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New York Giants NYG
Green Bay Packers GB
NYG 3 7 3 14 27
GB 10 10 0 2 22

New York Giants 27 vs 22 Green Bay Packers summary: stats and highlights | NFL Week 5

The New York Giants had their first statement win of the year against the Green Bay Packers in London. New York scored 17 second half points in the victory.

The New York Giants sent a shockwave around the league from London with their win over the Green Bay Packers. Saquon Barkley totaled 106 yards and scored the game winning touchdown in the 27-22 win.

New York is for real

The Giants came into the game at 3-1 through a month of the season, but had yet to have that statement win that makes the league believe they are a real contender in the NFC.

The Packers landed the first few blows in the first half when Aaron Rodgers led three scoring drives on Green Bay’s first four drives. Meanwhile Daniel Jones and New York went three and out on their first two possessions.

After Mason Crosby hit a field goal to open the scoring, Allen Lazard had a two yard touchdown completion to go up 10-3 at the end of the first quarter. It looked like it was going to get out of hand when the Packers extended the lead with a Mercedes Lewis touchdown midway through the second quarter.

Green Bay starts strong

The tides started to turn when Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley orchestrated a touchdown drive on the next possession. Daniel Bellinger capped the 11 play, 86 yard drive to close the gap before the Packers snuck a field goal in as the first half ran out to make it 20-10.  

The Giants have been a second half team all season, and showed that they save their best until coming out of the halftime break. The Giants scored on their final five possessions to complete the comeback win in London.

Graham Gano inched the Giants to within seven points of the Packers with a field goal on the first drive of the third quarter. New York Giants defense stepped up coming out of the locker room, keeping Aaron Rodgers and the Packers scoreless in the final 30 minutes.

Giants defense shuts down Rodgers in second half

Jones and the Giants tied up the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter to tie the game up at 20. Aaron Rodgers would get the ball back with just over 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, but again the Giants defense came up with a big stop, forcing the Packers into their second three and out of the game.

Six plays later, Saquon Barkley had a two yard sprint to the pylon to give the Giants their first lead of the day.

The Packers had plenty of time to drive down the field to tie up the game, but once they got into the red zone the Giants defense came up big defletciting two straight Aaron Rodgers passes on third and fourth down to close the game out.

Giants going home 4-1

Daniel Jones had 217 yards on 21/27 passing, while Saquon Barkley had 70 yard and a TD on 13 rushes.

Rodgers threw two touchdowns and was held to just 229 yards, but couldn’t lead the Packers to a seond half scoring drive.

The Packers will try to bounce back next week against the New York Jets, while the Giants will head back home and host the Baltimore Ravens.

Barkley with the game winner to complete the comeback!

The Giants had two big offensive plays. One came on the ground in the first half and the second came on a crossing route in the second half.

Brightwell dragging the pile for the two yard TD run to tie up the game in the fourth quarter.

Bellinger looked like he wanted to pass it, but ended up lowering his head and barrelled his way into the endzone.

Barkley has had bettter games this season, but he was pivotal in the win over the Packers.

In the first half it looked like it was all Packers. Lewis his first TD since 2020 to put the Packers up 17-3

Lazard got the first TD of the game to put the Packers up 10-0.

What a win for the New York Giants. If there were any doubts as to wheter or not the Giants are for real, today should put those doubts to rest.

Saquon had 70 yards and a rushing TD, on top of 36 yards receiving.

Jones had 217 yards on 21/27 passing.



The Packers will take over from their 41 with 7 seconds left down by 5.

The punter Gillan runs out of bounds and forfiets a saftey with 10 seconds left in the game.

It's getting chippy between the two teams as the clock winds down. The Giants will have to punt with about 15 seconds on the clock.


The Giants can kneel the clock out and go to 4-1 on the season!

Rodgers was almost picked off looking to Cobb, but the pass was deflected and almost intercepted!!

4th and Goal coming up and this is the game coming up here.

Jones takes it up the middle for a 2 yard gain. 3rd and 1 coming up from the NY 6.

NY take a Timeout hoping to save some time for a field goal if the Packers get a TD.

Jones on the run up the middle for a gain of 6 yards.

2nd and 4 form the NY 8.

Rodgers looking to the right side for Tonyan and he picks up 5 yards and moves the chains.


1st and 10 from the NY 15.

Rodgers pass to Doubs is good for 8 yards on the right side.

2nd and 2 from the NY 19 yard line.

Rodgers hits Lazard on a big 3rd down conversion. 1st and 10 from the NY 27 after the 9 yard gain.

JOnes gets the first down hand off and takes it 8 yards.

2nd and 2 from the NY 36 with 3:30 to go in the game.

Cobb on a shallow out route and cuts it up the sideline on the left side for a 9 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the NY 44.

Dillon up the middle for a two yard gain on first down.

2nd and 8 from the GB 42.

JOnes up the middle for a 6 yard gain, and then hits Tonyan on 3rd and 4 for a 14 yard gain to move the chains.

1st and 10 from the GB 45.

Rodgers looking to the right side on 1st and 10 from the GB 25, but Cobb never had a chance at that pass.

2nd and 10 from the 25.

Barkley has done everything today for the Giants. He was lined up in the backfield to take the lead halfway through the fourth quarter.



Barkley on the direct snap and sprints to the pylon for the 2 yard TD!!!

New York leads 27-20 with 6:08 to go in the fourth quarter!!

Barkley up the middle from the direct snap and he gets it to the one yard line, but a holding call will back the Giants up the 10 yard line.

JOnes runs it on the RPO for a gain of 4 yards.

2nd and Goal from the GB 5.

Breida up the middle for a gain of 10 bringing up 1st and Goal from the GB 9.

Barkley is back in the game, and got the pass over the middle and broke a run in the open field, danced around a defender and goes out of bounds for a 41 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the GB 19.

Jones out of the shotgun looking for Breida but he was stopped at the line of scrimmage.

2nd and 10 from the NY 40.

The Giants almost turn it over on the punt. Pinnock muffs the punts. The Packers were all around the ball, but it bounced out of bounds.

The Giants have 1st and 10 from their own 40.

Rodger was under pressure launched it down field looking for Lazard who almost made the incredble catch on the readjustment.

The Packers go three and out for the first time in this second half. 

Great coverage from McCLoud who was all over Cobb.

3rd down and 10 coming up.

The Packers start their drive from the 25 and Rodgers starts off looking deep but overshoots Lazard down the right side.

Brightwell up the middle for the first rushing TD of his career. Quite a time to score your first TD, in London against the Packers.


Brightwell takes it up the middle for two yards as he pushes the pile into the end zone!!

We are all tied up at 20 with 10:08 to go in the fourth quarter.

Jones was under pressure and threw it out of bounds.

2nd and Goal from the 2.

Another roll out for Jones and his ankle is looking just fine especially on this drive. He found Sills for 5 yards to move the chains.

1st and Goal from the GB 2.

JOnes on the play action roll out and looks back to the middle of the field to Myarick for a 4 yard gain.

3rd and 3 coming up from the GB 7.

Brightwell on the right side for a three yard gain down to the 11 yard line.

2nd and 7 coming up.

JOnes rolling right and hitting Johnson for 16 yards and a first down.

1st and 10 from the GB 14.

Breida gets two yards on first down.

2nd and 8 from the GB 30.

Another Jones scramble for 8 yards and he moves the chains.

1st and 10 from the GB 32.

Barkley has yet to return since falling on that shoulder. He is in the locker room right now and is questionable to comeback to the game.

Jones up the middle for the 40 yard line after a 3 yard game.

Jones to Bellinger a over the middle for 11 yards and that will take us to the end of the third quarter!

NY is driving looking to tie this game up to start the 4th quarter. 1st and 10 from the GB 43 after the break.

Johnson on the comback route for 7 yards, and that will make it 3rd and short right around midfield.

3rd and 4 from the NY 46.

Breida taken down behind the line of scrimmage.

2nd and 11 from the NY 39.

Jones showing his ankle is okay with a 14 yard pick up on a QB scramble. There was a flag on the play, but it was defensive holding.

1st and 10 from the NY 49

Jones on the roll out and hits Breida on a 13 yard catch and run.

1st and 10 from the NY 21.

Barkley gets the pass out of the backfield and he is dropped for a loss of two. Saquon landed on his right shoulder and looks a bit shaken up.

2nd and 12 from the NY 7.

O'Donell pins the Giants back to the 9 yard line and NY will have a long field to work with if they want to tie this game up.

Rodgers is dragged down on third down and that will take the Packers out of field goal range after the 6 yard sack.

4th down coming up and the Packers will punt.

Rodgers looking down field for Doubs but he over threw his receiver and was lucky not to be intercepted. There was only a Giants saftey in the area.

3rd and 8 coming up for the Packers.

Jones gets two yards on the first down run, and the Packers will have 2nd and 8 from the NY 36.

After review, the refs overturn their call. Cobb made the catch and the Packers will have 1st and 10 from the 38 after the 14 yard pick up.

Rodgers moving out of the pocket and looked down the right sideline for Cobb who made the catch, but the refs ruled him out.

Green bay throws the flag and are going to challenge to see if he got his second foot down. Looking at the replay, it looks like they might get this overturned.

Dillon pops his run to the right for an 11 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the GB 48.

Rodgers going deep this time to Doubs, but the pass was about 5 yards too heavy.

GB will get a first down after the NY secondary was called for illegal contact.

Jones with the run out of the shot gun and he gets cut down after picking up 3 yards.

2nd and 3 from the GB 29.

Rodgers off the play fake and he hits Lazard over the middle on the crossing route for a 17 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the GB 29.

Watson takes the kick to the 25, but a hold will bring the Packers back to the GB 12 yard line.


Gano drills the 37 yard field goal to bring the Giants with in 7 points.

GB is still in command 20-13 after getting a stop in the red zone.

A false start made 3rd down a little tougher and Jones tried to ruck and run for a first down for the second time on this drive, but he was stopped short of the marker.

4th and 5 coming up from the GB 19.

Jones to Sills on the right side and that pass picks up 7 before he is pushed out of bounds.

3rd and 3 coming up.

Barkly stopped at the line of scrimmage on first down.

2nd and 10 from the GB 24.

Jones steps up in the pocket and takes the ball up the middle for 6 yards and that moves the chians!

1st and 10 from the GB 24.

Barkley picks up five yards on first down, and then gets the ball back on second down but that goes for just a yard.

3rd and 4 from the GB 30.

Jones to Slayton again and this one goes for 13 yards.

1st and 10 from the GB 36.

Jones over the middle and Slayton breaks a coulpe tackles to move the chains on the 14 yard pick up.

1st and 10 from the GB 49.

Barkley goes up the middle for 5 yards, and gets it on 2nd down but gets only 2 to set up 3rd and 3 from the NY 37.


Jones was sacked on first down to start the half, but a holding call will wipe that play off the board and it will be 1st and 10 from the NY 30.

Bellinger on the double reverse. I still think he was trying to pass this ball until he had no other option.

It had been a long time since the Mercedes Lewis had scored a touchdown. But he was wide open to put the Packers up 17-3 in the second quarter.

Lazard with his third TD of the season to put the Packers up 10-0.

Daniel Jones hasn't done a whole lot through two quarters in London. He has 81 yards in the air, and his ankle is keeping him from running the ball too often.

Saquon Barkley is doing most of the running. He's got 55 yards on 7 carries.

They proved they can move the ball on the last drive of the first half.

The Packers came out and took control of the game early on. Rodgers has 146 yards and two TDs in his first half of football from London.

Jones and Dillon have 56 yards on the ground. Big field goal to end the half with the Giants getting the ball back to start the third quarter.


Crosby and the rest of the kicking unit was under the gun, but they show how much they have improved on the special teams front by calmly banging the 48 yard field goal through as the clock was winding down.

Packers lead 20-10 at the half.

Tonyan dragged down in the backfield, and the clock keeps running. FG unit has to hustle out on the field on fourth down.

Rodgers taking a shot to the end zone for Cobb, but he left it just a bit short.

2nd and 10 from the 29 with 34 seconds to go in the half.

Cobb was wide opend on the slant pattern and he takes it up field for 20 yards.

1st and 10 from the NY 29.

Tonyan over the middle for a gain of 6. That moves the chains to the NY 49.

1st and 10 from the NY 49.

JOnes poicks up 11 on a first down run, and then Rodgers finds Cobb for 9 yards.

2nd and 1 from the GB 45 after the Packers take their first timeout.

Rodgers and the Packers take over from the 25 with 1:15 to go in the half. GB has all of their TOs left.

Brain Daboll is not afraid to get tricky down in the red zone and he showed it on the first TD of the Giants' night. 


Bellinger on the double reverse and he was looking to throw it but he tucked it, lowered his head and barrelled his way into the endzone for a 2 yard TD run.

Big TD from the Giants who get the ball back after half. GB still lead 17-10.

Barkley takes the snap from the 6, and hands it off to Breida for a three yard gain.

2nd and Goal fromt he GB 2.

We are heading to the Two Minute Warning here from London!

NY is knocking on the door looking to close the gap to 7 before the halftime break.

Slayton got popped on the slant, but kept his feet and fell over the marker to move the chiains on 3rd and 9.

1st and Goal from the GB 6.

Flashback to Lewis' touchdown. It's been a while since the big man took it in for 6.

JOnes hits James with a bullet over the middle to keep the drive alive with a 15 yard completion.

1st and 10 fromt he GB 16.

James runs left for a short gain of 1.

3rd and 13 coming up for the Giants. NY has to try to avoid getting in 3rd and long situations.

Just when it looked like the Giants were getting going, The Packers get to Jones and sack him for a 4 yard loss.

2nd and 14 from the GB 32.

The Giants are starting to get the ball moving. Jones this time to Slayton on the out route to the right sideline.

1st and 10 after the 10 yard gain.

Barkley gets the direct snap and busts a run to the left for 40 yards after breaking into the secondary!

That's the first big play of the Giants day. Can they make the most of that run by finishing off the drive with a TD?

Jones scrambling for the first time today and he takes it for 3 yards before stepping out of bounds.

2nd and 7 from the NY 22.

Jones was strip sacked in the backfield! NY recovers, but the Giants will get a free first down because of a defensive holding call.

1st and 10 from the NY 19.

NY will take over from their 14 yard line after a 12 yard return from Brightwell.


Rodgers fakes the end around and finds Lewis wide open in the end zone! That is Lewis' first TD since 2020 and it put the Packers up 17-3 midway through the second quarter.

Rodgers connects with Cobb on the left side and he makes a dash to the pylon, but comes up just short of the goal line. 1st and Goal from the NY 1 yard line.

NY's Belton was hurt on the play and we'll go to a timeout here from London.

Jones gets the handoff on 3rd and 4 and he takes it 8 yards to the NY 11.

1st and 10 and the Packers are knocking on the door.

Rodgers finds Watson on another short pass, but it goes for just a yard.

3rd and 4 from the NY 19.

Lazard on the short comeback route and Rodgers hits him for a five yard gain on first down. The Packers are moving the ball with ease for the first time today.

2nd and 5 from the NY 20.

Rodgers hits Jones on the right side for a gain of 9 and that moves the chains.

1st and 10 from the NY 25.

Jones moves the sticks with a five yard run.

1st and 10 from the NY 39.

Jones back to Deguara over the middle for 7 yards.

2nd and 3 from the NY 43.

Quick out route to Deguara who turned it up the sideline for a gain of 12 yards.

1st and 10 from the 50 coming up.

Jones runs it right for a gain of 2 yards. So far the Packers' run game has not turned on.

2nd and 8 from the GB 38

Jones on the screen out of the backfield for 8 yards and a first down on the opening play of the second quarter.

1st and 10 from the GB 36

JOnes gets three yards on the run up the middle on first down.

2nd and 7 from the GB 28 coming up for the Packers, but not before the quarter change.

Green Bay leads 10-3 after the first 15 minutes of play.


Gano knocks home the 48 yard field goal and get the Giants on the board for the first time tonight with nine seconds left in the first quarter.

GB leads 10-3 as we close in on the 2nd quarter.

Jones looking for Barkley out of the backfield and that brings up 4th down for the Giants.

FG coming up for NY who are looking to get on the board for the first time tonight.

Jones to Johnson on the left side, and that's a big play because it makes 3rd down manageable and get the Giants into FG range.

3rd and 7 coming up from the GB 31.

Jones had Slayton wide open but left the pass behind Slayton.

2nd and 19 coming up.

Barkley picks up a yard on first down, but a holding penalty will back NY up to the GB 43.

1st and 19 after the flag.

Jones took a shot, but kept his composure and got it to Bellingerfor a gain of 11 yards.

1st and 10 from the GB 34.

Barkley with the run to the right and he picks up 4 yards.

2nd and 6 from the GB 46.


Jones finds Slayton over the middle and he goes 26 yards down the field on the catch and run.

1st and 10 from the 50

Brightwell taking the kick out of the endzone to the NY 24.

Here come the Giants looking for their first first down of the day.

Allen Lazard had +100 yards last week, and added his third TD of the season on this short pass to the flat.


Rodgers in the flat to Lazard and he takes it 4 yards for the opening TD of the game.

Green Bay leads 10-0 with 3:19 to go in the first quarter.

Rodgers over throws Cobb in the endzone on 1st and Goal.

Flags fly as Rodgers goes down field to Tonyan. Pass interference against the the Giants and that will put the Packers at the NY 4 yard line.

The end around is sniffed out by the Giants and Watson is dropped for a loss of 3 yards.

2nd and 13 from the NY 37

Rodgers with the play action, and he finds Doubs right over the middle for a 22 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the NY 34

Dillon gains 4 on first down, and he has more carries than Jones does early on.

2nd and 6 from the GB 44.

The Packers avoid disaster when Rodgers (not Aaron) fumbled the return, but it fell right into the hands of McDuffie at the GB 40.

1st and 10 for the Packers with some great field position.

After a delay of game, the Giants had 3rd and 13 and the Packers sniff out the screen pass as Jones hit Barkley. Very predicatble offense from NY so far. All the Packers have to do is key in on Barkley.

NY go three and out for the second time in as many possession.

4th and long and the Giants will punt.

Jones going deep down the sideline to Barkley, and so far every ball whether it's a run or pass, has gone to Barkley.

Barkley gets the handoff on first down and picks up two.

2nd and 8 from the 25.

NY gets the ball from their 23 looking to move the chains for the first time today.

Rodgers with a quick pass to the right side to Cobb in the flat, but the Giants quick defense was all over the screen pass.

4th and 11 coming up after a three and out.

Rodgers finds Cobb for a short gain of 3, and that will make it 3rd and 10 from the 28.

Rodgers under pressure again and he gets rid of it to Davis who was stopped 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

2nd and 13 from the GB 25.

Here comes Rodgers and the Packers from the 28 yard line.

This was obviously taken before the game, but on the first few drives you can hear there are way more GB fans than there are NY fans in London today.

That was the first time this season the Packers have not allowed an opening drive score. That was a streak they were hoping to end today, and they get the job done with a three and out.

Barkley was stopped for no gain on second down and then Jones' first pass looking for Barkley out of the backfield is incomplete and the Giants go three and out.

4th down coming up for the Giants.

Barkley starting the game on the ground, and getting 5 yards. The league's leading rusher should be getting a healthy portion of runs today, but the Packers will be stacking the box.

The Giants start their day from the 24 after a 21 yard return from Brightwell.


Mason Crosby decided the game last week against the Patriots and puts the Packers on the board first here from London.

GB lead 3-0 four minutes into this game.

The Giants come off the line and were in Rodgers' face in less then a second on the blitz. Rodgers released to Jones quickly, but the RB couldn't drag in the catch. FG attempt coming.

Jones gets five yards, and the Packers will have 3rd and 5 coming up from the NY 22.

Rodgers had all kinds of time, but great coverage down the field force the QB to throw it out of bounds.

2nd and 10 from the NY 28

Dillon gets his first hand off, and picks up 7 yards on first down, and then he picks up a first down with a 5 yard gain to get the Pack to the NYG 27.

Rodgers stepping up in the pocket and hits his old faithful receiver Cobb over the middle. Cobb turned it up field for a 35 yard pick up into NY territory.

A Rod said he wanted to put on a show for the Brits, not a bad start there.

1st and 10 fromt he NY 39

Rodgers looking for Cobb on the right sideline, but the Giants were right there to force 3rd and long.

Jones gets the first hand off of the day. He had 116 yards last week on 16 carries.

2nd and 8 from the GB 26


The Packers will get the ball first and GB will take it from their 23 after a short return by Watson.

Today's odds

According to the Packers are a 9 point favorite and the Over/Under is set at 42. Nine points is a lot to give a team in an overseas game, especially against a team that runs the ball so well. I'm taking The Giants plus the points.

MVP needs some help

Aaron Rodgers has won two of this four MVP awards in the last two seasons, but this year the Packers offense has struggled to find their flow after losing some big stars over the offseason. Rodgers is averaging just 233 yards a game with 6 TDs and 3 INTs.

Lazard getting a few touches in a a footy stadium from London. The Packers receiver went for over 100 yards last week for the first time this season, can he do it again against this top 10 NY pass defense?

The Passing game may not be the Giants' strength, but with a healthy Saquon Barkley do they really need a great passing game? He is the leading rusher in the league with 463 yards and two TDs this year.

Jones expected to start

Giants QB1 Daniel Jones was injured in the game against the Bears. Despite the ankle injury he had to return to the field after back up Tyrod Taylor suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter. Jones will be under center today in London, but remember he scored two TDs with his legs last week. How effective will his run game be while nursing an ankle injury?

The Giants coming into to Tottenham Stadium with the casual elegance of a country gentleman. This will be the third overseason the Giants have played. They won the very first London game when they beat the Dolphins back in 2007. Nine years later they returned to the UK and beat the Rams 17-10.

The four time MVP, Aaron Rodgers is in the building. This is the first time the Packers have travelled across the pond for a game. Rodgers has done almost everything in the league, but he has never played a a game after making the trip across the pond.

Packers last week

The Packers needed overtime to beat a New England Patriots team that was with out their starting quarterback, Mac Jones, and saw their back up Brian Hoyer was knocked out of the game early in the first half. Bailey Zappe gave the Aaron and the Rodgers all they could handle, but Aaron Jones and the run game made the difference in Lambeau last week. Jones had 110 yards on 16 carries and AJ Dillon had 73 yards on 17 carries. The Pats to the Pack to overtime, but it was a Mason Crosby kick

Giants last week

The Giants are getting good at winning ugly. Last week New York saw two of their quarterbacks go down with injury, so Saquon Barkley had to fill in under center, or in the wildcat and play quarterback for most of the last quarter. After scoring two rushing TDs, Daniel Jones went down with an ankle injury, and Tyrod Taylor was forced out of the game after suffering a concussion. The passing game totaled just 82 yards, but Barkley had 146 yards on 31 carries as the Giants held of the Chicago Bears, 20-12.

We are live from London

The Packers and the Giants are both coming off big Week 4 wins. The Packers were expected to be in this situation a month into the season. The New York Giants however are one of the surprises of the season. Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley have revived hopes in the Big Apple but today will be their first real test of the season as they take on the reigning MVP of the NFL.

Giants vs. Packers

We have an early morning showdown from across the pond as the 3-1 New York Giants take on the Green Bay Packers in the London. AS English will be with you for all four quarter providing live updates, stats, scores, highlights and analysis of the spot light match up for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


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