

Prescott pass intended for Lamb INTERCEPTED by Jackson who runs it back 21 yards

Fields pass to Harry for 17 yards right into the endzone for a Bears touchdown just before the end of the first half.

Fields threw an interception right into the hands of Trevon Diggs, but it was not only called back but also given an automatic 1st down to the Bears on a Roughing the Passer call on Dallas' Golston. That gave Chicago the break they needed and they took it and did something with it this time to get some more points on the board before halftime, with just 40 seconds to go in the second quarter.


00:45 Q2

The Dallas interception is called back on a Roughing the Passer call on Cowboys' Golston and gives the Bears another big break. Automatic 1st down for Bears at the 17


00:57 Q2

Bearstake first timeout

00:57 Q2

False Start on Bears' Pettis, 1st and 15 at the Dallas 27

Montgomery gets another Bears 1st down as the clock keeps ticking in the 1st half

02:00 Q2

Two-minute warning

Fields scrambles, gets away and gets the 1st down on a 9-yard run to the Cowboys 38

St. Brown is back on the field and makes the catch for 6 yards, 3rd and 4


Dallas takes second timeout

Fields throws deeeeeeep down the field to Jones but it's incomplete

At 4th and 2, Herbert gets the 1st down. The risk paid off at a crucial time for Chicago who gets the 1st down to bring them to their own 45.

Lawrence stops Herbert after 3 yards, brings Bears to 4th and 2 - looks like they'll go for it 

4:07 Q2

Dallas calls first timeout

Diggs and Parsons ganged up on RB Khalil Herbert who managed just a yard to bring Bears right back to 3rd down and 5

Penalty on Dallas gives Bears a break. They would have had a rough 3rd down situation, but Dallas' Fowler was called Offsides to give Chicago the automatic 1st down.

This time, Prescott faked it to Davis and then threw it to Ferguson 1 yard into the endzone to put the Cowboys up up up with 6:38 in the half.


For real this time.

Prescott tossed the ball to Malik Davis on 2nd and 6 at the Bears 11, and he ran it all the way to the endzone for what looked like and what was originally called a touchdown, but it was called back after the review as Davis' foot just barely crossed the line out of bounds before getting the ball across the goal line. It would have been Davis' first NFL touchdown.

Play under review - it looked like Davis maaaay have just barely stepped over the white line before reaching the pylon. The touchdown call may be reversed.

Prescott shoots it down to Lamb yet again, wide open for 22 yards and another 1st down to the Bears 15.

Prescott nearly gets sacked on the next play but he throws it away 

At 3rd and 8, Prescott shoots it to Lamb 15 yards inside the 40. They're now 6 for 6 on 3rd down conversions, something they'd been struggling with until now.

9:23 Q2

Cowboys back on offense

At 4th and 20, the Bears punted it back to Dallas and Turpin took it up 13 yards. 

Illegal Forward Pass on Bears' Pettis was the final call there

Lots going on here...

The Bears try to pull off a double pass and it backfired badly. Fields passed it to Pettis who tossed it towards Montgomery, incomplete and a flag was thrown on the play as well. 4th down. St. Brown went limping off the field as well...

Fields is SACKED by Odighizuwa for a loss of 6 yards to bring the Bears to a quick 3rd down

After Prescott gets a 25-yard run, the Cowboys get into the red zone and it takes them no time at all to get into the end zone. Prescott tosses it to Pollard who runs it 18 yards into the endzone for another Cowboys TD with 10:50 to go in the 1st half.


At 3rd and 1, Prescott breaks free and runs it 25 yards to the red zone!

Another big Prescott-Gallup connection for 17 yards 

The Bears get down the field on Fields' design QB runs and it's Fields who runs it in for the TD on a 3-yard run after 12 plays and 75 yards. 68 of those yards were on the ground.

The Bears know what works and they're stickin' to it. They make it a one-score game to start the 2nd quarter.


Fields under pressure gets it away to Mooney, 2nd and goal

Montgomery gets 3 yards and the 1st down to set up 1st and goal

00:00 Q1

END 1st quarter

The Bears are at 3rd and 2 in the red zone as the time ticked down to zero in the 1st quarter.

Montgomery is stopped twice in a row after 8 yards to bring Bears to 3rd and 2 in the red zone

This time it works! Fields gets 14 yards and the 1st down on another big run to put the Bears in the red zone.

Fields tries to get another design run but he's stopped by FIVE Dallas defenders and brought to 3rd and 4

Fields is utilizing that QB run with a gain of 15 and the 1st down at the Dallas 38

Bears are trying to get that run game going and Jones gets them an 18-yard run to get it started

Dak is back!

The Bears got two big stops to bring Dallas to 3rd and 9 but Prescott hit a shotgun pass 21yards right into the endzone to CeeDeeLamb to give the Cowboys a two-score lead with 5:19 remaining in the 1st.


Prescott to Hendershot. Prescott to Schultz. Repeat. Cowboys get down the field on the QB to TE passes before Prescott hits a 16-yard bullet to Gallup. We said to keep an eye on this duo, and it looks like they are getting back into their flow. 

8:31 Q1

Dante Fowler gets the next tackle on Montgomery after Parsons put the pressure on Fields. Bears punt it back to the Cowboys.

Lawrence stops RB David Montgomery from getting far, shutting him down after just a yard and the Bears are at 3rd and 19

Fields' first pass incomplete after a deep throw to St. Brown, but it was just underthrown. The next pass was caught by Pettis, but a Pass Interference call on St. Brown brings them to 2nd and 20.

The Cowboys get down the field in 11 plays and 4:42 minutes and it's Dak Prescott who runs the ball in for the touchdown on a 7-yard run to give Dallas an early lead with 10:18 still left to go in the 1st quarter.


Malik Davis gets the Cowboys a gain of 8 yards but Prescott throws it away on 2nd down. Brings Cowboys to 3rd and 2 in Bears territory.

A second Pollard 1st down in a row brings Dallas into the red zone at the Chicago 15!

Pollard breaks through and gets a huge 16-yard gain and the Cowboys have got the 1st down! Zeke who?

Prescott throws a bullet and it is caught by Gallup for 10 yards but Dallas immediately gets a Too Many Men on the Field penalty, bringing them to 1st and 15

On 2nd and 1, Nicholas Morrow gets to Pollard for a loss of 5 yards to set up another 3rd down and 6

WR Michael Gallup makes the first catch with a gain of about 4 yards before Tony Pollard sets up 3rd and 2 on a short run. The Cowboys haven't been great at converting on 3rd downs, but this time they get the 1st down on another 9-yard run by Pollard.

15:00 Q1

It's gametime!

Chicago won the toss and elected to defer. The Cowboys are starting us off on offense. Game on!

Almost game time

We're just minutes away from kickoff in Arlington as the players are taking the field!

Cowboys and Bears: 3 players to watch from each team

3 Dallas Cowboys players to watch vs Bears

WR Michael Gallup

Gallup has been back for a few weeks now and getting back to his old self little by little. Last week, though, he was only targeted twice and had no catches. He was a favorite of Prescott's last year, but it was Prescott's first game back. This week, let's see if he gets more action and makes an impact.

DE Sam Williams

We mentioned earlier how well Williams performed last week. Well, over the last three weeks, he's had 29 QB rushes, 6 pressures, 4 QB hits, 3 hurries, and 2 sacks. Though he shares snaps, he always produces on the ones he sees. It will be fun to watch him against Justin Fields' rushing.

CB DaRon Bland

With CB Jourdan Lewis out for the rest of the season, DaRon Bland will be the one to step up in his place. The rookie caught an interception in his only start this season and it will be interesting to see how he does in an increased role.

3 Chicago Bears players to watch vs Cowboys

QB Justin Fields

Adding in more quarterback runs seemed to be the key to activating Fields' potential last week. He's shown what he can do as a runner and how much of a threat he is with the deep ball. We will see if he can keep making the big plays against a tough Dallas defense today.

RB David Montgomery

Montgomery is the Bears' RB1 and he's been thriving in the run game this season. If he can burst through the holes in the Dallas defense, he could be a difference maker in whether the Bears win or lose.

S Jaquan Brisker

Rookie safety Brisker has been making a name for himself on the Bears defense with his pass-rushing skills on blitzes and his ability to make tackles. He'a already got two sacks on the season. We'll see if he can get to Dak today against the Cowboys' fragile o-line.

Damone Clark activated after spinal fusion surgery

Just after adding run-stopper Jonathan Hankins to the Dallas defense, the Cowboys also activated Damone Clark to add even more power to their stout defense.

Eberflus returns to Dallas

The Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus spent seven years as a Dallas Cowboys linebackers coach. He returns to Dallas today to face his former team. Eberflus had nothing but positive things say about the Cowboys organization ahead of the game.

"I can't say enough about the Jones family," Eberflus said. "They're an unbelievable ownership. It's family-oriented. Mr. Jones has been nothing but loyal to me over those years. Seven years is a long time, close relationship with him. Then also Stephen [Jones], obviously a close relationship with him. He's day-to-day working in the business there. Will McClay, the GM, does an outstanding job. So nothing but nice things to say and certainly enjoyed my time when I was there, for sure."


Bears vs Cowboys INACTIVES: Larry Borom ruled out

The Bears will be without starting right tackle Larry Borom, who is out with a concussion, as well as center Lucas Patrick, out with a toe injury vs the Cowboys.

Chicago Bears Inactives

RT Larry Borom

WR Isaiah Coulter

DB Lamar Jackson

TE Jake Tonges

The Cowboys have a bye week coming up next week and have perhaps taken that into account with their inactive list. Of course, the most notable is Zeke out with the knee injury.

Dallas Cowboys Inactives

RB Ezekiel Elliott

WR Noah Brown

DE Sam Williams

S Malik Hooker

DT Trysten Hill

LB Jabrill Cox

QB Will Grier

Fields gives hope to Bears


Fields gives hope to Bears

The Bears figured out a formula for quarterback Justin Fields that works well - design quarterback runs. Expect more of that against the Cowboys. 

Zeke out, but Pollard in

The Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott will not play today vs the Bears due to a knee injury. That leaves Tony Pollard, who has outpaced Elliot's YPC average with 5.6 to Elliott's 4.1 and who has out-caught Elliott as well. Pollard has 111 catches for 105 yards through seven games. 

The Bears defense has been terrible against the run this season and has given up 1,048 yards on the ground, tied for the most in the league. They have also given up the most rushing touchdowns in the league at 64.

Even without Zeke, the Cowboys should do fine against the Bears defense with Pollard leading the back.

Now let's hope that Texas sun doesn't glare right into the players' eyeballs and cause too much chaos in this East-West, billion-dollar stadium.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The Cowboys have pulled off wins over the Bengals and Lions - now they just need to pull off a win over the Bears. 

All season long, the Cowboys have been all about the defense with a different defender standing out each week. Last week, it was DE Sam Williams with 3 tackles (1 for a loss), 2 sacks,1 forced fumble, and 1 fumble recovery.

They have only added to their defensive strength with a trade for Jonathan Hankins from the Raiders.

Bears QB Justin Fields happens to be the NFL's most-sacked with 27 total on the season. The Cowboys defense leads the league in sacks with 29.

Bears vs Cowboys: Where do they stand?

The Bears are fresh off of a huge upset over the New England Patriots. That win brought their record to 3-4 and was their first victory after three straight losses. 

The Cowboys are at 5-2 after pulling off a 24-6 win over the Lions last week in QB Dak Prescott's first game back since Week 1 when he broke his thumb. 

The Bears are the underdogs in this matchup, but the Cowboys have some glaring issues that, if the Bears can take advantage of, would allow them another upset.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys game! 

Kickoff is at 12 p.m. CT from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where it should be a beautiful, sunny day with temps around 64 degrees. 

We will be here from now until after game end to bring you all the live updates, scores, and commentary as the Bears take on the Cowboys in Texas.


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