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What are the rules regarding NFL players and betting?

The NFL Gambling Policy for NFL Personnel represents a significant step forward in safeguarding the league’s and its personnel’s reputation.

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Kirby LeeUSA TODAY Sports

The National Football League (NFL) unveiled its updated Gambling Policy for NFL Personnel almost a year ago. The comprehensive set of guidelines outlines the expected code of conduct for all individuals associated with the League, providing a clear distinction between permissible and prohibited activities while serving as an essential compliance reference.

The primary objective of the Policy is to ensure that everyone affiliated with the NFL upholds the highest standards of ethical behavior when it comes to gambling. By explicitly outlining the permissible actions and the activities that are strictly forbidden, the League hopes to foster a culture of compliance and integrity among its personnel.


The NFL is firmly committed to preserving the integrity of its brand, teams, players, coaches, and other personnel. Betting on NFL games or other sports can jeopardize competition and team unity and erode the trust and confidence of fans and colleagues in this great American sport. Therefore, the League is responsible for protecting the game against the potential risks of illegal and legal gambling by taking all necessary measures. This is in the best interest of the fans and everyone involved with the NFL.

The NFL rules against gambling

Gambling definitions

The National Football League (NFL) has officially defined gambling within its regulations to establish a clear understanding of the concept. According to the League’s definition, gambling involves placing bets or wagers on an event with an uncertain outcome, intending to obtain additional money or items of value. This definition encompasses several key elements that help delineate gambling activities’ boundaries.

The first crucial element outlined by the NFL is the presence of a prize. A prize refers to any value item offered to the eventual winner, regardless of its monetary worth. This can encompass various forms, including cash, goods, services, or any other valuable consideration, irrespective of quantity or quality.

The second element identified by the NFL is the existence of chance. The event or wager’s outcome must be uncertain when the bet is placed. While the involvement of skill, strategy, or knowledge may play a role in certain activities, as long as there remains an element of chance that determines the ultimate winner, the action remains classified as gambling.

Lastly, the NFL highlights the importance of consideration in gambling. Participating in gambling activities must provide or risk something of value to gain a chance at winning the prize. This can include placing bets with money, possessions, or any other valuable asset that holds significance to the individual, that can be eventually lost.

Gambling activities

It is strictly forbidden for NFL Personnel to engage in or assist with any kind of illegal gambling, including sports or any other form. It is important to note that sports betting is still illegal in numerous states, and even in states where it is legal at physical locations, online or mobile betting may not be allowed.

Regardless of the legality, NFL Personnel must adhere to specific rules regarding gambling activities.

As an NFL Personnel, you are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling related to the NFL games. This includes placing, soliciting, or facilitating bets on game outcomes, statistics, scores, the performance of individual participants, and any other proposition bets. It also extends to other professional, college, international, and amateur sports competitions, tournaments, or events. Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited to engage in game fixing or manipulate any aspect of any NFL game for gambling-related purposes.

For players, always give your best effort during NFL games and avoid disclosing confidential, non-public information regarding any NFL game or event. While playing cards or other casino-type games are allowed, gambling in any club or League facility or venue, traveling on club or League business, or making an endorsement or promotional appearance is prohibited. Lastly, NFL Personnel can participate in legal non-sports gambling on personal time, excluding NFL officials subject to the NFL-NFLRA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Also, NFL Personnel must not use their names or images in connection with gambling unless approved by the League Office. They may make promotional appearances at gambling events and use their names and images in marketing materials if the build does not involve or promote gambling. Additionally, they cannot work for or own a gambling entity without authorization. NFL Personnel may not accept gifts or prizes exceeding $250 or participate in fantasy football games offering tips exceeding $250. Clubs may implement additional gambling-related policies, but this Policy establishes minimum standards. Gambling debts exceeding $10,000 must be reported to the NFL Security Department.