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Arsenal ARS
Bukayo Saka 39',Martinelli 45', 79',Odegaard 70'

Arsenal vs Everton summary: score, goals, highlights | Premier League 2022-23

Gabriel Martinelli strikes twice as the Gunners move five points clear of Manchester City at the top of the Premier League.

Arsenal vs Everton: as it happened

And with that...

It's time to sign off for the night, but don't worry, there's plenty of breaking sports news and general latest news over at

Make sure to come back tomorrow for more juicy football fun!

Thanks for joining me as Arsenal pumped Everton 4-0. What a great chapter of this season's amazing story.

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The football never stops!

We've got more for you tomorrow!

And what a cracker... Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey semi-final.

You can follow it all live on AS USA or find out how to watch here, via the link above.

Unfortunately, 'flattened' is right.

With only 13 games to go, and with Arsenal moving 5 points clear after getting their 100th win against Everton, the Premier League title race could not be more exciting.

Next up, Bournemouth (which you can follow live on AS USA).

As for Everton, that number 13 means something completely different. Sean Dyche needs to see a reaction at the weekend away against Forest, and they'll be hoping that the results around them go their way, too.

Sofascore say Martinelli was the key man

And, quite frankly, who are we to argue with the boffins?

And at the bottom...

It's not looking rosy for Sean Dyche and his men, who sit in 18th place with just 21 points after 25 games. 

Leeds remain ahead by a point and have a game in hand: they play Chelsea at the weekend. 


Speaking of the table...

Here we go: Arsenal are 5 ahead of Manchester City after that win.

Do Pep's side need to be looking over their shoulders at Manchester United? Maybe. Erik Ten Hag's team are just 6 points behind with a game in hand, so everything is to play for at the top!


I'll let the pun slide tonight...

They're 5 points clear at the top of the league, so I'll allow it.

Full-time match report:

A Martinelli double plus goals from Saka and Ødegaard means Arsenal go 5 points clear at the top of the Premier League.

By the end, it was a walkover; Everton crumbled like a sandcastle and Arsenal, on another day with more clinical finishing, could have scored more goals. 

Sean Dyche's side never really left the changing room after half-time, and it must be said that the two quick goals - especially the mistake from Gana - really was the end of the game for the away side, who sit in the relegation zone.

The Gunners were toying with Everton by the end, olés were being sung after an hour and by then it was damage limitation. The Emirates has celebrated another wonderful night in an extraordinary season and Arsenal move one step in the right direction to getting their hands on the league title.



A great save from Ramsdale from a Gray shot.

The ball landed at the feet of Davies one yard from goal and I don't know how that didn't go in.

"We are top of the league" rings out around the ground.

Yes, you are, Arsenal fans.

2 minutes added.

Into the last minute; Arsenal continue to push.

Everton are simply waiting for the whistle now, trying to hold the fort for a little longer. If it were a boxing match...

More sustained possession for Arsenal, who continue to pick at and tear up the defensive structure of the away side, who look like sad, lost toys at the side of the road.


Everton are broken beyond repair.

A cross flies in from the right and Arsenal win the ball every time it drops out of the sky, rebound after rebound. Smith-Rowe and Fabio Vieira both try their luck but the ball goes out of play.

"You're going down" sing the Arsenal crowd to the Everton fans. 

English football at its finest.

Saka and Zinchenko OFF

Tierney and Smith-Rowe ON

It's becoming unfair now. Zinchenko slips in Nketiah in the left channel and the ex-Leeds striker plays a pass across goal for Martinelli to tap in from close range.




Ødegaard slides in, realises Iwobi isn't reaching the ball and, in one move, slides back onto his feet and controls the ball with his heel

Smoother than a spider's silk.

Doucouré OFF

Davies ON


Nketiah is played in over the top by Partey but Pickford saves amazingly well!

Martinelli had been played in behind moments before but the chance was cleared.

The olés continue all the way to the Everton box and a couple of lofted crosses almost find their targets but Everton somehow mange to scoop the ball away.


Martinelli hits a low cross across the box and that's nearly 4 for The Gunners. Olé, olé is ringing round the stadium now...

*Narrator's voice*

Just as I was praising Everton's efforts...

Trossard and Xhaka OFF

Nketiah and Fabio Vieira ON

A simple but deadly move.

Trossard makes a surging run down the left side and plays a lovely cut-back to Ødegaard, who taps in from close range. Everton were caught out in transition and that's the game done and dusted, Arsenal will hope.




I don't want to go full Neil Warnock and say 'you can't fault the effort of the Everton players', but it's quite true. They're still pushing into every tackle, despite their losing position.

Oh, my. The play restarts in the blink of a bee's eye and Martinelli fires a powerful shot that cannons away for a corner.

Godfrey gets booked for the tackle. And he's lucky with just that, in my opinion.

Sean Dyche isn't a happy man after Trossard goes down, but the challenge from Godfrey was a nasty one, catching him down his shin with his studs.


The corner is cleared and Partey lofts a cross straight back in over the defence to the far post to Martinelli, who can't stretch his neck long enough to reach the ball.

Great work from Arsenal, who work the ball well between Xhaka and Martinelli on the left side, dragging defenders all over the pitch.

The home side win a corner.


McNeil takes the ball inside from the left and strikes a low shot across goal towards Ramsdale, who can't catch it. The rebound almost finds Gray, but Arsenal manage to clear the danger.

And with that, he's off...

Maupay and Coleman OFF

Grey and Godfrey ON

Maupay gets the ball in his own half and waits for his teammates, who don't show up. He's got a huge job on his hands up front on his own...

A very long spell of possession for Arsenal now, as Everton jog from side to side in an effort to stop them from progressing.

Arsenal attack with Ødegaard and Trossard hits a volley from a cross from the right. Unfortunately, the connection is not great and it bounces over the bar.

As Arsenal pass around the back, the Emirates Stadium is shaking with noise. For a ground that was labelled 'a library' for years, this sound is genuinely impressive.

Maupay whacks a wild shot high into the stands from distance. Nothing but sarcastic laughter from the crowd, who all enjoyed it greatly.

Holgate needlessly fouls Xhaka in the middle of the pitch. Frustration is creeping in for the away side, perhaps.

Tarkowski goes into the book, the first of the game, after a late challenge on Ødegaard.

Gabriel and Saliba work well together to shepherd Maupay out of the way, allowing Ramsdale to collect the slow-moving long ball that came over the top. Excellent defending from the centre-back pairing.

Arsenal attack again down the right, with Saka and White linking up nicely. 

Mykolenko steps across in the last minute to stop Saka from firing a cross into the box.

With goals from Martinelli and Saka, Arsenal become the only team in the league to have 2 players who have scored 10 this season.

Arsenal immediately go on the attack down the right side with Ben White, but Everton manage to defend.

And we're off again!

Everton sub:

Gana OFF

Holgate ON

Arsenal sub:

Jorginho OFF

Partey ON

The players are back out for the second half and changes are about to be made...

That's a lovely list of players to join...

Saka is up their with not just the best young players but the best players full stop!

Half time report:

Well, that half of football was a weird one. Everton have had half moments in which they have looked semi-dangerous, but nothing concrete has come from their periods of 'dominance' that might make you feel as though they deserve to be in the lead.

Arsenal have controlled most of the ball and probed the opposition box the most. Having said that, until the goals came, nothing clear was being created and it took a moment of class from Saka to light up the Emirates Stadium and kill the nerves that may have been creeping in. 

Once they did that, the game was completely different: Arsenal's confidence levels grew 500 sizes and they loomed over Everton, dominating them like an Orc crushing a baby mouse. 

Everton need to steady the ship and regroup during the break, or else the Arsenal Orcs are going to keep on crushing.

And that's all for now!

Zinchenko gets in front of Coleman as Iwobi tries to play him in behind the defender. Well cut out.

Back underway...

Gana had the ball on the edge of the box after Ødegaard went down in the middle of the pitch. He stopped facing his own goalkeeper - either thinking that the referee had blown the whistle or that the time was up - and Saka nipped in to steal the ball and play it to Martinelli... who was exactly level with the ball as it came to him!




VAR are having a look...

Arsenal have the ball in the back of the net but the linesman has his flag up.

Saka stoke the ball from Gana and quickly popped it off to Martinelli who was centimetres from being onside.

4 added minutes.

A couple of Everton free-kicks lead to nothing as Arsenal defend perfectly as though they've swallowed Jack's magic beans, they're giants on the pitch right now.

Jumpers and coats have come off in the stadium as Arsenal go 5 points clear. Adrenaline is running through the sprinklers and the people crammed inside know they are seeing something special with this team.

We're back underway.

Zinchenko plays a simple pass through the lines to Saka in the right channel. Saka's movement and touch is outrageously good, spinning with the ball and opening his body up while keeping the centre-back away from tackling him. 

He puts the ball on his right side and rifles a ferocious shot into the roof of the net with all the force of a medium-sized hurricane. 

The Emirates Stadium erupts.





Arsenal have some sustained possession but Everton manage to keep them at bay.

The home side are, so far, failing to get any damaging blows aimed at Pickford.

This is the best spell Everton have had: they're controlling possession and trying to find gaps in behind the Arsenal defence...

Everton attack and Iwobi hoofs a cross way over everyone's head. The ball lands with Mykolenko on the left who pops the ball between Saka's legs. A good spell for Dyche's side.

So far, after 36 minutes, it's 1 attempt for Arsenal and 3 attempts for Everton.

Martinelli can't quite reach the speed of light to get on the ball from Xhaka that would have seen him in behind and on his own; Pickford claims possession.

Keane cuts out a nice pass attempt from Zinchenko to play Trossard through the lines. Everton clear the ball and Arsenal immediately win it back. 

The temperature is slowly rising in the stadium...

Onana goes down holding his face after challenging for the ball with Gabriel.

Neither the referee nor the linesman gave the foul.

A very late challenge from Saka there on Mykolenko. Again, no card comes out of the referee's pocket.

Chance for Arsenal!

Tarkowski slides in to clear a low Martinelli cross. It's turned into a very topsy-turvy game...

Gabriel defends well as Maupay gets on the end of a Doucouré cross. The crowd applauds and sighs in relief. That was too easy for Everton to counter attack through the middle with Onana.

Some head tennis in the Everton box ends with Arsenal regaining their attacking shape an applying more pressure on the away team.

Trossard slips and falls right next the referee before exclaiming how he was fouled. You're fooling nobody, Leandro. Because that was hilarious.

And we're back underway...

There's a pause in play as Onana is down.

Jorginho again tries to find Saka with an ambitious pass but it flies over his head and out of play.

Tarkowski tries an overhead kick and it turns out about as well as you'd imagine when reading the words 'Tarkowski tries an overhead kick'.

Iwobi tries a one-two with Maupay inside the Arsenal box but Xhaka jumps in to smack the ball out for a corner.

Jorginho spikes a strange ball through the lines but Saka doesn't see the pass and watches it go past him.

Some lovely 3-D triangles from Arsenal that even the Egyptians would be proud of ends with Trossard who darts inside the box and loses the ball to Doucouré.


Saka plays a one-two with Ødegaard and chips a cross for Trossard, but the Englishman's position was illegal as Ødegaard played the pass back to him in the box.

Mykolenko'sheavy touch allows Saka to slip in and the defender goes to ground and brings down the Arsenal forward.

A late challenge but he escapes without a card.

I'd try to describe Arsenal's front 4 for you but it's like trying to hold slime: they're getting in all the gaps interchangeably so numbers on a piece of paper don't really matter.

Maupay's header can't reach Iwobi as Everton launch a counter attack with Doucouré. 

The game has gone from cagey to cage-less - everyone's running around like wild lions.

Arsenal now come on the offensive... First Martinelli gets in behind but is called offside and then the home side win a corner after more ambitious attacking play.


Maupay flicks a back heel into Ramsdale's hands after good work down the left...

Ramsdale saves a shot from Maupay and immediately gives the ball away to Gana in the middle of the pitch. Arsenal dropped off a lot to allow the striker to turn and shoot from 25 yards.

Jorginho has a shot from the corner that flies high and wide...

Saka gets the crowd on their feet with a surging run down the right but Mykolenko challenges well to give Arsenal a corner.

A lot of loose possession in the opening minutes here... no team are able to keep the ball.

Free-kick to Everton after Onana goes down from a challenge from Gabriel.

And we're off!

Everton kick us off from right to left!

The players are in the tunnel...

We're almost ready to go!
Soccer Football - Premier League - Everton v Chelsea - Goodison Park, Liverpool, Britain - August 6, 2022  Chelsea's Raheem Sterling in action with Everton's Yerry Mina and Alex Iwobi REUTERS/Toby Melville EDITORIAL USE ONLY. No use with unauthorized audio, video, data, fixture lists, club/league logos or 'live' services. Online in-match use limited to 75 images, no video emulation. No use in betting, games or single club /league/player publications.  Please contact your account representative for further details.

Toby Melville / Reuters

And the answer is...


Iwobi has played 107 times for Everton (108 tonight) and he managed 100 apps for Arsenal.

15 to go!

Here's a reminder of the starting XIs:

Arsenal XI: Ramsdale; White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko; Xhaka, Jorginho, Odegaard; Saka, Trossard, Martinelli

Everton XI: Pickford; Coleman, Tarkowski, Keane, Mykolenko; Iwobi, Doucoure, Gueye, Onana, McNeil; Maupay
Arsenal vs Everton, Premier League: Horario, TV; cómo y dónde ver en Estados Unidos

Jason Cairnduff / Action Images via Reuters

Pub quiz time!

Alex Iwobi is in line to start for Everton tonight, but has he made more appearances for Everton or for Arsenal in all competitions?

Tell us your answer on Twitter, @English_AS or @j4brennan
Arsenal vs Everton: Times, how to watch on TV, stream online | Premier League

I know you want to stick with me on the live feed, but in case you want to find out how to watch the game, then here's Fidel with all the information you could need.

Opta with the goods...

This team is quickly becoming one of those that you can name off the top of your head with no hesitation.
Mikel Arteta, entrenador del Arsenal, celebra el último gol contra el Aston Villa.


Pre-match stats:

- Everton have one just once in their last 26 visits to Arsenal’s stadium.

- Arsenal have won 99 of their 203 league games against Everton, and could become the first team in English league history to register 100 victories against a single opponent with a win tonight.

- Arsenal have won just one of their last four home games, and have kept just 2 clean sheets in 16.

- Sean Dyche has lost just one of his last six games against Arsenal.

- Everton last beat the team top of the league at their home ground in 1986 - a 1-2 win against Wimbledon.

Everton team news!


Coleman - Tarkowski - Keane - Mykolenko

Gana - Doucouré - Onana

Iwobi - Maupay - McNeil

Arsenal team news!


White - Saliba - Gabriel - Zinchenko

Xhaka - Jorginho

Saka - Ødegaard - Trossard


And at the top...

Things look a lot rosier up here, where the air is clear and the sun is shining and there's another fierce battle going on.

Arsenal are two points in front of City and a win today would see them jump 5 clear of second place (and also put them on 60 points in the joint-least amount of games in their history).


Here's how things look at the bottom:

Eek. It's pretty scary down here at the bottom of the league, with just one point separating Everton, Bournemouth and Leeds United from salvation/the drop.

West Ham are on the edge, just two points above Everton, so they could be bumped down if The Toffees get a win today.

Poor Southampton need to find points from somewhere to start the great escape, but you're a better person than me if you can say where they're coming from.


I've said it before and I'll say it again...

The Emirates pitch is just delightfully appealing to me. I want to roll around on top of it like my dog rolls around in the puddles in the park.
Arsenal cae ante Everton

Peter Powell / EFE

How it went last time...

Arsenal have a chance to get some sweet, sweet revenge on those Everton boys as Sean Dyche’s side beat Mikel Arteta’s team 1-0 at Goodison Park in the league just over three weeks ago.

Everton fans will be hoping lightning strikes twice, or maybe another goal from Tarkowski would do instead of a huge bolt of electricity.

From the outside, with the stats and facts and that you're going down to Arsenal who are currently having a terrific season, most people on the outside would suggest that it's unlikely that we'll get a result but that can bring a bit more freedom to the group. 

Sean Dyche, Everton manager

It might mean you don't think we're going to do anything - but that doesn't mean we don't. It means we'll certainly be going down there with our eyes on the prize and delivering a performance that can get something.

Sean Dyche, Everton manager

With Sean, it’s quite clear what he’s done and where the success they’ve had is coming from. Tomorrow we’ll prepare the game in an appropriate and similar way [to the away match]. But with every manager, it’s the same. 

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager

We have to look at certain matches, what they do and try to get the right tactics to beat them - and as well the same mentality and expectation of what we demand in the game.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager

Everton team news:

Dominic Calvert-Lewin is continuing with his hamstring recovery and will be out of the game tonight.

James Garner and Nathan Patterson are also unavailable for today’s game.

Andros Townsend’s ACL recovery is still ongoing although he may be back this month.

Arsenal team news:

Thomas Partey could be fit enough to make the bench; Gabriel Jesus and Mohamed Elneny are Arsenal’s longer term absentees

Both Emile Smith Rowe and Jakub Kiwior featured for the under-21s'  and could be in line to appear at some stage.


Hello, hello!

AS USA are back with more live coverage and today we’ve got a cracker: it’s Arsenal vs Everton in the Premier League!

It’s Joe here tonight to guide you through the ups and downs of the action at the Emirates Stadium as Arsenal look to continue their march towards league glory.

They are 2 points ahead of Manchester City with a game in hand over Guardiola’s side. 

Everton, on the other hand, are vying to push themselves out and away from relegation. They currently sit 18th and are only one point behind Leeds United.

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