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Wrestlemania 39: What are the WWE rules? Are there any?

How much of the World Wrestling Federation’s matches are staged, and how much is incidental physical contact in their shows and performances.

WWE revela $14.6 millones de gastos no registrados por Vince McMahon

In all external communication World Wrestling Entertainment always declares that their shows are only entertainment-based, featuring scripted, storyline-driven, and narrowly choreographed matches, but that eventually does not necessarily means that there exist no rules for the wrestlers. Several rules have been laid down for the wrestlers, some enforced and others not.

Some of the rules are slightly political and corporation-like in that being a family-friendly entertainment show, cursing on the show is not at all allowed, there is an apparent dress code for female superstars during events, and political posts by the wrestlers are a no-go.

Fighting rules

  • Low blows and Blading are strictly prohibited.
  • Any third-party interference is forbidden.
  • Only pre-approved props are allowed.
  • Chokeholds are rigidly prohibited.
  • Using illegal moves such as scratching, biting, attacking the eye directly, or striking the opponent using weapons are restricted. However, throwing your opponent onto weapons or throwing weapons onto them is sometimes allowed.
  • Mounting on the turnbuckles for more than a specified period is not allowed.
  • No rip-off of signature moves.
  • No more wrestling is authorized after an injury.

Other rules

Among other rules, WWE expects that their Wrestlers should not use their real names and should not touch Vince McMahon without permission, and there is a compulsory rule for female Wrestlers to attend all the shows.


One would think wrestlers would be transported to matches by the company, and most are independent contractors, and the transportation part, it’s all on them. Wrestlers have a dress code during the appearance, must wear business casual at a minimum, and must participate in WWE-sanctioned photoshoots. It also appears that wrestlers are in something of a non-compete contract, and they allegedly can’t be seen backing other shows while performing for the WWE.

The organization also prohibits their part-time employees — like the wrestlers — from dating one another; there’s allegedly a rule that disallows full-time, like production staff and part-time employees, from dating.

Indeed one of the bizarre among all is no sneezing; McMahon is disgusted with this physiological need and forbidden use by the announcers can’t use any pronoun when referring to talent. According to reporting, it’s all about the WWE brand, which means always using names.