Ligue 1 Season 2017/2018

Players Crosses into area

Position Player Team Total Average
1 Photo of Bourigeaud
Bourigeaud Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 279Crosses into area 7.54Per game
2 Photo of Dmitri Lienard
Dmitri Lienard Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 266 8.06
3 Photo of Dubois
Dubois Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 251 7.38
4 Photo of Lima
Lima Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 248 7.52
5 Photo of Dossevi
Dossevi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 245 8.17
6 Photo of Payet
Payet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 235 7.58
7 Photo of Max Gradel
Max Gradel Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 227 7.83
8 Photo of Thauvin
Thauvin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 203 5.80
9 Photo of Malcom
Malcom Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 189 5.40
10 Photo of Mangani
Mangani Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 181 5.17
11 Photo of Di María
Di María Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 175 5.83
12 Photo of Kakuta
Kakuta Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 173 4.81
13 Photo of Lemar
Lemar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 170 5.67
14 Photo of Depay
Depay Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 155 4.31
15 Photo of Anthony Goncalves
Anthony Goncalves Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 144 4.97
16 Photo of Sabaly
Sabaly Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 137 3.91
17 Photo of Féret
Féret Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 129 3.49
18 Photo of Frederic Guilbert
Frederic Guilbert Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 125 3.47
19 Photo of Isaac Mbenza
Isaac Mbenza Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 122 3.21
20 Photo of Bessat
Bessat Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 120 5.00
21 Photo of Nicolas Benezet
Nicolas Benezet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 115 3.97
22 Photo of Naim Sliti
Naim Sliti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 112 3.61
  Photo of Delort
Delort Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 112 3.50
23 Photo of Nordi Mukiele
Nordi Mukiele Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 111 3.36
24 Photo of Moutinho
Moutinho Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 110 3.33
25 Photo of Pierre Lees-Melou
Pierre Lees-Melou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 108 3.18
26 Photo of Jonathan Bamba
Jonathan Bamba Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 107 3.15
  Photo of Bazile
Bazile Forward
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 107 5.63
27 Photo of Hamouma
Hamouma Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 106 3.66
28 Photo of Saif-Eddine Khaoui
Saif-Eddine Khaoui Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 104 3.25
29 Photo of El Ghazi
El Ghazi Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 103 3.81
30 Photo of Flavien Tait
Flavien Tait Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 102 3.29
31 Photo of Alves
Alves Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 99 3.96
  Photo of Nabil Fekir
Nabil Fekir Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 99 3.30
32 Photo of Salomon Sambia
Salomon Sambia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 98 3.50
33 Photo of Peeters
Peeters Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 96 4.80
34 Photo of Ruben Aguilar
Ruben Aguilar Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 95 3.06
35 Photo of Marcos Lopes
Marcos Lopes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 94 2.47
  Photo of Roussillon
Roussillon Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 94 4.27
36 Photo of Adama Mbengue
Adama Mbengue Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 89 4.68
37 Photo of Jean Seri
Jean Seri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 88 2.84
38 Photo of Kwon Chang-Hoon
Kwon Chang-Hoon Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 87 2.56
39 Photo of Bryan Pelé
Bryan Pelé Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 86 2.77
40 Photo of Yassine Benzia
Yassine Benzia Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 85 2.74
41 Photo of Bouna Sarr
Bouna Sarr Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 84 2.90
42 Photo of Neymar
Neymar Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 83 4.15
  Photo of Samuel Grandsir
Samuel Grandsir Forward
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 83 2.31
43 Photo of Morgan Sanson
Morgan Sanson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 82 2.48
  Photo of Oussama Haddadi
Oussama Haddadi Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 82 2.48
44 Photo of Poundje
Poundje Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 81 4.26
45 Photo of Corentin Jean
Corentin Jean Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 80 2.42
  Photo of Jules Iloki
Jules Iloki Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 80 3.08
46 Photo of Salibur
Salibur Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 79 3.59
47 Photo of Rodelin
Rodelin Forward
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 78 2.11
48 Photo of Meunier
Meunier Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 75 3.12
  Photo of Darbion
Darbion Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 75 3.26
49 Photo of Issiaga Sylla
Issiaga Sylla Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 73 2.92
50 Photo of Florent Mollet
Florent Mollet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 71 3.23
51 Photo of Luiz Araujo
Luiz Araujo Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 69 2.03
  Photo of Lala
Lala Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 69 2.23
52 Photo of Charles Traore
Charles Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 67 1.97
  Photo of Kevin Malcuit
Kevin Malcuit Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 67 2.91
53 Photo of Cohade
Cohade Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 65 1.71
54 Photo of Karim Azamoun
Karim Azamoun Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 64 2.13
  Photo of Khazri
Khazri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 64 2.67
  Photo of Danilo Avelar
Danilo Avelar Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 64 3.05
  Photo of Dolly
Dolly Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 64 3.76
  Photo of Nicolas de Preville
Nicolas de Preville Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 64 1.94
55 Photo of Hamari Traore
Hamari Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 63 2.10
  Photo of Rafael Da Silva
Rafael Da Silva Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 63 2.62
  Photo of Danijel Milicevic
Danijel Milicevic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 63 5.25
56 Photo of Rami Bensebaini
Rami Bensebaini Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 62 2.14
  Photo of Vincent Manceau
Vincent Manceau Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 62 1.88
57 Photo of Jorge
Jorge Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 61 2.77
58 Photo of Durmaz
Durmaz Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 60 3.00
  Photo of F. Kamano
F. Kamano Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 60 1.71
  Photo of Jordan Amavi
Jordan Amavi Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 60 2.22
59 Photo of Rebocho
Rebocho Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 59 2.81
  Photo of Souquet
Souquet Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 59 2.03
  Photo of Yoann Andreu
Yoann Andreu Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 59 2.57
  Photo of James Edward Lea Siliki
James Edward Lea Siliki Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 59 1.84
60 Photo of Sidibé
Sidibé Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 58 2.15
  Photo of Nicolas Pepe
Nicolas Pepe Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 58 1.61
  Photo of Ferland Mendy
Ferland Mendy Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 58 2.15
61 Photo of Tete
Tete Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 57 2.59
  Photo of Saidy Janko
Saidy Janko Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 57 2.71
  Photo of Angelo Fulgini
Angelo Fulgini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 57 1.97
62 Photo of Yuri
Yuri Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 56 2.55
63 Photo of Adrien Thomasson
Adrien Thomasson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 55 1.53
64 Photo of Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 54 2.16
  Photo of Jordan Ikoko
Jordan Ikoko Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 54 1.93
  Photo of Mathieu Deplagne
Mathieu Deplagne Defender
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 54 1.93
65 Photo of Harisson Manzala Tusumgama
Harisson Manzala Tusumgama Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 53 1.43
  Photo of Tabanou
Tabanou Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 53 3.53
  Photo of Valentin Rosier
Valentin Rosier Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 53 1.47
  Photo of Oualid El Hajjam
Oualid El Hajjam Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 53 2.04
  Photo of Rachid Ghezzal
Rachid Ghezzal Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 53 2.04
66 Photo of Lasne
Lasne Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 52 1.41
  Photo of Pellenard
Pellenard Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 52 2.74
67 Photo of Balliu
Balliu Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 51 2.04
  Photo of Debuchy
Debuchy Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 51 3.40
68 Photo of Cyprien
Cyprien Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 50 3.12
  Photo of Jonas Martin
Jonas Martin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 50 1.39
  Photo of Coco
Coco Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 50 1.72
69 Photo of Romain Genevois
Romain Genevois Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 47 1.96
70 Photo of Almamy Touré
Almamy Touré Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 46 2.30
  Photo of Maxime López
Maxime López Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 46 1.92
  Photo of Hiroki Sakai
Hiroki Sakai Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 46 1.39
71 Photo of Sammaritano
Sammaritano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 45 1.73
72 Photo of Fode Toure
Fode Toure Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 44 1.63
73 Photo of Kelvin Adou
Kelvin Adou Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 43 1.19
  Photo of Gilbert Imbula
Gilbert Imbula Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 43 1.54
74 Photo of Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 42 1.50
  Photo of Bahoken
Bahoken Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 42 1.62
75 Photo of Cornet
Cornet Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 41 1.37
76 Photo of Hernani
Hernani Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 40 2.86
77 Photo of Karl Toko Ekambi
Karl Toko Ekambi Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 39 1.05
  Photo of Keita Baldé
Keita Baldé Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 39 1.70
  Photo of Fouad Chafik
Fouad Chafik Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 39 1.70
  Photo of Layvin Kurzawa
Layvin Kurzawa Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 39 1.95
  Photo of Jessy Deminguet
Jessy Deminguet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 39 3.25
78 Photo of Camara
Camara Forward
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 38 2.71
  Photo of Moubandje
Moubandje Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 38 1.81
79 Photo of Bourgaud
Bourgaud Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 36 2.12
  Photo of Bakaye Dibassy
Bakaye Dibassy Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 36 1.12
80 Photo of Pierre Capelle
Pierre Capelle Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 35 1.25
  Photo of Edgar Ié
Edgar Ié Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 35 1.00
  Photo of Abdoulaye Bamba
Abdoulaye Bamba Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 35 1.94
  Photo of Bahlouli
Bahlouli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 35 3.18
  Photo of Xeka
Xeka Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 35 1.94
  Photo of Martins Pereira
Martins Pereira Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 35 2.50
  Photo of Ismaila Sarr
Ismaila Sarr Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 35 1.46
81 Photo of Benjamin Corgnet
Benjamin Corgnet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 34 1.89
  Photo of Valentin Vada
Valentin Vada Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 34 1.62
82 Photo of John Mendoza
John Mendoza Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 33 2.54
  Photo of Faitout Maouassa
Faitout Maouassa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 33 1.74
  Photo of Hamza Mendyl
Hamza Mendyl Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 33 2.75
83 Photo of Somália
Somália Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 32 1.19
  Photo of Le Marchand
Le Marchand Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 32 1.10
84 Photo of Thiago Mendes
Thiago Mendes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 31 1.00
85 Photo of Ernest Seka
Ernest Seka Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 30 1.11
  Photo of Sessegnon
Sessegnon Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 30 1.88
  Photo of Sio
Sio Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 30 0.91
  Photo of Nivet
Nivet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 30 1.15
  Photo of Issa Cissokho
Issa Cissokho Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 30 1.58
86 Photo of Palmieri
Palmieri Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 29 1.93
  Photo of Monnet-Paquet
Monnet-Paquet Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 29 0.97
87 Photo of Bertrand Traoré
Bertrand Traoré Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 28 0.90
  Photo of Didot
Didot Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 28 1.22
88 Photo of Gakpe
Gakpe Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 27 0.93
  Photo of Marcal
Marcal Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 27 1.50
89 Photo of Selnaes
Selnaes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 26 1.00
  Photo of Valere Germain
Valere Germain Forward
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 26 0.74
  Photo of Lucas Ocampos
Lucas Ocampos Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 26 0.84
90 Photo of Draxler
Draxler Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 25 0.83
  Photo of N'Gbakoto
N'Gbakoto Forward
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 25 1.56
  Photo of Foulquier
Foulquier Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 25 1.56
  Photo of Rivierez
Rivierez Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 25 0.96
  Photo of Nicolas Cozza
Nicolas Cozza Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 25 2.78
  Photo of El Ghanassy
El Ghanassy Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 25 1.25
  Photo of Nanitamo Ikone
Nanitamo Ikone Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 25 1.39
91 Photo of Tielemans
Tielemans Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 24 0.89
  Photo of Sneijder
Sneijder Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 24 4.80
92 Photo of Baal
Baal Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 23 1.35
  Photo of Raggi
Raggi Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 23 1.15
  Photo of Moussa Konate
Moussa Konate Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 23 0.70
  Photo of Zeffane
Zeffane Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 23 1.53
  Photo of Lucas Deaux
Lucas Deaux Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 23 0.88
93 Photo of Jallet
Jallet Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 22 1.47
94 Photo of Assou Ekotto
Assou Ekotto Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 21 1.62
  Photo of Martin Terrier
Martin Terrier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 21 0.84
  Photo of Joia Nuno Da Costa
Joia Nuno Da Costa Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 21 0.81
  Photo of Andre
Andre Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 21 0.62
  Photo of Durel Avounou
Durel Avounou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 21 2.33
  Photo of Koffi Djidji
Koffi Djidji Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 21 0.72
  Photo of Tristan Dingome
Tristan Dingome Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 21 1.50
  Photo of Rodrigue Ninga
Rodrigue Ninga Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 21 0.72
95 Photo of Amalfitano
Amalfitano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 20 0.61
  Photo of Michael N'Kololo
Michael N'Kololo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 20 2.00
  Photo of Adama Diakhaby
Adama Diakhaby Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 20 0.91
  Photo of Lukas Lerager
Lukas Lerager Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 20 0.54
  Photo of Rabiot
Rabiot Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 20 0.61
  Photo of Roux
Roux Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 20 0.57
  Photo of Julien Serrano
Julien Serrano Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 20 5.00
96 Photo of Amalfitano
Amalfitano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 19 1.36
  Photo of Johann Obiang
Johann Obiang Defender
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 19 2.38
  Photo of Sunu
Sunu Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 19 0.95
  Photo of Abdoulaye Toure
Abdoulaye Toure Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 19 0.53
  Photo of Wesley Said
Wesley Said Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 19 0.66
  Photo of Saadi
Saadi Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 19 0.73
  Photo of Marcus Thuram
Marcus Thuram Forward
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 19 0.59
  Photo of Christian Kouakou
Christian Kouakou Forward
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 19 1.00
  Photo of Briand
Briand Forward
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 19 0.51
  Photo of Saku Stavitski
Saku Stavitski Forward
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 19 2.11
97 Photo of Yago
Yago Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 18 0.86
  Photo of Balmont
Balmont Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 18 0.86
  Photo of Jouffre
Jouffre Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 18 4.50
  Photo of Danzé
Danzé Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 18 1.50
98 Photo of Y. Bammou
Y. Bammou Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 17 1.06
  Photo of Bassem Srarfi
Bassem Srarfi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 17 0.65
  Photo of Paul-Georges Ntep de Madiba
Paul-Georges Ntep de Madiba Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 17 1.31
  Photo of Balotelli
Balotelli Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 17 0.61
99 Photo of Jan Repas
Jan Repas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 16 1.07
  Photo of Baptiste Santamaria
Baptiste Santamaria Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 16 0.52
  Photo of Digbo Maiga
Digbo Maiga Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 16 1.23
  Photo of Jérémy Cordoval
Jérémy Cordoval Defender
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 16 1.45
100 Photo of Congre
Congre Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 15 0.47
  Photo of Ibrahima Sangare
Ibrahima Sangare Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 15 0.75
  Photo of Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 15 0.44
  Photo of Ben Saada
Ben Saada Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 15 0.94
  Photo of Franck Zambo
Franck Zambo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 15 0.41
  Photo of Blin
Blin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 15 0.58
  Photo of Suk Hyun Jun
Suk Hyun Jun Forward
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 15 0.58
  Photo of Giovani Lo Celso
Giovani Lo Celso Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 15 0.45
  Photo of Patrick Burner
Patrick Burner Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 15 1.15
  Photo of Ibrahima Niane
Ibrahima Niane Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 15 0.50
  Photo of Alassane Plea
Alassane Plea Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 15 0.43
101 Photo of Julio Tavares
Julio Tavares Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 14 0.54
  Photo of Matthieu Udol
Matthieu Udol Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 14 2.33
  Photo of Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo
Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 14 4.67
  Photo of Houssem Aouar
Houssem Aouar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 14 0.44
  Photo of Thomas Monconduit
Thomas Monconduit Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 14 0.41
  Photo of Coly Racine
Coly Racine Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 14 2.00
102 Photo of Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 13 0.54
  Photo of Ndour
Ndour Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 13 2.60
  Photo of Clinton N'Jie
Clinton N'Jie Forward
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 13 0.59
  Photo of Jonathan Cafu
Jonathan Cafu Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 13 0.68
  Photo of Felix Eboa Eboa
Felix Eboa Eboa Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 13 0.57
  Photo of Cavani
Cavani Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 13 0.41
103 Photo of Kacaniklic
Kacaniklic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 12 1.33
  Photo of G. Laborde
G. Laborde Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 12 0.60
  Photo of Ronael Pierre Gabriel
Ronael Pierre Gabriel Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 12 0.75
  Photo of Opa Nguette
Opa Nguette Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 12 0.71
  Photo of Adama Niane
Adama Niane Forward
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 12 0.36
  Photo of Zungu
Zungu Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 12 0.46
104 Photo of Jordan Marié
Jordan Marié Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 11 0.41
  Photo of Clement Michelin
Clement Michelin Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 11 1.57
  Photo of Kongolo
Kongolo Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 11 3.67
  Photo of Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 11 0.32
  Photo of Arnold Bouka Moutou
Arnold Bouka Moutou Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 11 1.83
  Photo of Malang Sarr
Malang Sarr Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 11 0.52
  Photo of Pastore
Pastore Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 11 0.44
  Photo of Ait Bennasser
Ait Bennasser Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 11 0.41
  Photo of Lewczuk
Lewczuk Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 11 1.57
  Photo of Poaty
Poaty Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 11 3.67
  Photo of S. Camara
S. Camara Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 11 0.46
105 Photo of Nkunku
Nkunku Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 10 0.50
  Photo of Billy Ketkeophomphone
Billy Ketkeophomphone Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 10 0.77
  Photo of Valentin Eysseric
Valentin Eysseric Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 10 10.00
  Photo of Diousse
Diousse Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 10 0.40
  Photo of Fabinho
Fabinho Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 10 0.29
  Photo of Alois Confais
Alois Confais Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 10 0.67
  Photo of Florentin Pogba
Florentin Pogba Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 10 2.00
106 Photo of V. Rongier
V. Rongier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 9 0.28
  Photo of Otavio Henrique Passos Santos
Otavio Henrique Passos Santos Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 9 0.43
  Photo of Emiliano Sala
Emiliano Sala Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 9 0.25
  Photo of Brandon
Brandon Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 9 0.82
  Photo of Hunou
Hunou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 9 0.38
  Photo of Plasil
Plasil Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 9 0.41
  Photo of Verratti
Verratti Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 9 0.41
  Photo of Moussa Niakhate
Moussa Niakhate Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 9 0.26
  Photo of Yoel Armougom
Yoel Armougom Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 9 2.25
  Photo of Kouadio Dabila
Kouadio Dabila Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 9 0.75
  Photo of Dabo
Dabo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 9 0.56
  Photo of Braithwaite
Braithwaite Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 9 0.64
  Photo of Quentin Boisgard
Quentin Boisgard Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 9 1.50
  Photo of Blayac
Blayac Forward
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 9 0.36
107 Photo of Ellyes Skhiri
Ellyes Skhiri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 8 0.23
  Photo of Andrei
Andrei Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 8 0.32
  Photo of Nicolas Basin
Nicolas Basin Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 8 1.60
  Photo of Jonathan Delaplace
Jonathan Delaplace Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 8 0.67
  Photo of Gourcuff
Gourcuff Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 8 0.80
  Photo of Falcao
Falcao Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 8 0.31
  Photo of Thiago Maia
Thiago Maia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 8 0.24
  Photo of Yves Bissouma
Yves Bissouma Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 8 0.33
  Photo of Lebogang Phiri
Lebogang Phiri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 8 0.36
108 Photo of Jeremy Grimm
Jeremy Grimm Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 7 0.30
  Photo of Lassana Couibaly
Lassana Couibaly Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 7 0.35
  Photo of Imad Faraj
Imad Faraj Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 7 1.00
  Photo of Milan Gajic
Milan Gajic Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 7 1.75
  Photo of Junior Alonso
Junior Alonso Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 7 0.21
  Photo of Blas
Blas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 7 0.23
  Photo of Guessouma Fofana
Guessouma Fofana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 7 0.44
  Photo of Loic Puyo
Loic Puyo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 7 0.88
  Photo of Lois Diony
Lois Diony Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 7 0.44
  Photo of Oussama Tannane
Oussama Tannane Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 7 1.17
  Photo of Zinedine Machach
Zinedine Machach Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 7 1.75
109 Photo of Q. Cornette
Q. Cornette Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 6 0.50
  Photo of Mariano
Mariano Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 6 0.18
  Photo of Evrà
Evrà Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 6 1.50
  Photo of Pajot
Pajot Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 6 0.30
  Photo of Kimpembe
Kimpembe Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 6 0.21
  Photo of Abeid
Abeid Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 6 0.32
  Photo of M'Vila
M'Vila Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 6 0.35
  Photo of Farid Boulaya
Farid Boulaya Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 6 0.86
110 Photo of Papy Mison Djilobodji
Papy Mison Djilobodji Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 5 0.17
  Photo of Vágner
Vágner Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 5 1.25
  Photo of Jérémie Porsan-Clemente
Jérémie Porsan-Clemente Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 5 5.00
  Photo of Jordi Mboula
Jordi Mboula Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 5 1.67
  Photo of Jean-Victor Makengo
Jean-Victor Makengo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 5 1.00
  Photo of Aholou
Aholou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 5 0.14
  Photo of Prejuce Nakoulma
Prejuce Nakoulma Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 5 0.28
  Photo of David Alcibiade
David Alcibiade Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 5 1.67
  Photo of Myziane Maolida
Myziane Maolida Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 5 0.38
  Photo of Alexander Djiku
Alexander Djiku Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 5 0.18
  Photo of Prcic
Prcic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 5 0.26
  Photo of Yaya Sanogo
Yaya Sanogo Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 5 0.19
  Photo of Sankhare
Sankhare Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 5 0.17
  Photo of Mamadou Diarra
Mamadou Diarra Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 5 5.00
  Photo of Jeannot
Jeannot Forward
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 5 0.21
  Photo of Lucas Tousart
Lucas Tousart Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 5 0.14
  Photo of Geronimo Poblete
Geronimo Poblete Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 5 0.20
  Photo of Jordan Ferri
Jordan Ferri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 5 0.21
  Photo of Thomas Carrique
Thomas Carrique Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 5 5.00
  Photo of Julien Ielsch
Julien Ielsch Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 5 0.45
111 Photo of Amadou
Amadou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 4 0.13
  Photo of Diego Carlos
Diego Carlos Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 4 0.14
  Photo of Santy Ngom
Santy Ngom Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 4 0.31
  Photo of Yann Bodiger
Yann Bodiger Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 4 0.57
  Photo of Christophe Kerbrat
Christophe Kerbrat Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 4 0.11
  Photo of K. Coulibaly
K. Coulibaly Forward
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 4 0.50
  Photo of Diafra Sakho
Diafra Sakho Forward
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 4 0.31
  Photo of Philipps
Philipps Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 4 0.36
  Photo of Joris Kayembe
Joris Kayembe Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 4 1.33
  Photo of Hilton
Hilton Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 4 0.15
  Photo of Jovetić
Jovetić Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 4 0.27
  Photo of Tinham
Tinham Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 4 0.80
  Photo of Francois Bellugou
Francois Bellugou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 4 0.13
  Photo of Santini
Santini Forward
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 4 0.12
  Photo of Baissama Sankoh
Baissama Sankoh Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 4 0.15
  Photo of Afonso Figueiredo
Afonso Figueiredo Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 4 0.80
  Photo of Ciss
Ciss Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 4 1.33
  Photo of M´Bengue
M´Bengue Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 4 0.57
112 Photo of Oniangue
Oniangue Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 3 0.21
  Photo of Mickael Le Bihan
Mickael Le Bihan Forward
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 3 0.43
  Photo of Lucas Moura
Lucas Moura Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 3 0.60
  Photo of Adrien Tameze
Adrien Tameze Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 3 0.12
  Photo of Gelin
Gelin Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 3 0.11
  Photo of Cafú
Cafú Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 3 0.30
  Photo of Beric
Beric Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 3 0.20
  Photo of Ismael Traore
Ismael Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 3 0.09
  Photo of Pallois
Pallois Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 3 0.11
  Photo of Toivonen
Toivonen Forward
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 3 0.13
  Photo of Samuel Moutoussamy
Samuel Moutoussamy Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 3 0.43
  Photo of Rivière
Rivière Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 3 0.11
  Photo of Brian Fernández
Brian Fernández Forward
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 3 0.43
  Photo of Rominigue Kouame
Rominigue Kouame Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 3 0.50
  Photo of Ablie Jallow
Ablie Jallow Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 3 1.50
  Photo of Toulalan
Toulalan Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 3 0.14
  Photo of Mehdi Jean
Mehdi Jean Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 3 0.43
  Photo of Giresse
Giresse Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 3 1.00
113 Photo of Prince-Desir Gouano
Prince-Desir Gouano Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 2 0.06
  Photo of Guillaume
Guillaume Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 2 0.12
  Photo of Marcelo
Marcelo Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 2 0.06
  Photo of Gauthier Hein
Gauthier Hein Midfielder
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 2 0.67
  Photo of Diagné
Diagné Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 2 0.07
  Photo of Cahuzac
Cahuzac Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 2 0.10
  Photo of Chidozie Awaziem
Chidozie Awaziem Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 2 0.09
  Photo of Bryan Mbeumo
Bryan Mbeumo Forward
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 2 0.50
  Photo of Mothiba
Mothiba Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 2 0.14
  Photo of Bisevac
Bisevac Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 2 0.20
  Photo of Aka Wilfride Kanga
Aka Wilfride Kanga Forward
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 2 0.22
  Photo of Ezequiel Ponce
Ezequiel Ponce Forward
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 2 0.07
  Photo of Perrin
Perrin Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 2 0.07
  Photo of Issa Diop
Issa Diop Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 2 0.06
  Photo of Jullien
Jullien Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 2 0.07
  Photo of Seybou Koita
Seybou Koita Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 2 0.33
  Photo of Rami
Rami Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 2 0.06
  Photo of Alexandre Mendy
Alexandre Mendy Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 2 0.12
  Photo of Boubacar Kamara
Boubacar Kamara Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 2 0.33
  Photo of Diomande
Diomande Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 2 0.18
  Photo of Moussa Sylla
Moussa Sylla Forward
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 2 0.40
  Photo of Imorou
Imorou Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 2 2.00
  Photo of Mexer
Mexer Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 2 0.12
  Photo of Adama Traoré
Adama Traoré Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 2 0.67
  Photo of Piriz
Piriz Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 2 0.13
  Photo of Théophile-Catherine
Théophile-Catherine Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 2 0.08
  Photo of Zaydou Youssef
Zaydou Youssef Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 2 0.33
  Photo of Marlon Santos
Marlon Santos Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 2 0.09
  Photo of Nampalys Mendy
Nampalys Mendy Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 2 0.14
  Photo of Yambéré
Yambéré Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 2 0.06
114 Photo of Boubakary Soumare
Boubakary Soumare Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 1 0.07
  Photo of Charly Charrier
Charly Charrier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 0.33
  Photo of Romain Thomas
Romain Thomas Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 1 0.04
  Photo of Dylan Lempereur
Dylan Lempereur Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 1 0.33
  Photo of Gope-Fenepej
Gope-Fenepej Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 0.33
  Photo of Lacina Traore
Lacina Traore Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 0.06
  Photo of Lemouya Goudiaby
Lemouya Goudiaby Defender
Badge/Flag Metz Metz 1 0.50
  Photo of Tim Weah
Tim Weah Forward
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 0.33
  Photo of Vukasin Jovanovic
Vukasin Jovanovic Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.06
  Photo of Jimmy Giraudon
Jimmy Giraudon Defender
Badge/Flag Troyes Troyes 1 0.04
  Photo of Subotic
Subotic Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 1 0.06
  Photo of Berigaud
Berigaud Forward
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 1 0.20
  Photo of Hubocan
Hubocan Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 1 1.00
  Photo of Contento
Contento Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.33
  Photo of Ervin Taha
Ervin Taha Forward
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.50
  Photo of Baysse
Baysse Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.12
  Photo of Bodmer
Bodmer Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 0.08
  Photo of Bahamboula
Bahamboula Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 1 0.25
  Photo of Nathan
Nathan Forward
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 1 1.00
  Photo of Jules Koundé
Jules Koundé Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 1 0.06
  Photo of Dante
Dante Defender
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.03
  Photo of Doria
Doria Defender
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 1 0.33
  Photo of Mangane
Mangane Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 1 0.05
  Photo of Amine Gouiri
Amine Gouiri Forward
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 1 0.14
  Photo of Hicham Mahou
Hicham Mahou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nice Nice 1 0.33
  Photo of Gnagnon
Gnagnon Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 1 0.03
  Photo of Ádám Lang
Ádám Lang Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 1 0.33
  Photo of Alexander Toft Söderlund
Alexander Toft Söderlund Forward
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 1 0.08
  Photo of Kone
Kone Defender
Badge/Flag Strasbourg Strasbourg 1 0.04
  Photo of Mitroglou
Mitroglou Forward
Badge/Flag Marseille Marseille 1 0.05
  Photo of Marquinhos
Marquinhos Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 0.04
  Photo of Diallo
Diallo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 1 0.04
  Photo of Najib Gandi
Najib Gandi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 1 0.20
  Photo of Boschilia
Boschilia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 1 0.20
  Photo of Enzo Loiodice
Enzo Loiodice Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 1 0.25
  Photo of Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 1 0.04
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