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Pittsburgh Steelers PIT
Cleveland Browns CLE
PIT 0 14 0 3 17
CLE 7 6 3 13 29

Pittsburgh Steelers 17 vs 29 Cleveland Browns summary: stats and highlights | NFL Week 3

The Cleveland Browns used the ground game to wear down the Pittsburgh Steelers and take the AFC North battle to improve to 2-1 on the season.

The Cleveland Browns drowned some of their sorrows after last week’s collapse agains the Jets with a win over their division rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, on Thursday night. Jacoby Brissett threw two touchdowns in the Browns 29-17 victory from FirstEnergy Field.

Browns run game vs. Steelers D

Not many points were expected between these two teams. The Browns pride themselves on their ability to run the ball and  Pittsburgh’s defense is one of the top units in the league, even without T.J. Watt.

For the first few possessions it looked like we were in for a low scoring, defensive showdown as both teams came up empty on their first two drives.

Cleveland finally broke open the scoring after Chris Boswell missed a 49 yard field goal to set the Browns up with decent field position. Nick Chubb’ s 36 yard run set up a Jacoby Brissett strike to Amari Cooper for an 11 yard TD pass.

Offense comes to life in first half

That seemed to open the flood gates as the Steelers scored three minutes later on a seven play drive capped by Najee Harris’ five yard TD run to level the game on the first play of the second quarter.

Brissett and the Browns responded with a long, 12-play drive that ended with a Brissett firing a missile to David Njoku for a seven yard TD. The Browns tight end  ended the night with nine catches for 89 yards.

The onslot continued as the Steelers added a fourth touchdown in four possessions. Mitch Trubisky led a 10 play drive that he put the final touch on with a one yard QB keeper to take the 14-13  lead right before the half.

Pittsburgh's second half scoring struggles

The Steelers offense never came out of the locker room after the break. They came up empty on the opening drive of the second half, and then went three-and-out on their next three possessions.

In the meantime the Browns knocked home a field goal to make it 16-14, and put the nail in the coffin with a Nick Chubb one yard touchdown run to make it a two score game with 9:30 left against an offense that could barley move the ball.

Pittsburgh would manage a field goal to cut the lead to 23-17, but Cleveland was able to run the clock with their dual threat back field of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

Chubb with another 100 yard game

Chubb had 113 yard and a touchdown, while Hunt added another 47. Jacoby Brissett had another solid game at quarterback for the Browns, going 21/31 for 220 yards and two touchdowns.

For the second straight game the Steelers offense went flat. Mitch Trubisky went 20/32 for 207 yards, but failed to lead his side into Browns territory when it mattered most.

Now the Steelers will have a few extra days will speculation from the media on whether Trubiksy, or Kenny Pickett, is the solution to Pittsburgh’s problems on the offensive end.

Chubb had 113 yards on the night but none were more important than the yard he got on the TD to put the Browns up by two scores.

Trubisky took it in for the two yard TD and gave the Steelers the lead right before halftime.

David Njoku had 9 catches for 89 yards and this TD to put the Browns up 13-7

Harris bullied his way into the end zone on this five yard run to tie up the game at 7-7

Amari Cooper started the scoring after an ugly couple of series from each team. Coopers 11 yard TD put the Browns on top in the late stages of the first quarter.



The Browns recover the fumble after the botched lateral play and the Cleveland Browns win 29-17!!!

The punt pins the Steelers down at the 4 yard line and they have 9 seconds to go 94 yards.

The Browns have to punt with 15 seconds to go in the 4th.

Chubb was marked short, and the Browns will face 4th down having to run a play.

The spot is being review after replays show Chubb may not have picked up the 3rd and 1.

Chubb falling forward and he's right on the marker. The chain gang comes out and they confirm Chubb got the first down!!!

Chubb up the middle for 6 yards and the Browns can end it with a 1st down here.

3rd and 1 coming up, 54 second remaining

The Browns will run a play as PIT has a timeout left.

Chubb gets 3 yards and the Steelers take a timeout with 1;40 to go.

The onside kick was loose for a moment but the ball trickles out of bounds and that should do it. The Browns can run out the clock after the recovery.


Boswell hits the 34 yarder and the Steelers are not out of this game just yet.

CLE lead 23-17 with 1:48 to go in the fourth.

On 3rd and 5 Trubisky rolls left looking for Freiermuth but a great defensive play forces 4th down.

FG attempt coming up for the Steelers.

Pass incomplete to Johnson and that's incomplete but we will redo the play after offsetting penalties.

Trubisky's pass is incomplete to Pickens on 1st down, but finds Pickens on second down for 5 yards.

3rd and 5 from teh CLE 21.

Trubisky back to Freiermuth for another big gain of 15 and the Steelers have a 1st down from the CLE 26.

Great pass from Trubiskhy to find Freiermuth for a big gain of 26 yards.

1st and 10 from the PIT 41

Johnson on the sideline gets both feet down for a gain of 13.

1st and 10 from the PIT 33

Brissett sacked in the backfield for a loss of 7 and that brings up 4th down.

PIT will take over from the 18 down 23-14 with 3:13 to go.

Chubb is eaten up in the backfield for a loss of two yards.

PIT call a timeout to stop the clock with 4:05 to go.

Hunt up the middle for a short gain of two.

2nd and 8 from the PIT 49. CLE continue to run the clock.

Trubisky is chased down by Phillips for the sack and a loss of 3 yards.

4th down the the Steelers will punt with 4:18 to go.

Joshnon was open but Trubisky underthrew him.

3rd and 4 from the PIT 13

Quick pass to Claypool for a gain of 6 yardds .

2nd and 4 from the 13.

The Steelers are down 11 with 5:29 to go in the fouth. As last week showed us, this game is not over but PIT needs points in a hurry.

Cooper was wide open and Brissett hit him, but the WR flat out dropped it.

4th down and the Browns will pin the Steelers back to their 6 yard line.

Chubb finally tackled in the backfield for a loss of 5.

3rd and 12 from the CLE 48

Chubb picks up another 3 yards on 1st down.

2nd and 7 from the PIT 47

Njoku over the middle for a gain of 8 yards. That's his 9th catch

1st and 10 from the 50

Chubb picks up 3 yards, running clock and the Browns have 2nd and 7.

CLE get the ball back quickly and will have 1st and 10 from their 39. It's time for Chubb and Hunt to run some clock.

After a false start the Steelers are forced to punt after Trubisky overshoots Freiermuth on 3rd down. Two straight three and outs for Pittsburgh.


Trubisky with a risky throw into double coverage but it fell to Claypool but he couldn't make the catch.

3rd and 10 from the 25.

Harris tackled for no gain on first down.

PIT will start their drive from the 25 needing points quick. Their offense has turned off since the first half.


On 4th and Goal the Brons go to who else, but Nick Chubb who leaps into the endzone for the 1 yard TD.

CLE up 23-14 with 9:29 to go in the fourth quarter. 

The Browns try to run it in on three straigh runs and the Steelers stop them at the one.

4th and Goal coming up.

Hunt picks up a yard and then Brissett with a quick snap on 3rd and 1 to get six yards and the first down.

1st and Goal from the 8.

Hunt this time picking up 8 yards and the Browns are having their way on the ground.

2nd and 2 coming up rom the 15.

Chubb gets the call and he runs left, cuts left and picks up 16 yards.

1st and 10 from the PIT 23.

On 3rd and short Brissett goes DEEP down field and hits Cooper for a 32 yard pitch and catch.

1sta nd 10 frm the PIT 39.

Back to Chubb who pics up 4 yards and that will take us to the END OF THE THIRD QUARTER!

3rd and 1 coming up out of the break.

Chubb gets the handoff fro the CLE 20 and he picks up 5 yards.

Trubisky going deep and he hit Johnson in the hands but the WR couldn't make the catch.

He has been complaining about being open and not getting targets, that time Trubisky put it on him and he couldn't drag it in.

4th and 3 coming up and the Steelers will punt.

Trubisky showing he can run the rock on a QB keeper and he picks up 7.

3rd and 2 coming up .

PIT starts their drive from the 25 yard line looking to take the lead back from the Browns.

Harris gets a yard on first down.

2nd and 9 from the 26.


York hits the 34 yarder to put the Browns back on top.

CLE leads 16-14 with 2:31 to go in the third quarter.

Birssett goes for Cooper but the pass was incomplete and then he looked for Hunt on 3rd and and 10, but the RB couldn't corrale the pass.

4th down coming up and the Browns will kick.

Brissett looking for Njoku at the goal line and Sutton with a great play to break up the pass.

2nd and 10 from the 17

Birssett going back to Cooper on the comeback route and that will bring up 3rd and 1 from the PIT 18.

CLE goes quick huddle and pick up the 3rd and short on a QB sneak

Chubb up the middle for three yards.

2nd and 7 from the PIT 24.

Hunt on the quick handoff and he bursts up the middle for 9 yards on 4th down.

1st and 10 from the PIT 27,

Hunt comesup short on 3rd and 3 and the Browns will go for it on 4th and short.

Chubb skipping around a defender and picks up 8 yards.

3rd and 3 coming up from the PIT 39.

Brissett scrambles for 5 yards, but a holding penalty will wipe the run off the board.

2nd and 11 from the CLE 46

Chubb dragging the pile for 9 yards, what strenght from the second leading rusher in the league coming in to the game.

2nd and 1 from the 36.

CLE going back to Njoku for his 8th catch and that goes for 12 yards on the screen pass.

1st and 10 from the PIT 45.

Out route to Cooper and he turns it up the sideline for a big gain of 28.

1st and 10 from the CLE 43

Chubb gets the hand off from the 14 on first down and gets back to the line of scimmage.

2nd and 10 from the 14.

Trubisky looking for Claypool and the pass is incomplete which will lead to the first punt of the second half.

Trubisky to Joshnson for 14 yardss and that will bring up 3rd and reasonable.

3rd and 5 for the Steelers who are at the CLE 41.

Warren breaks one off a shovel pass from Turbisky for 35 yards but it's coming back after an ineligible man downfield call on the Steelers.

2nd and 19 coming up.


1st and 10 from the PIT 31

Harris stopped after three yards, and it's 2nd and 7.

Harris falling to a first down for a two yard gain.

1st and 10 from the PIT 42.

On 1st and 5 after a 12 men on the field call, Harris picks up 3 yards on the run.

2nd and 2 coming up from teh PIT 40

Trubisky moves the chains with a 14 yard gain.

Trubisky incomplete on his pass to Pickens and the Steelers are looking at 3rd and 9.

Trubisky to Johnson for a gain of a yard on the short pass to the right side.

2nd and 9 from the 18.


The return is taken back to the 17 and Trubisky and PIT will get the opening drive of the third quarter.

Trubisky laying it all on the line to give the Steelers the lead befoore the half.

Njoku is having himself a night with 7 catches and a TD in the first half.

Harris finishes off the Steelers drive with a five yard TD run to level up the game.

Cooper on the 9 yard slant pattern for the opening TD of the game.

Brissetthas shined tonight in Cleveland, throwing for 134 yards and two touchdowns on 16/22 passing.

Chubb has been trucking up the field with 8 carries for 58 yards.

Njoku has 69 yards and a touchdown on seven receptions.

Trubisky is 9/13 for 109 yards and Najee Harris has 46 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries.

The half comes to an anticlimatic end as Trubisky's throw in incomplete on the side line.


Trubisky incomplete on the other side of the field this time as he overshoots his receiver.

6 second to go in the half and the Steelers have 3rd and 10

Trubisky incomplete on the sideline.

2nd and 10 with 12 seconds to go.

Trubisky rolls left and hits Claypool sitting in a soft spot in the zone.

17 second left, 1st and 10 from the CLE 48

Holding on the drgese will move the Steelers up 5 yards and stop the clock. 1st and 10 from the PIT 37

PIT has 30 seconds and 1 timeout starting their drive from their 31

The pass is ruled incomplete after Cooper bobbled the ball on 4th down and the Steelers will get the ball on a TURNOVER ON DOWNS.

Jump pass from Brissett to Cooper for 3 yards and that will move the chains on fourth down!

1st and 10 coming up from the PIT 29. The play is under review.

Bell made the grab over the middle but only for a gain of 6.

4th and 2 comng up and the Browns want a timeout to talk about it. There are 34 seconds left in the half and the wind is swirling.

Hunt gets out of bounds on 2nd and 10 after a two yard gain.

3rd and 8 coming up with 50 second to go in the half.

Hunt gets the hand off on 2nd and 7 and picks up 11 yards.

1st adn 10 from the PIT 39

We are at the Two Minute Warning here from Cleveland! The Brown are looking to take back the lead before the break.

2nd and 7 from the 50 coming up

Njoku with a powerful catch and run in the middle of the field for a gain of 19 yards.

Njoku with another catch for 10 yards as the Browns go no huddle with time winding down in the half.

1st and 10 from the CLE 47.

Ford runs the kick back from three yards into the endzone takes it to the 12 yard line.

1st and 10 for Brissett and the Browns.

After review, the touchdown stands and the Steelers take the lead with the made PAT.

Steelers are up 14-13 with 3:50 to go in the fourth.


Turbisky on the qb keeper runs right for the 5 yard TD.

It will be reviewed because Trubisky could have had his right knee down before crossing the endzone.

PIT going no huddle and Harris gets 10 yards to bring it down to the 5 and the Steelers have 1st and Goal.

Warren broke a run for 17 yards but fumbled at the end of the play and Johnson was able to recover.

1st and 10 from the CLE 27

Harris running right for a 4 yard gain.

2nd and 6 from the CLE 44.

Trubisky stepping up in the pocket after a crazy block from Harris and finds Johnson up the field for a 16 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the PIT 16

Harris falls for the first down on a three yard gain.

1st and 10 from the PIT 35

PIT starts their drive from the 25 and Trubisky finds Johnson for 8 yards.

2nd and 2 from the 33


Brissett fires a ball into his big TE Njoku and he had to climb the ladder to drag it down for the 7 yard TD.

York's extra point is no good and that's the second time we have seen the wind play a role tonight. Will it be the last time the wind affects the kicking game?

CLE leads 13-7 with 8:58 to go in the second quarter.

Hunt gets the run to the right side and he picks up 5 yards.

1st and Goal from the PIT 7

Short gain for Chubb who gets a yard, and then Brissett hits Njoku for 6 yards.

3rd and 3 from the 13

Comeback route from Cooper on the right sideline and that's an 18 yard completion for a first down on an 18 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the PIT 20.

Wild play call from the Browns who run a reverse which is pitched back to Brissett and he finds Chubb on the sceen pass for a 10 yard gain.

1st and 10 from teh PIT 39.

Out route from Peoples-Jones to the right side and he turns up the sideline to pick up the first down on a 9 yard gain.

1st and 10 from the CLE 49

3rd and 9 up coming after Brissett's pass is batted down at the line of scrimmage.

Hunt dragged down after a gain of two yards.

2nd and 8 from the CLE 41

Harris leveling up the score with a 5 yard run to start the second quarter.

Brissett fires it in to Njoku, his TE for 13 yards.

1st and 10 from the CLE 40.

Brissett going deep down the sideline to Cooper for a big play, but it's coming back after Cooper stepped out of bounds and came back into play to make the catch.

Flag flies and the Browns will have 3rd and 2 from the CLE 28 after the illegal touching penalty.

CLE starting the drive from the 21 yard line, and Brissett finds Cooper for 6 yards on first down.

Check out the catch from Pickens to set up the PIT touchdown.


Harris got the handoff, runs left throws a stiff arm and gets into the end zone for a 5 yard TD run.

We are all sqaure at 7-7 after the first play of the second quarter.

We are at the end of the first quarter and this game is starting to pick up.

PIT is knocking on the door with 1st and Goal from the CLE 5.

The Steelers are moving the ball!

First with Warren to the left for 6 yards and then Warren with a run to the right for 7 yards.

1st and Goal from the CLE 5 yard line.


That was an impossible pass to bring in with great coverage but the rookie dragged it in for a highlight reel play

1st and10 from the CLE 18 after the 36 yard catch worthy of a replay or two. (Replay coming soon)

Trubisky looking left and completes to Johnson for 11 yards.

1st and 10 from the 39

Warren gets the handoff on first down from the 25 and picks up 3 yards.

2nd and 7 from the 28.

Cooper with an 11 yard TD for the opening score of the game.


Brissett hits Cooper on the quick slant for the 11 yard TD pass!

Cleveland on the board first and they lead 7-0 with 2:54 to go in the quarter.

Chubb gets the ball again and picks up a yard on first down.

2nd and 9 from the PIT 11


He ran right, found his hole, broke a tackle and then another down field for a gain of 37 yards.

1st adn 10 from the PIT 12.

Brissett finds Njoku on the crossing route and the mark on the field is just inches short of the first down marker.

Brissett gets to the line quickly for the QB sneak and picks up the first down on 4th and inches.

CLE going no huddle and the pass is incomplete to Chubb.

3rd and 8 coming up.

CLE take over from their 40 yard line after the missed FG.

Chubb picks up 2 on first down. 2nd and 8 coming up from the CLE 42


Boswell missed from 49 yards as the Pittsburgh wind took hold of the kick and pushed it wide of the post.

Still no score from Pittsburgh with 5:55 to go in the first quarter.

Trubisky goes short to Harris but that goes for just 4 yards and the Browns will look for a field goal with Boswell.

Pass to the flat for Pickens but it goes for a lost of two and the Steelers will face a 3rd and 8.

3rd and from the CLE 6.

PIT going back to Harris who picks up 4 yards and the Steelers are driving down the field facing 2nd and 6 from the 34.

Harris with a powerful run stiff arming defenders and breaking tackles to pick up 10 yards.

1st and 10 from the 38.

The punt was partially blocked and the Steelers will take over from the CLE 48

The Steelers make a mistake by jumping offsides, but Ogunjobi comes up with the sack to make amends and the Browns will have to punt after the loss of 8 yards.

Strange decision to run the ball on 3rd and 1 with Chubb and Hunt in the backfield.

Brissett got a defender to jump and that will give The Browns a 3rd and 1.

Hunt gets the hand off this time and he picks up 2 yards on a run to the right.

3rd and 6 from the 26.

CLE going back to Chubb on first down from the 23 and he gets a couple yards.

2nd and 8 coming up from the 25

We expected this game to be low scoring and so far neither team has been able to move the ball.

The Steelers get a first down, but then are stopped right after moving the chains much like the Browns were last drive.

4th and 5 and the Browns will punt.

Harris gets his first run of the night and picks up 2 yards

2nd and 8 from the 35.

Trubisky on the roll out, escaping pressure and finds Johnson on the sideline with the throw on the move.

1st and 10 from the 33 after the 13 yard gain.

The Steelers offense takes the field for the first time tonight and Mitch Trubisky will start the drive from the 25.

Brissett incomplete on his pass to the left side to Peoples-Jones and the Browns will punt after just one first down on their opening drive.

Birssett's pass incomplete on first down and then the Browns QB hits Cooper but for no gain.

3rd and 10 coming up.

Chubb doing what Chubb does, breaking through the middle and he goes for 12 yards leaping over the final defender.

1st and 10 fromt he 39.

Chubb gets the opening handoff of the game and picks up a yard.

Expect a whole lot of him and Kareem Hunt.


The Browns won the toss and elect to receive. Brissett and Cleveland will start the game from the 25 yards line.

Tonight's odds

According to the Browns are four point favorites at home and the Over/Under is 38. I think the Browns ground and pound the Steelers tonight which will keep the clock running. Cleveland’s defense has their work cut out for them tonight trying to get back in the good graces of Browns fans. I’m a little skittish about the spread, but I think this game goes under 38.

Clowney out

The Browns edge rusher was hurt in the third quarter of last Sunday’s game against the Jets. The ankle injury kept him out for the fourth quarter, and it has been announced that Jadaveon Clowney will be sidelined for tonight’s game. Coach Stefanski said that DE Chase Winovich and TE Jesse James will also be out for the encounter with Pittsburgh.

Browns running wild

While the Browns may not have the man they desired under center at the moment, Jacoby Brissett will have to do the trick for the time being. Brissett and the Browns have the luxury of being able to rely on the best running back tandem in the league with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. The two have combined for 332 yards and four touchdowns in the first two games. Chubb is the second leading rusher in the league with 228 yards and three touchdowns coming into the third game of the season.

Is the Steel Curtain back

The Steelers will have to rely on their defense to led them to success this season after Big Ben’s departure. They took a big hit in Week 1 when last year’s Defensive Player of the Year, T.J. Watt tore his pec and was ruled out for at least six weeks. The Steelers allowed just 20 points and turned the Bengals over five times in their Week 1 win, and then 17 points last week in the loss to the Patriots.

New era under center for both teams

Both of these teams are adjusting to life after long term spells with their franchise quarterbacks. While Baker Mayfield’s time in Cleveland doesn’t quite stack up to Ben Roethlisberger’s era in Pittsburgh, the now Carolina Panther was at FirstEnergy Stadium for four years. The Browns are currently waiting for Deshaun Watson to come back from suspension, and in the meantime are counting on Jacoby Brissett to carry them until their Watson returns.

Roethlisberger was in Pittsburgh for 18 years and became an institution in the Three Rivers City. He led the Steelers to two Super Bowl titles while making six Pro Bowls in what was a certain Hall of Fame career. Now it’s Mitchell Trubisky serving as the QB1 trying to fill Big Ben’s shoes.

Browns back at home

After the fourth quarter debacle, the Browns return home looking to make amends for the performance they gave in the final two minutes of the Jets games. They won’t have to wait long to try to put the Week 2 loss in the rear view, as the Browns come into tonight on a short week.

Steelers in hostile territory

Mitch Trubisky might not know what this rivalry is all about just yet, but he will get well acquainted with the the Browns and their fans for the first time in a Steelers uniform. The Dog Pound will be in their best form looking to make like difficult for the Steelers QB1.

Cleveland last week

The Cleveland Browns were one of three teams who had fourth quarter meltdowns to cost them the game. Everything seemed in order for Kevin Stefanski’s side after going up by two scores just after the Two Minute Warning after Nick Chubb scored his third touchdown of the day. The Browns would seemingly shut off after that as Joe Flacco orchestrated a two play 75 yard drive to cut the lead to six points. A successful onside kick and a 15 yard strike from Flacco to Garrett Wilson completed the miraculous comeback and dropped the Browns the 1-1 coming into this week.

The Steelers offense struggled against the New England Patriots last week. Mitch Trubisky passed for just 152 yards and had one touchdown and an interception in a day where Pittsburgh didn’t score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. The defense held strong against Mac Jones and New England, but it was a special teams mistake that broke the game open in the third quarter. Former Patriot Gunner Olszewski muffed a punt which led to a touchdown just three plays later. The Steelers scored a touchdown to make it a one possession game on the first play of the fourth quarter, but then the offense shut off. They had two more possessions to potentially tie the game, but Pittsburgh went three and out on both as the Patriots ran out the clock in the final six minutes.

We are live from FirstEnergy Stadium

Hello everyone and welcome to Cleveland where the Steelers and the Browns are looking to rebound from Week 2 losses. Both teams are in the process of trying to fill the void left by their former franchise quarterbacks departing this off season. AFC North games are typical physical, smash mouth affairs and this one should be no different as the Browns running game will look to outmatch the Pittsburgh defense.

Steelers vs. Browns

We’ve got an AFC North showdown to start Week 3 from FirstEnergy Stadium as the Cleveland Browns host the Pittsburgh Steelers. AS English will be with you all night providing live coverage, stats, scores and analysis of tonight’s Thursday Night matchup.


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