Copa Chile MTS

Teams Percentage of goals coming from penalties

Pos. Team Total
1 Badge/Flag Huachipato Huachipato Chile 50Percentage of goals coming from penalties
2 Badge/Flag Deportes Temuco Deportes Temuco Chile 33.33
  Badge/Flag Antofagasta Antofagasta Chile 33.33
3 Badge/Flag Colo Colo Colo Colo Chile 23.53
4 Badge/Flag U. Católica U. Católica Chile 18.18
5 Badge/Flag D. Iquique D. Iquique Chile 16.67
6 Badge/Flag A. Italiano A. Italiano Chile 14.29
  Badge/Flag O´Higgins O´Higgins Chile 14.29
7 Badge/Flag Cobresal Cobresal Chile 9.09
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