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Washington Commanders WAS
Dallas Cowboys DAL
WAS 0 7 3 0 10
DAL 3 9 3 10 25

Washington Commanders 10-25 Dallas Cowboys, Lamb and Gallup TDs, summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 4

Two TDs by Lamb and Gallup help the Cowboys pull off their third win in a row with backup quarterback Cooper Rush filling in.

Commanders at Cowboys: LIVE

Cowboys defeat Commanders 25-10: Game Summary

The Cowboys are now 3-1 after defeating their divisional rivals, the Washington Commanders.

The Cowboys have now won three in a row with Cooper Rush as their starting quarterback. He finished the game tonight with two touchdown passes, one to Michael Gallup, who made his season debut, and one to CeeDee Lamb.

It was another battle of the defenses today as the Commanders held Dallas to field goals four times and the Cowboys held the Commanders to just one touchdown and one field goal. Washington messed up a ton of opportunities due to penalties and turnovers. They finished the night with 11 penalties for 136 yards. 

The one touchdown Washington got was on a 10-yard pass to Jahan Dotson, which put the Commanders in the lead, 7-6 in the 2nd quarter.

The first touchdown for Dallas was a nine-yard pass by Rush to WR Michael Gallup late in the 2nd quarter. Gallup had not played since tearing his ACL in January last season. Not a bad way to make a season debut. 

In the first half, CeeDee Lamb caught three passes in a row from Rush for a total of 56 yards, which set up Maher's second field goal. His TD pass came on a 30-yard pass early in the 4th quarter, putting the Cowboys up 22-10. 

The Commanders weren't able to get any more points on the board despite opportunities to do so. Wentz threw an interception late in the game which was caught by Dallas rookie DaRon Bland, setting up another Maher field goal, bringing it to the final score of 25-10.

Wentz had two Intentional Grounding penalties, nine sacks, and two interceptions.

Another CeeDee TD

Gallup is back, baby

The lone Washington TD came from Dotson

The Cowboys DEFEAT the Commanders, bringing them to 3-1.


Bates FUMBLES and recovers it but that's going to run out the clock


Bates gets out of bounds short of the 1st down. 2nd and 3

It was a struggle, but the Commanders finally get a 1st down on a pass from Wentz to Bates, but time is running out

Cowboys punt it back to Commanders, fair catch by Milne

02:00 Q4

Two-minute warning

Cowboys are up 25-10 with 2 minutes left to play. They have the ball at 4th and 11 at the Commanders 45.

2:24 Q4

Washington takes third timeout with Dallas at 3rd and 12

The Commanders go for it and it is Diggs AGAIN who bats it away from McLaurin! The Cowboys will take over at the Commanders 44.

McCarthy was right to trust his defense. The Commanders get nowhere. They're brought to 4th and 2 at their own 44.

The Commanders had a chance to do something in the last quarter but Wentz threw an interception, caught by Dallas rookie DaRon Bland. That gave Dallas the ball back in Washington territory, but Washington's defense is too good. They held them to 4th and 1 and McCarthy chose to kick the field goal. Maher made the 29-yard attempt. It's still a two-possession game with 3:51 to go.

McCarthy goes for the field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 1. Maher makes the 29-yard field goal.

At 3rd and 8, Rush pass to rookie Ferguson but it's just short of the 1st down, 4th and 1

Parsons in some kind of pain, being checked out on the sidelines

Rookie Bland INTERCEPTS it! Cowboys get the ball back again at the Washington 20!

A short pass for a pickup of 2 by McKissic, an incomplete pass, and then...

Elliott gets NOWHERE and the Cowboys are at 4th down and 3. They will punt it back to Washington.

Elliott bursts through the middle for 7 yards. Another incomplete deep pass to Lamb and the Cowboys are at 3rd and 3 at the 50.

Rush pass deep to Gallup is incomplete. Pass Interference on Commanders' Jackson gives them the automatic first down

Wentz pass to McLaurin is batted away by, you guessed it, DIGGS. Cowboys get the ball back at their own 16.

The Commanders are going for it at 4th and 15...

The Commanders could go for it, but 4th and 15 is a big risk. If they go for the field goal, they're still down by 9

8:02 Q4

Washington takes first timeout

Wentz SACKED by Fowler, Commanders are now at 4th and 15

Wentz pass to Samuel WAS caught in the endzone by Samuel but he didn't have both feet in the end zone so Commanders are at 3rd and 9

Dallas defense gets a Holding call on Brown, giving Washington an automatic 1st down that otherwise would've been a 3rd down. Now the Commanders are at 1st and 10 at the Dallas 11

Dallas DT Bohanna was injured on the last play

Washington gets a break on a bad punt by Anger for 22 yards to the Dallas 30, out of bounds

Cowboys don't get far before they get a Holding penalty on Schultz and are held to 3rd and 13. Then a Rush pass is batted away by Allen to take them to 3 and out, too. Back to Washington we go.

12:35 Q4

And the Commanders go 3 and out. They tried to hurry up at 3rd and 3 to avoid Dallas' 3rd down crew, but Odighizuwa got to Gibson for no gain. They give it back to Dallas, fair catch by Turpin.

Rush passes 30 yards and it is CAUGHT in the end zone by CeeDee Lamb! Maher's extra point is good this time and the Cowboys are up by 12 to start the 4th quarter.

Maher PAT is good



Elliott takes it up the middle for 5 yards, Cowboys are at 2nd and 5 at the Washington 30, lead 15-10 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Rush goes deep for Gallup in double coverage and it's incomplete. Officials call Pass Interference on Washington's Jackson. Automatic 1st down.

The defenses on both sides are working hard to keep their opponents out of the endzone. The Commanders get within field goal range just barely, and Slye makes his first field goal of the year for 45 yards to make it a 5-point game with 1:27 left in the 3rd.

Slye makes the 45-yard field goal

McKissic gets it up 9 yards to put them in a much more doable FG range

Another False Start penalty on Washington (Cosmi) brings them to 3rd and 27

Wilson puts the pressure on, forces Wentz to throw it away and he's called for Intentional Grounding, 3rd and 22

Williams gives Washington another huge gain of 21! Commanders are suddenly in the red zone at the Dallas 19 

Wentz pass to Dotson for a huge 31-yard gain and the 1st down! Brings Washington to the Commanders 58

The Washington defense put in the work. A 45-yard bullet pass from Rush to Brown to get them into Washington territory still ended in just a field goal. Dallas leads by just a score with 4:56 to go in the 3rd.

Maher 28-yard field goal is GOOD

Rush to Brown for just 5, short of the 1st down, McCarthy sends out the FG unit

Rush to Lamb complete for 8 yards to bring them to 3rd and 8

Dallas' Zach Martin was injured on the last play, rolling his ankle after stepping on his own teammate's foot

False Start on Dallas' Martin, 1st and 15 at the Washington 22

Wentz hits a 45-yard BULLET to Brown and it is CAUGHT!!

Lawrence put the pressure on Wentz and he throws it away, incomplete to bring Washington to 4th and 27

McKissic takes the handoff, but just barely! It looked like Dallas' Dante Fowler would take off with it instead! Commanders end up with a loss of 1 and are at 3rd and 27.

Washington gets another penalty, False Start on Cosmi, puts them at 2nd and 26 now

Wentz pass incomplete to McLaurin was nearly intercepted again by Diggs! Holding penalty on Washington brings them to 2nd and 21

Wentz pass to Hooker complete but he was immediately taken down by Hooker for a loss of 1, 2nd and 11

Anger punts it 58 yards and Milne takes it up 8 yards to the Washington 39. Commanders Eifler was injured during the play and his return is Questionable.

Rush pass incomplete to Schultz brings Cowboys to 4th and long and they'll give it back to Washington

Cowboys are given another second chance, but they're not doing much with it. They're held to 3rd and 12 after Rush had the pressure on.

Second almost-interception by the Commanders that's been called back on a penalty - Holding on St-Juste gives Dallas the automatic 1st down

Wentz pass complete to Dotson but he gets NOWHERE as Wilson takes him down. 4th and 9m and Commanders punt it back to Dallas, Turpin takes the fair catch.

Gallimore makes a big tackle on McKissic for a loss of 2, brings Commanders to 3rd and 12 again

Wentz pass to Samuel for 14 yards for a 1st down!

Washington's got the ball to start the second half and the Dallas D is all over them, mostly Parsons. They're quickly brought to 3rd and 12.



Cowboys hand it off to Elliott and let the clock wind down. Cowboys are in the lead 12-7 going into halftime.

00:10 Q2

Wentz goes long and it is INTERCEPTED by none other than Trevon Diggs!

00:17 Q2

Washington takes second timeout after getting the 1st down

00:22 Q2

3rd and 2 at Washington 33

Commanders are letting the clock run out instead of trying to get down the field before the half

Gallup is BACK and making an IMPACT for the Cowboys! They take back the lead on a Rush 9-yard pass to Gallup in the end zone. Maher's extra point was blocked by Washington's Obada and nearly recovered. Dallas is ahead by 5 with 1:04 left in the first half.

Maher's extra point attempt is BLOCKED by Obada


Rush incomplete pass to Pollard brings Cowboys to 3rd down and 6 at Commanders 9

1:15 Q2

Washington takes their first timeout

Rush fakes it to Pollard and he runs it up 9 yards to the Commanders 9

False Start penalty on Dallas' center Biadasz, puts them back to 1st and 15

Rush to Brown gives Dallas the 1st down off the bat

02:00 Q2

Two-minute warning

A few runs by Pollard took Cowboys to 3rd and 1 and it was a 1-yard scramble by Rush that got them the 1st down at the Commanders 25 

Rush to GALLUP for 15 yards and the 1st down! Gallup is back for the first time since last season after an ACL tear

The Washington defense is working hard, holding Dallas to 3rd and 8 at the Dallas 35

Rush pass INTERCEPTED by St.Juste but it was called back on an Illegal Contact penalty on St. Juste to give Dallas the automatic 1st down, PHEW

The Commanders finally get the first TD of the night on a 10-yard pass by Wentz to Dotson in the endzone, set up by an explosive 33-yard run by McKissic. Commanders take back the lead with 7:05 left in the 1st half.

Slye PAT is good


McLaurin bobbles the ball but makes the catch, 2nd and 4. McKissic takes it a yard, 3rd and 2.

Wentz gets the ball to Gibson and Samuel for the 1st down before throwing a shotgun pass to McKissic for 33 yards! Brings Commanders to the Dallas 17

Cowboys are brought to another quick 3 and out after a short run and two incomplete passes with the pressure on Rush

Wentz pass incomplete to McKissic brings them to 4th down. It started out on a great run, but now they'll give it back to Dallas.

Wentz pass to Gibson and he takes off for 11 yards before Parsons gets to him to take him down, 3rd and 11

Wentz was nearly sacked by Parsons and throws the ball into the ground, diving him an Intentional Grounding call and they're at 2nd and 22 at the Dallas 44

Lawrence makes the tackle on Williams to hold him to just 2 yards, but on his next opportunity, Williams takes it up 18 yards before he's finally tackled by Vander Esch

Gibson gets another nice run for 11 yards and a 1st down for the Commanders

The Rush-Lamb connection got the Cowboys far enough down the field to set them up for the field goal. Maher didn't let down, making the 45-yarder and giving Dallas a 6-point lead to start the 2nd quarter.

Maher 45-yard field goal is GOOD!



Rush scrambles and takes off with the ball and runs it for 6 yards, bringing Dallas to 4th and 6 at the Washington 27 at the end of the 1st quarter. Now we await McCarthy's decision to go for it or not?

00:12 Q1

After 3 long passes to Lamb, Pollard loses a few yards and Rush makes an incomplete pass to Brown, 3rd and 12

And they do it a THIRD time! Rush passes to Lamb for yet another 17 yards!

They do it again, Rush-Lamb for 17 more!

A perfect pass from Rush to Lamb gives the Cowboys a 23-yard gain and the 1st down!

02:44 Q1

Commanders punt it away and Turpin catches it but bobbles it, and as he tries to get away he's smothered for a loss of 3 yards. Cowboys will get the ball at their own 13.

A holdingonWashington took back a 13-yard run by Gibson and the Cowboys defense kept them getting any further, bringing them to 4th and 15 at the Commanders 33

That was a quick 3 and out by the Cowboys and they give it back to the Commanders at their 38-yard line

Cowboys start with the ball at the 10 and hand it off to Elliott a few times to bring them to 3rd and 3. Rush gets SACKED on 3rd down by Allen, brings them to 4th and 9.

Wentz had the pressure on and threw it away just before getting tackled by Lawrence. 4th and 21, Commanders punt it away.

Wentz SACKED for the first time tonight by Gallimore for a loss of 9 yards, brings Washington to 3rd and 21

The Commanders are getting their ground game going against Dallas witha few runs by Gibson 

The Cowboys take the lead on the opening drive after Elliott got them down the fieldon a 31-yard run. Maher made the 53-yard attempt and the Cowboys are up with 11:34 left in the first.

Maher 53-yard field goal is GOOD!

Rush hands off the ball to Elliott a few more times for a pickup of 1 and 1, to Pollard for 2, bringing the Cowboys to 4th and 6 in field goal range

Game on!

Cowboys get the ball on offense to start. On 3rd down, Elliott picks up a huge 31-yard gain all the way to the Washington 39!

Can Cooper Rush do it again?

Since Dak has been out, Cooper Rush has stepped up for the Cowboys at the quarterback position. He had a good performance against the Bengals, leading to an upset, and then an even better performance against the Giants in another victory. 

Over his two starts, he's completed 63% of his passes for 514 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions. Over the last three games, the Washington Commanders have given up eight receiving touchdowns, the second-worst in the league.

Turpin Time

Could today be the day we finally get to see KaVontae Turpin do his thang?

He's finally back!

Commanders to wear all black against Cowboys

The Washington Commanders will debut their all-black uniforms against the Cowboys today, the first time the team has ever rocked that look. 

"I think it's pretty cool. I think it's a really good look," said OT Sam Cosmi. "It's different, something that hasn't been seen in Washington before. So I really like them. I think they look really nice. They're very sleek."

Will we see sacks galore tonight from Dallas?

All signs point to yes. Washington's o-line has done a terrible job at protecting QB Carson Wentz so far this season, allowing 15 sacks through three games. That's including the nine from last week against the Eagles. In his career against the Cowboys, Wentz has suffered 17 sacks. 

The Cowboys defense currently leads the league in sacks with 13. Star Micah Parsons has four, and DeMarcus Lawrence and Dorance Armstrong are keeping up with three of their own. It could be a sack-ful night tonight against Wentz.

Cowboys vs Commanders quick facts

Cowboys vs Commanders: The NFC East battle

The Commanders are currently at the bottom of the NFC East at 1-2. They lost last week to their rivals in Philadelphia, in which QB Carson Wentz struggled against his former team. He was sacked nine times and went 25-of-43 passing with 211 yards and two fumbles.

The 2-1 Cowboys are in second place in the NFC East, behind the 3-0 Philadelphia Eagles. With backup QB Cooper Rush in, they have won their last two games, including last week's victory over rivals the NY Giants. Rush finished with 215 yards passing and one touchdown on 21-of-31 passing. 


INJURY REPORT: Gallup to make season debut

Cowboys Injury Report

The Cowboys will continue to play without their starting quarterback, Dak Prescott, who is out with a broken thumb. Backup QB Cooper Rush has been doing just fine though, winning the last two games and taking him to 3-0 as a starter in his career.  Prescott and safety Jayron Keaese are the only Cowboys players listed as OUT.  TE Dalton Schultz missed last week with a PCL sprain and was listed as Questionable, but will be back against Washington along with guard Connor McGovern, who missed two games with a high ankle sprain. 

And in some good news for the Cowboys, wide receiver Michael Gallup is expected to make his season debut today after missing the first three weeks as he recovered from an ACL injury he sustained last season. 


QB Dak Prescott (thumb)–OUT

S Jayron Kearse (knee) — OUT

WR Jalen Tolbert 

LB Devin Harper 

OT Matt Waletzo 

CB Nahshon Wright

Commanders Injury Report

The Commanders have just one player listed as OUT as well, C Wes Schweiter who did not clear concussion protocols after last week. LT Charles Leno (shoulder) is listed as QUESTIONABLE. Otherwise, Washington is in great shape heading into the NFC East matchup with the 'Boys. OT Sami Cosmi was limited in practice on Wednesday due to a knee injury, but was a full participant in practice and is active for today. Their two DEs James Smith-Williams and Casey Toohill will also play today after missing last week's game against the Eagles.

Rookie RB Brian Robinson, who was shot in an attempted robbery just before the start of the regular sesaon. is expected to be activated from the non-football injury list, allowing him to return to practice. When he will return to a game is not yet known. There is a 21-day window after activating Robinson that he won't have to play.

Commanders INACTIVES

C Wes Schweitzer (Concussion)–OUT (IR)

T Charles Leno Jr (Shoulder)–Questionable, expected to play

QB Sam Howell 

TE Cole Turner

G Chris Paul

CB Tariq Castro-Fields 

DT Daniel Wise 

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys game!

We will be here all afternoon to give you the latest scores, updates, highlights and commentary as the Commanders take on the Cowboys in this NFC East showdown.

Kickoff is at 12 p.m. local time (1 p.m. ET) at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 


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