Serie A Season 2017/2018

Players Touches inside the opposition box

Position Player Team Total Average
1 Photo of Insigne
Insigne Forward
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 260Touches inside the opposition box 7.03Per game
2 Photo of Perisic
Perisic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 241 6.51
3 Photo of Dzeko
Dzeko Forward
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 230 6.39
4 Photo of Immobile
Immobile Forward
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 210 6.36
5 Photo of Mertens
Mertens Forward
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 200 5.26
6 Photo of Icardi
Icardi Forward
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 177 5.21
7 Photo of Quagliarella
Quagliarella Forward
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 171 4.89
8 Photo of Federico Chiesa
Federico Chiesa Forward
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 167 4.64
9 Photo of Giovanni Simeone
Giovanni Simeone Forward
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 163 4.29
10 Photo of Inglese
Inglese Forward
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 159 4.68
11 Photo of Belotti
Belotti Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 155 4.84
12 Photo of Higuaín
Higuaín Forward
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 154 4.40
13 Photo of Leonardo Pavoletti
Leonardo Pavoletti Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 152 4.61
14 Photo of Kessié Franck
Kessié Franck Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 144 3.89
  Photo of Alejandro Gómez
Alejandro Gómez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 144 4.36
  Photo of Andrea Petagna
Andrea Petagna Forward
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 144 4.97
15 Photo of Callejón
Callejón Forward
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 142 3.74
16 Photo of Duván Zapata
Duván Zapata Forward
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 140 4.52
17 Photo of Suso
Suso Forward
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 132 3.77
18 Photo of Kevin Lasagna
Kevin Lasagna Forward
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 128 4.41
19 Photo of Milinkovic-Savic
Milinkovic-Savic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 126 3.60
20 Photo of Cristante
Cristante Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 124 3.44
21 Photo of Josip Ilicic
Josip Ilicic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 119 3.84
22 Photo of El Shaarawy
El Shaarawy Forward
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 118 3.58
  Photo of Iago
Iago Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 118 3.19
23 Photo of Caprari
Caprari Forward
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 115 3.38
24 Photo of Politano
Politano Forward
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 114 3.17
25 Photo of Gianluca Lapadula
Gianluca Lapadula Forward
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 111 3.96
26 Photo of Antenucci
Antenucci Forward
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 110 3.33
27 Photo of Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala Forward
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 108 3.27
28 Photo of Mandžukic
Mandžukic Forward
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 107 3.34
  Photo of Adam Marusic
Adam Marusic Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 107 3.34
29 Photo of Trotta
Trotta Forward
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 104 3.06
30 Photo of Palacio
Palacio Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 100 3.57
31 Photo of Perotti
Perotti Forward
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 99 3.96
32 Photo of Kalinic
Kalinic Forward
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 98 3.16
33 Photo of Hamsik
Hamsik Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 95 2.50
34 Photo of Patrick Cutrone
Patrick Cutrone Forward
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 93 3.32
35 Photo of Benassi
Benassi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 91 2.60
36 Photo of Candreva
Candreva Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 90 2.50
37 Photo of Pandev
Pandev Forward
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 89 2.78
  Photo of M'Baye Niang
M'Baye Niang Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 89 3.42
  Photo of Domenico Berardi
Domenico Berardi Forward
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 89 2.87
38 Photo of Diego Farias
Diego Farias Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 88 3.14
  Photo of Cornelius
Cornelius Forward
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 88 3.83
  Photo of Parolo
Parolo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 88 2.84
39 Photo of Douglas Costa
Douglas Costa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 84 2.71
40 Photo of Bonaventura
Bonaventura Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 79 2.39
41 Photo of Felipe Anderson
Felipe Anderson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 78 3.71
  Photo of Jakub Jankto
Jakub Jankto Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 78 2.17
42 Photo of Hakan Calhanoglu
Hakan Calhanoglu Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 77 2.48
43 Photo of Patrik Schick
Patrik Schick Forward
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 75 3.41
  Photo of Luis Alberto
Luis Alberto Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 75 2.21
44 Photo of Cengiz Ünder
Cengiz Ünder Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 74 2.85
  Photo of Ante Budimir
Ante Budimir Forward
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 74 3.36
45 Photo of Simmy
Simmy Forward
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 73 3.17
  Photo of André Silva
André Silva Forward
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 73 3.04
46 Photo of Mattia Destro
Mattia Destro Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 71 2.73
  Photo of Florenzi
Florenzi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 71 2.22
  Photo of Verdi
Verdi Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 71 2.09
47 Photo of Coda
Coda Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 70 2.92
48 Photo of Praet
Praet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 68 2.12
49 Photo of Sau
Sau Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 67 2.31
  Photo of Cerci
Cerci Forward
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 67 2.79
50 Photo of Ljajic
Ljajic Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 66 2.44
  Photo of Remo Freuler
Remo Freuler Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 66 1.89
  Photo of Lulic
Lulic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 66 1.89
  Photo of Gastón Ramírez
Gastón Ramírez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 66 1.78
  Photo of Pucciarelli
Pucciarelli Forward
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 66 3.00
51 Photo of Pancrazio Faragò
Pancrazio Faragò Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 65 1.86
  Photo of Andrej Galabinov
Andrej Galabinov Forward
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 65 3.25
  Photo of Maxi López
Maxi López Forward
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 65 2.32
52 Photo of Hans Hateboer
Hans Hateboer Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 62 1.88
  Photo of Paloschi
Paloschi Forward
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 62 1.72
53 Photo of Castro
Castro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 60 2.40
  Photo of Laxalt
Laxalt Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 60 1.88
  Photo of Matri
Matri Forward
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 60 2.61
  Photo of Matias Vecino
Matias Vecino Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 60 2.07
54 Photo of Kolarov
Kolarov Defender
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 59 1.69
  Photo of Cuadrado
Cuadrado Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 59 2.81
  Photo of Artur Ionita
Artur Ionita Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 59 1.64
55 Photo of Nainggolan
Nainggolan Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 58 1.87
56 Photo of Borini
Borini Forward
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 55 1.90
57 Photo of Théreau
Théreau Forward
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 54 2.45
  Photo of Gil Dias
Gil Dias Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 54 2.00
58 Photo of Antonin Barak
Antonin Barak Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 53 1.56
  Photo of Andrea Nalini
Andrea Nalini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 53 2.30
  Photo of Brozovic
Brozovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 53 1.71
  Photo of Taarabt
Taarabt Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 53 2.41
  Photo of De Paul
De Paul Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 53 1.43
59 Photo of Enrico Brignola
Enrico Brignola Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 52 2.89
60 Photo of Matuidi
Matuidi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 50 1.56
  Photo of Ragusa
Ragusa Forward
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 50 1.67
61 Photo of De Silvestri
De Silvestri Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 49 1.40
62 Photo of Stipe Perica
Stipe Perica Forward
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 48 2.18
  Photo of D'Ambrosio
D'Ambrosio Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 48 1.41
63 Photo of Strootman
Strootman Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 47 1.47
  Photo of Zielinski
Zielinski Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 47 1.31
64 Photo of Missiroli
Missiroli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 46 1.31
  Photo of Khedira
Khedira Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 46 1.77
  Photo of Karol Linetty
Karol Linetty Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 46 1.59
  Photo of Allan
Allan Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 46 1.21
65 Photo of Marten de Roon
Marten de Roon Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 45 1.32
  Photo of Castagne
Castagne Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 45 2.25
  Photo of Eder
Eder Forward
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 45 1.55
  Photo of Manuel Lazzari
Manuel Lazzari Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 45 1.25
66 Photo of Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 44 1.69
  Photo of Lucas Leiva
Lucas Leiva Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 44 1.22
  Photo of Pezzella
Pezzella Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 44 1.29
  Photo of Federico Di Francesco
Federico Di Francesco Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 44 1.83
67 Photo of Rafinha
Rafinha Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 43 2.53
  Photo of Daniel Bessa
Daniel Bessa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 43 1.54
  Photo of Duncan
Duncan Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 43 1.65
68 Photo of Adam Masina
Adam Masina Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 42 1.24
  Photo of D´Alessandro
D´Alessandro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 42 2.62
  Photo of Daniele Baselli
Daniele Baselli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 42 1.31
69 Photo of Rômulo
Rômulo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 41 1.11
70 Photo of Kurtic
Kurtic Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 40 1.33
  Photo of Alberto Grassi
Alberto Grassi Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 40 1.43
  Photo of Dawid Kownacki
Dawid Kownacki Forward
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 40 1.82
  Photo of Mohamed Fares
Mohamed Fares Forward
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 40 1.33
  Photo of Musa Barrow
Musa Barrow Forward
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 40 3.33
  Photo of Hetemaj
Hetemaj Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 40 1.25
  Photo of Barella
Barella Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 40 1.18
71 Photo of João Pedro
João Pedro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 39 1.77
72 Photo of Lorenzo Pellegrini
Lorenzo Pellegrini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 38 1.36
  Photo of Jordan Lukaku
Jordan Lukaku Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 38 1.27
  Photo of Bertolacci
Bertolacci Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 38 1.15
  Photo of Cacciatore
Cacciatore Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 38 1.15
  Photo of Berenguer
Berenguer Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 38 1.73
73 Photo of Valoti
Valoti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 37 1.42
74 Photo of Caicedo
Caicedo Forward
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 36 1.64
  Photo of Darko Lazovic
Darko Lazovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 36 1.71
  Photo of George Puscas
George Puscas Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 36 3.27
75 Photo of Riccardo Saponara
Riccardo Saponara Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 35 1.94
  Photo of Rafael Tolói
Rafael Tolói Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 35 1.13
76 Photo of Federico Ceccherini
Federico Ceccherini Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 34 0.92
  Photo of Federico Bernardeschi
Federico Bernardeschi Forward
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 34 1.55
  Photo of Padoin
Padoin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 34 0.92
77 Photo of Birsa
Birsa Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 33 0.94
  Photo of Floccari
Floccari Forward
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 33 1.65
  Photo of Amato Ciciretti
Amato Ciciretti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 33 2.75
  Photo of Meggiorini
Meggiorini Forward
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 33 2.20
78 Photo of Rigoni
Rigoni Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 32 1.39
  Photo of Bonucci
Bonucci Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 32 0.91
  Photo of Pazzini
Pazzini Forward
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 32 1.68
  Photo of Mariusz Stepinski
Mariusz Stepinski Forward
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 32 1.45
  Photo of Gagliardini
Gagliardini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 32 1.07
  Photo of Ansaldi
Ansaldi Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 32 1.28
  Photo of Jens Stryger Larsen
Jens Stryger Larsen Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 32 1.07
79 Photo of Skriniar
Skriniar Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 31 0.82
  Photo of Valentin Eysseric
Valentin Eysseric Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 31 1.48
80 Photo of Silivan Widmer
Silivan Widmer Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 30 1.25
  Photo of Leonardo Spinazzola
Leonardo Spinazzola Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 30 1.67
  Photo of Felipe
Felipe Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 30 1.00
81 Photo of Pellissier
Pellissier Forward
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 29 1.53
  Photo of Albiol
Albiol Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 29 0.94
  Photo of Claud Adjapong
Claud Adjapong Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 29 1.81
  Photo of Barreto
Barreto Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 29 1.04
82 Photo of Borriello
Borriello Forward
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 28 1.87
  Photo of Matiello
Matiello Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 28 0.97
  Photo of Masiello
Masiello Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 28 0.90
83 Photo of Poli
Poli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 27 0.84
  Photo of Badelj
Badelj Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 27 1.00
  Photo of Rosi
Rosi Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 27 1.12
  Photo of Ghoulam
Ghoulam Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 27 2.45
  Photo of Cataldi
Cataldi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 27 0.93
  Photo of Antonio Caracciolo
Antonio Caracciolo Defender
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 27 0.82
  Photo of Donsah
Donsah Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 27 0.96
84 Photo of Robin Gosens
Robin Gosens Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 26 1.24
  Photo of Defrel
Defrel Forward
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 26 1.73
  Photo of Borja Valero
Borja Valero Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 26 0.72
  Photo of Veretout
Veretout Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 26 0.72
  Photo of Koulibaly
Koulibaly Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 26 0.74
  Photo of Stoian
Stoian Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 26 0.81
  Photo of Biraghi
Biraghi Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 26 0.76
  Photo of Hiljemark
Hiljemark Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 26 1.73
  Photo of Diabaté
Diabaté Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 26 2.36
  Photo of João Mário
João Mário Midfielder
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 26 1.86
  Photo of Fazio
Fazio Defender
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 26 0.76
85 Photo of Arkadiusz Milik
Arkadiusz Milik Forward
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 25 1.67
  Photo of Gerson
Gerson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 25 1.04
  Photo of Silvestre
Silvestre Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 25 0.74
  Photo of Zukanovic
Zukanovic Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 25 0.81
  Photo of M. Rohdén
M. Rohdén Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 25 0.96
86 Photo of Schiattarella
Schiattarella Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 24 0.77
  Photo of Nuytinck
Nuytinck Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 24 0.89
  Photo of Dzemaili
Dzemaili Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 24 1.60
87 Photo of Astori
Astori Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 23 0.92
  Photo of Gianmarco Ferrari
Gianmarco Ferrari Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 23 0.77
  Photo of Djimsiti
Djimsiti Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 23 0.77
  Photo of Ceppitelli
Ceppitelli Defender
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 23 0.85
  Photo of Nkoulou
Nkoulou Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 23 0.62
88 Photo of Miranda
Miranda Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 22 0.71
  Photo of Danilo
Danilo Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 22 0.69
  Photo of Hysaj
Hysaj Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 22 0.63
  Photo of Ricardo Rodríguez
Ricardo Rodríguez Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 22 0.65
  Photo of Yann Karamoh
Yann Karamoh Forward
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 22 1.38
  Photo of Cancelo
Cancelo Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 22 0.85
89 Photo of Vittorio Parigini
Vittorio Parigini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 21 1.00
  Photo of de Vrij
de Vrij Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 21 0.58
  Photo of Mattia Caldara
Mattia Caldara Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 21 0.88
  Photo of Guilherme
Guilherme Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 21 1.75
  Photo of Acerbi
Acerbi Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 21 0.55
90 Photo of Fofana
Fofana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 20 0.74
  Photo of Bruno Martella
Bruno Martella Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 20 0.67
  Photo of Chukwuma
Chukwuma Midfielder
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 20 0.91
  Photo of Pjanić
Pjanić Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 20 0.65
91 Photo of Memushaj
Memushaj Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 19 1.12
  Photo of Giaccherini
Giaccherini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 19 1.12
  Photo of Iuri Medeiros
Iuri Medeiros Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 19 1.73
  Photo of Federico Peluso
Federico Peluso Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 19 0.61
  Photo of Pol Lirola
Pol Lirola Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 19 0.79
  Photo of Daniele Verde
Daniele Verde Forward
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 19 0.63
92 Photo of Rolando Mandragora
Rolando Mandragora Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 18 0.50
  Photo of Mazzitelli
Mazzitelli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 18 0.90
  Photo of Rossi
Rossi Forward
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 18 2.00
  Photo of Andrea Barberis
Andrea Barberis Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 18 0.47
  Photo of Cesar Faletti
Cesar Faletti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 18 1.38
93 Photo of Riccardo Orsolini
Riccardo Orsolini Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 17 1.06
  Photo of Rincón
Rincón Midfielder
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 17 0.47
  Photo of Gaetano Letizia
Gaetano Letizia Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 17 0.59
94 Photo of Bartosz Salamon
Bartosz Salamon Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 16 0.73
  Photo of Romagnoli
Romagnoli Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 16 0.57
  Photo of Basta
Basta Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 16 1.45
95 Photo of Molinaro
Molinaro Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 15 0.75
  Photo of Palomino
Palomino Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 15 0.58
  Photo of Benatia
Benatia Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 15 0.75
  Photo of M'baye
M'baye Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 15 0.60
  Photo of Rossettini
Rossettini Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 15 0.65
  Photo of Umar Sadiq
Umar Sadiq Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 15 5.00
  Photo of Burdisso
Burdisso Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 15 0.62
  Photo of Faraoni
Faraoni Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 15 0.54
  Photo of Viviani
Viviani Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 15 0.52
  Photo of Manolas
Manolas Defender
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 15 0.52
  Photo of Erick Pulgar
Erick Pulgar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 15 0.47
96 Photo of Ahmad Benali
Ahmad Benali Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 14 1.40
  Photo of Nani
Nani Forward
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 14 0.78
  Photo of Sebastian De Maio
Sebastian De Maio Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 14 0.54
  Photo of Bruno Peres
Bruno Peres Defender
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 14 0.78
  Photo of Lichtsteiner
Lichtsteiner Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 14 0.52
  Photo of Davide Calabria
Davide Calabria Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 14 0.67
  Photo of Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 14 0.74
  Photo of Murgia
Murgia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 14 0.88
  Photo of Radu
Radu Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 14 0.45
  Photo of Andreolli
Andreolli Defender
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 14 0.61
97 Photo of Palladino
Palladino Forward
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 13 3.25
  Photo of Luca Garritano
Luca Garritano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 13 1.18
  Photo of Avenatti
Avenatti Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 13 1.18
  Photo of Mário Rui
Mário Rui Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 13 0.52
  Photo of Gobbi
Gobbi Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 13 0.54
  Photo of Spolli
Spolli Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 13 0.62
  Photo of Venuti
Venuti Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 13 0.42
  Photo of Daniele Rugani
Daniele Rugani Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 13 0.59
  Photo of Chiellini
Chiellini Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 13 0.50
  Photo of Fabio Depaoli
Fabio Depaoli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 13 0.68
98 Photo of Samir
Samir Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 12 0.39
  Photo of Marko Rog
Marko Rog Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 12 0.43
  Photo of Filip Helander
Filip Helander Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 12 0.41
  Photo of Luca Mora
Luca Mora Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 12 0.71
  Photo of Andrija Balic
Andrija Balic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 12 0.57
  Photo of Lucas Torreira
Lucas Torreira Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 12 0.33
  Photo of Bastos
Bastos Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 12 0.57
99 Photo of Bonazzoli
Bonazzoli Forward
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 11 0.92
  Photo of De Rossi
De Rossi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 11 0.50
  Photo of Krejci
Krejci Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 11 0.92
  Photo of Costa
Costa Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 11 0.69
  Photo of Moretti
Moretti Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 11 0.50
  Photo of Niccolò Giannetti
Niccolò Giannetti Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 11 1.38
  Photo of Pietro Pellegri
Pietro Pellegri Forward
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 11 1.83
  Photo of Montolivo
Montolivo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 11 0.61
  Photo of Stephane Omeonga
Stephane Omeonga Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 11 0.58
100 Photo of Sturaro
Sturaro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 10 0.83
  Photo of Gonalons
Gonalons Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 10 0.62
  Photo of Dainelli
Dainelli Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 10 0.48
  Photo of Mattia Bani
Mattia Bani Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 10 0.62
  Photo of Alex Ferrari
Alex Ferrari Defender
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 10 0.40
  Photo of Ajeti
Ajeti Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 10 0.48
  Photo of Armenteros
Armenteros Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 10 1.11
  Photo of Svante Ingelsson
Svante Ingelsson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 10 1.43
  Photo of P. Cannavaro
P. Cannavaro Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 10 0.53
  Photo of Edera
Edera Midfielder
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 10 0.71
101 Photo of Adam Nagy
Adam Nagy Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 9 0.75
  Photo of Raman Chibsah
Raman Chibsah Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 9 0.64
  Photo of Vukovic
Vukovic Defender
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 9 0.60
  Photo of Emil Krafth
Emil Krafth Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 9 0.75
  Photo of Edoardo Goldaniga
Edoardo Goldaniga Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 9 0.69
  Photo of Stefano Sensi
Stefano Sensi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 9 0.53
  Photo of Ranocchia
Ranocchia Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 9 0.82
  Photo of Lorenzo Del Pinto
Lorenzo Del Pinto Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 9 0.60
  Photo of Filippo Costa
Filippo Costa Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 9 0.39
  Photo of Cristian Zapata
Cristian Zapata Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 9 0.75
  Photo of Nikola Milenkovic
Nikola Milenkovic Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 9 0.56
  Photo of Bastien
Bastien Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 9 0.43
  Photo of Francesco Vicari
Francesco Vicari Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 9 0.26
  Photo of Bruno Gaspar
Bruno Gaspar Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 9 0.60
102 Photo of Wallace
Wallace Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 8 0.62
  Photo of Bright Gyamfi
Bright Gyamfi Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 8 0.89
  Photo of Lazaar
Lazaar Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 8 0.89
  Photo of Berhami
Berhami Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 8 0.40
  Photo of Benito Viola
Benito Viola Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 8 0.33
  Photo of A. Izzo
A. Izzo Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 8 0.50
  Photo of Lee Seun-Woo
Lee Seun-Woo Forward
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 8 0.57
  Photo of Abate
Abate Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 8 0.47
  Photo of Senna Miangue
Senna Miangue Defender
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 8 0.73
  Photo of Gianluca Mancini
Gianluca Mancini Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 8 0.73
  Photo of Damir Ceter Valencia
Damir Ceter Valencia Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 8 1.33
  Photo of Nicola Rigoni
Nicola Rigoni Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 8 0.53
  Photo of Han Kwang Song
Han Kwang Song Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 8 1.14
  Photo of Acquah
Acquah Midfielder
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 8 0.36
103 Photo of Orji Okwonkwo
Orji Okwonkwo Forward
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 7 0.70
  Photo of Sagna
Sagna Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 7 0.54
  Photo of Sauli Vaisanen
Sauli Vaisanen Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 7 1.00
  Photo of R. Aarons
R. Aarons Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 7 0.64
  Photo of Fabio Lucioni
Fabio Lucioni Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 7 0.88
  Photo of Sampirisi
Sampirisi Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 7 0.23
  Photo of Murru
Murru Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 7 0.35
  Photo of Asamoah
Asamoah Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 7 0.37
  Photo of Mauricio Lemos
Mauricio Lemos Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 7 0.88
  Photo of Mattia De Sciglio
Mattia De Sciglio Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 7 0.58
  Photo of Sandro
Sandro Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 7 0.50
  Photo of Giovanni Crociata
Giovanni Crociata Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 7 0.64
  Photo of Giancarlo González
Giancarlo González Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 7 0.32
104 Photo of Jorginho Frello
Jorginho Frello Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 6 0.18
  Photo of Ali Adnan
Ali Adnan Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 6 0.26
  Photo of Dabo
Dabo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 6 0.60
  Photo of Rogerio
Rogerio Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 6 0.46
  Photo of Thiago Cionek
Thiago Cionek Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 6 0.40
  Photo of Cigarini
Cigarini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 6 0.23
  Photo of Zuculini
Zuculini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 6 0.38
  Photo of Strinic
Strinic Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 6 0.35
  Photo of Magnanelli
Magnanelli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 6 0.19
  Photo of Musacchio
Musacchio Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 6 0.40
  Photo of Regini
Regini Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 6 0.43
  Photo of Yuto Nagatomo
Yuto Nagatomo Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 6 0.55
  Photo of Maggio
Maggio Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 6 0.46
  Photo of Tonelli
Tonelli Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 6 1.50
  Photo of Alessandro Bastoni
Alessandro Bastoni Defender
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 6 1.50
  Photo of Adam Ounas
Adam Ounas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 6 0.86
  Photo of Luca Vido
Luca Vido Forward
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 6 1.50
  Photo of Francesco Zampano
Francesco Zampano Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 6 1.00
  Photo of Angella
Angella Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 6 0.50
  Photo of Giuseppe Pezzella
Giuseppe Pezzella Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 6 0.40
  Photo of Taider
Taider Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 6 0.67
  Photo of Valerio Verre
Valerio Verre Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 6 0.33
  Photo of Gamberini
Gamberini Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 6 0.26
105 Photo of Ricky Álvarez
Ricky Álvarez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 5 0.42
  Photo of Niccolò Zanellato
Niccolò Zanellato Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 5 5.00
  Photo of Tosca
Tosca Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 5 0.38
  Photo of Fabio Pisacane
Fabio Pisacane Defender
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 5 0.21
  Photo of Bereszynski
Bereszynski Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 5 0.16
  Photo of Radovanovic
Radovanovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 5 0.14
  Photo of Biglia
Biglia Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 5 0.18
  Photo of Alessandro Deiola
Alessandro Deiola Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 5 0.38
106 Photo of Höwedes
Höwedes Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 4 1.33
  Photo of Cop
Cop Forward
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 4 2.00
  Photo of Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 4 0.22
  Photo of Dalbert
Dalbert Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 4 0.31
  Photo of Antonio Barreca
Antonio Barreca Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 4 0.44
  Photo of Michele Cremonesi
Michele Cremonesi Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 4 0.80
  Photo of Cabrera
Cabrera Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 4 0.80
  Photo of Brlek
Brlek Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 4 0.80
  Photo of Patric
Patric Defender
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 4 0.36
  Photo of Manuel Locatelli
Manuel Locatelli Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 4 0.19
  Photo of Tonev
Tonev Forward
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 4 0.50
  Photo of Simic
Simic Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 4 0.44
  Photo of Joachim Andersen
Joachim Andersen Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 4 0.57
  Photo of Souprayen
Souprayen Defender
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 4 0.18
  Photo of Sala
Sala Defender
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 4 0.31
  Photo of Carlos Sánchez
Carlos Sánchez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 4 0.44
  Photo of Dessena
Dessena Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 4 0.24
  Photo of Mirko Antonucci
Mirko Antonucci Midfielder
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 4 2.00
  Photo of Gianluca Di Chiara
Gianluca Di Chiara Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 4 0.31
107 Photo of Migliore
Migliore Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 3 0.50
  Photo of Francesco Cassata
Francesco Cassata Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 3 0.30
  Photo of Zuculini
Zuculini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 3 0.27
  Photo of Calvano
Calvano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 3 0.20
  Photo of Crisetig
Crisetig Midfielder
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 3 0.38
  Photo of Bajic
Bajic Forward
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 3 0.60
  Photo of Pedro Pereira
Pedro Pereira Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 3 0.50
  Photo of Torosidis
Torosidis Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 3 0.19
  Photo of Hallfredsson
Hallfredsson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 3 0.16
  Photo of Cossu
Cossu Midfielder
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 3 0.27
  Photo of Juan Jesus
Juan Jesus Defender
Badge/Flag Roma Roma 3 0.14
  Photo of Romagna
Romagna Defender
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 3 0.13
  Photo of Davide Biraschi
Davide Biraschi Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 3 0.13
  Photo of Maximiliano Olivera
Maximiliano Olivera Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 3 0.43
  Photo of Andrea Conti
Andrea Conti Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 3 1.50
  Photo of Jawad El Yamiq
Jawad El Yamiq Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 3 0.75
  Photo of Marchisio
Marchisio Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 3 0.20
  Photo of Lykogiannis
Lykogiannis Defender
Badge/Flag Cagliari Cagliari 3 0.27
  Photo of Lucas Boyé
Lucas Boyé Forward
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 3 0.27
  Photo of Antonelli
Antonelli Defender
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 3 0.50
  Photo of Lorenco Simic
Lorenco Simic Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 3 0.50
  Photo of Mattia Vitale
Mattia Vitale Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 3 1.50
108 Photo of Lyanco
Lyanco Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 2 0.50
  Photo of Davide
Davide Defender
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 2 0.13
  Photo of Izco
Izco Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 2 0.40
  Photo of Moussa Diaby
Moussa Diaby Forward
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 2 1.00
  Photo of Eros Schiavon
Eros Schiavon Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 2 0.17
  Photo of Chiriches
Chiriches Defender
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 2 0.29
  Photo of Rodrigo Bentancur
Rodrigo Bentancur Midfielder
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 2 0.10
  Photo of Enrico Bearzotti
Enrico Bearzotti Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 2 0.33
Photo of Karamoko Cissé
Karamoko Cissé Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 2 1.00
  Photo of Hermes Romero
Hermes Romero Midfielder
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 2 0.33
  Photo of Kevin Bonifazi
Kevin Bonifazi Defender
Badge/Flag Torino Torino 2 0.33
  Photo of Zaccagni
Zaccagni Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 2 0.33
  Photo of Mehdi Leris
Mehdi Leris Midfielder
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 2 0.50
  Photo of Cofie
Cofie Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 2 0.17
  Photo of Eddy Salcedo Mora
Eddy Salcedo Mora Forward
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 2 1.00
  Photo of Veloso
Veloso Midfielder
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 2 0.09
109 Photo of Antei
Antei Defender
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 1 0.12
  Photo of Amadou Diawara
Amadou Diawara Midfielder
Badge/Flag Napoli Napoli 1 0.06
  Photo of Mirante
Mirante Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 1 0.03
  Photo of Mamadou Kanouté
Mamadou Kanouté Midfielder
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 1 0.50
Photo of Siriki Sanogo
Siriki Sanogo Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 1 0.50
  Photo of Marcel Büchel
Marcel Büchel Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 1 0.04
  Photo of Alberto Brignoli
Alberto Brignoli Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 1 0.08
  Photo of Maietta
Maietta Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 1 0.14
  Photo of Marcello Gazzola
Marcello Gazzola Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 1 0.11
  Photo of Thomas Strakosha
Thomas Strakosha Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Lazio Lazio 1 0.03
Photo of Fabio Ceravolo
Fabio Ceravolo Forward
Badge/Flag Benevento Benevento 1 1.00
  Photo of Pawel Jaroszynski
Pawel Jaroszynski Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 1 0.09
  Photo of Laurini
Laurini Defender
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 1 0.05
  Photo of Capezzi
Capezzi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sampdoria Sampdoria 1 0.17
  Photo of Biondini
Biondini Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 1 0.14
  Photo of Romagnoli
Romagnoli Defender
Badge/Flag Bologna Bologna 1 0.12
  Photo of Cristian Dell'Orco
Cristian Dell'Orco Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 1 0.12
  Photo of Timo Letschert
Timo Letschert Defender
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 1 0.14
  Photo of Cesar
Cesar Defender
Badge/Flag Chievo Chievo 1 0.10
  Photo of Gian Filippo Felicioli
Gian Filippo Felicioli Defender
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 1 0.17
  Photo of Nicolas Haas
Nicolas Haas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Atalanta Atalanta 1 0.11
  Photo of Barzagli
Barzagli Defender
Badge/Flag Juventus Juventus 1 0.04
  Photo of Andrea Pinamonti
Andrea Pinamonti Forward
Badge/Flag Inter Inter 1 1.00
  Photo of Heurtaux
Heurtaux Defender
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 1 0.06
  Photo of Gianluca Scamacca
Gianluca Scamacca Forward
Badge/Flag Sassuolo Sassuolo 1 0.33
  Photo of Noe Dussenne
Noe Dussenne Defender
Badge/Flag Crotone Crotone 1 1.00
  Photo of Everton Bilher
Everton Bilher Midfielder
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 1 0.09
  Photo of José Mauri
José Mauri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Milan Milan 1 1.00
  Photo of Cristóforo
Cristóforo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Fiorentina Fiorentina 1 0.14
  Photo of Marios Oikonomou
Marios Oikonomou Defender
Badge/Flag SPAL SPAL 1 0.25
  Photo of Wague
Wague Defender
Badge/Flag Udinese Udinese 1 1.00
  Photo of Marco Ezio Fossati
Marco Ezio Fossati Midfielder
Badge/Flag Verona Verona 1 0.06
  Photo of Gentiletti
Gentiletti Defender
Badge/Flag Genoa Genoa 1 0.25
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