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Weston McKennie 52'

PSG 2-1 Juventus summary: score, goals, highlights, UEFA Champions League

PSG 2-1 Juventus summary: score, goals, highlights, UEFA Champions League

PSG 2-1 Juventus: as it happened

Deceptive Dominance in Paris

If one takes a superficial look at the match, it might appear as typical case of 'business as usual.' Two goals from Kylian Mbappe and a 2-1 victory over another fellow giant of European football. Yet, that doesn't even begin to cover the layers of intrigue in this one.

On the one hand, it was clear that PSG could have scored a few more goals. The French side's ability to create goals is well known and that was before they added Leo Messi to their squad. Yet, it must be said that this was a Juventus side that is perhaps the weakest in some years and even so, they were able to cause the Parisians a great deal of concern with their rejuvenated 2nd half display.

In truth, it would appear that PSG lack the ability to close out opponents, preferring instead to rely on their obvious goal scoring prowess. An understandable approach, but what happens when they face stronger opposition, of which there is plenty in the Champions League? With that said, it would take a brave man or a daft one, to bet against them getting out of the group when this was in fact their strongest rival.

As for Juventus, one has to feel some sympathy. Playing in a particularly vocal Parc des Princes against a team loaded with firepower, the team from Turin showed their traditional grit and could be considered unlucky not to have got an equalizer - thanks to Donnaruma - but to be honest it would have been more than what they were worth on the night.

Lastly, mention must be made of the strangely pedestrian match that Leo Messi had. While Neymar and Mbappe were clearly up for the game and leading the band in its performance, something about Messi's play seemed off tonight. Is he unhappy in PSG or was it simply a case of 'well I'm not needed,' either way, be sure to check in with us as we'll be sure to find out for you!

With that we wish you a goodnight from all of us here at AS USA and see you tomorrow for more Champions League action!

Champions League has returned and so have we!

A warm welcome to you all from us here on Diaro AS, as we get underway with our live text coverage of this massive Matchday 1 game between PSG and Juventus.

Be sure to stay with us right through to kick off as we will be bringing you all kinds of information about who to watch, what the lineups are and any other tidbits that might help.

McKennie's goal for Juventus

Not the tallest player in the world, the American made an instantaneous impact on the evening's proceedings.


It's all over! If you just joined us, you missed an entertaining match in this Group H opener between PSG and Juventus. The final score between these two European giants was 2-1 to PSG with two goals for the French side from their starlet Kylian Mbappe and one for the Italian outfit from their American talent Weston McKennie!


The final stages of the match and barring some catasrophe, PSG will ge ttheir win.


Renato Sanchez with some clever work on the left side burns valuable seconds off the clock before finding Mbappe in the corner who begins to showboat. McKennie thanks him with a foul.


We're in the 1st of three minutes of stoppage time now and Juventus is called for off-side.


The affair is open now. Neymar runs straight at the defense and lays off to Mbappe who sees his shot saved by Perin once again.


A fortunate deflection off of a Juventus defender falls to an open Neymar who fires a venomous shot at goal, but somehow Perin manages to stop it with his legs.


Not much left in this one now. Juventus play to McKennie on the right side but they are forced back  into their own defense.


To their credit, Juventus has not stopped trying to find that ever elusive second goal.and in the end are able to force an error out of PSG. They will have a throw.


Juventus also makes a change with Rabiot out for former PSG player Moises Kean


Neymar's effort goes over the crossbar and PSG will make their change. Veratti leaves for Renato Sanchez.


First, however, Neymar will take the freekick.


Soler is welcomed to the game with a foul just infront the area, as PSG prepare to make yet another change with Renato Sanchez coming to the touchline.


Time is ticking away and the score remains at 2-1 in PSG's favor.


Leo Messi leaves for new signing Carlos Soler. It's been a quiet night for the world's best player and it's worth noting that he's been substituted more and more in recent games. Perhaps nothing, or perhaps something else.


A deep Juventus cross finds nobody and PSG have the throw.


PSG with the ball once again but Juventus win it and break immediately. An audacious pass to the lone Vlahovic is just intercepted before the Juventus forward can get into the area alone.


Juventus will count themselves unlucky after a mad scramble infront of PSG's goal does not see the ball go in the net. PSG survive what would have been an equalizer.


We have arrived at the 80th minute and the Italian side seems to understand it's now or never.


Juventus manage to get out of the ditch and now break through Mckennie to the right side.


Dispossessed they are now immediately on the backfoot. Neymar finds Messi who in turns plays to Sergio Ramos on the right side. The Parisians are working the ball from left to right, but are yet to find a way in.


Juventus get underway again. They need a break through right here and now.


PSG to make a double switch Hakimi leaves for Mukiele and Vitinha leaves for Danilo.


Juventus press forward in search of an equalizer and finally get a shot at goal, but the ball is in the stands.


Kimpembe to throw the ball back to Juventus and play restarts


Having won the ball, Juventus push forward but a PSG player is on the ground and play is halted.


PSG work the ball around the back while looking for an opening. Juventus manage to push them back even further.


Cuadrado leaves the pitch for Disciglio


Danilo receives a card for his block on Mbappe. A hand to the face to more precise.


After a bit of scrappy football between the sides, Messi manages to get into his stride and shoots on the run, but his effort is straight down the middle and Perin claims the ball.


We've arrived at the 70th minute mark and the score is 2-1 to PSG


Mbappe is off and running but slows things down in order to wait for support. Neymar is now operating on the left and from the looks of things is loving it, as their is more space.


PSG force the Italian side to give up possession close to their own goal. Again the Parisians probe but Juventus manage to break and eventually win a throw in.


Arkadiusz Milik comes off the pitch to be replaced by Manuel Locatelli


NEymar is probing and finds Messi who has what is his first real effort of the match, a left footed curling - typical Leo - shot that almost finds the far post. Perin breathes a sigh of relief.


Milik wins it in a dangerous position and works with Danilo down the left but in the end the play is broken up by Hakimi and PSG break.


PSG forced backwards and they almost lose it, but Vlahovic is adjudged to have fouled Veratti.


Messi plays to Neymar who then flicks the ball behind him and into space with one touch for Mbappe who takes it in stride and will rue the fact that his shot drifts wide of goal. It would have been his third. Again PSG showing their ability to strike out of nothing.


Neymar chooses to play short to Veratti who chooses to shot, but his attempt is blocked. PSG will have a throw.


A foul in the middle of the field on Messi. Rabiot is lucky to escape without a card. PSG with a freekick infront of the area. Juventus will need to be on their Ps and qs with this one.


PSG regain possession and attempt to slow things down. Neymar who was the first half architect appears to be without the same zest in this 2nd period, while Juventus seem to be growing in intensity.


Without doubt, McKennie's introduction has turned the match on it's head. The 'Old Lady' seems to know there is something in this match for the taking.


Rabiot with a decent effort at goal, reminding PSG that Juventus won't go quietly into the night.


Juventus appear to be well in control of the match now, but will need to be wary as PSG have twice shown the ability to create a goal out of nothing.


Juventus break and Mckennie plays to Cuadrado who plays a dangerous cross into the box which finds Milik who in turn forces a save from Donnaruma. The resulting scramble for the ball finally falls the way of Mckennie who volleys well into the stands. They seem to be orchestrating a proper 'Italian Job' at this point.


Ever dangerous, the French side break through Mbappe and his dangerous cross just barely misses the boot of Hakimi who had found space.


PSG get off and running again and truthfully, look slightly perturbed by the concession of a goal. Calm heads will be needed here.


And just like that the American gets his name on the board with a well worked corner and subsequent header. Juventus are now back on the hunt. Can they get their equalizer?


Juventus definitely showing more intent in this second half and have won a corner for their troubles.


PSG are playing an extremely high defensive line, they will need to be careful despite their 2 goal cushion.


Juventus appear to have a renewed sense of purpose with McKennie but it's brought to an end by Leo Messi of all people who breaks from the defense and then unleashes Mbappe. The Frenchman storms into the box and selects to shoot at the near post instead of passing to an open Neymar in front of goal. The Brazilian is not pleased.


McKennie is operating on the right side and is almost set free, but PSG manage to clear and Juventus start again.


PSG attempt their own brand of 'tiki taka' in the Juventus area and almost work an opportunity, but in the end they are crowded out and the Italians break.


Clever play by PSG leads to a Neymar chance, but his well placed shot lacks power and Perin is untroubled in goal.

Weston McKennie was a halftime change for the Italian outfit with Fabio Miretti making way for him. The Parisians remain unchanged.


Juventus with an early freekick from the right side. Cuadrado to take. Donnaruma claims it in the end without contest.


PSG get us off and running with the touch. They are leading 2-0, but this is Juventus. Can the Italians get something out of this match or will it be more of the same?


If you're just joining us here on AS USA, let us give you a warm welcome to our live text coverage of this Group H clash in the UEFA Champions League between Juventus and PSG.

At present the French side is leading 2-0 courtesy of two goals from Kylian Mbappe, but we suspect there will be more in this, the business end of the affair. Let's go!

The teams are back out

The teams are making their way back out onto the field and we're just about ready for the 2nd half.

Mbappe's 2nd goal!

Courtesy of a classy play involving Messi and Hakimi, the Frenchman got his second of the night and it was a stunner.

A look at Kylian Mbappe's first goal of the night

What a play by Neymar and what a finish by Mbappe!

PSG restarts and the referee brings the half to a close.

If you've just joined us here on AS USA, it's the UEFA Champions League and we're giving you our live text coverage of a Group H clash between Juventus and PSG. The French outfit currently leads 2-0 courtesy of a crisp double from star forward Kylian Mbappe.

Stick around for the 2nd half!

PSG restarts and the referee brings the half to a close.

If you've just joined us here on AS USA, it's the UEFA Champions League and we're giving you our live text coverage of a Group H clash between Juventus and PSG. The French outfit currently leads 2-0 courtesy of a crisp double from star forward Kylian Mbappe.

Stick around for the 2nd half!


Neymar is yet to get to his feet and it would seem the clock is going to run out on this one. The Parc des Princes is in full song at this point and with good reason. 2-0 the score stands after a clinical first half from the Parisians.


Neymar receives a heavy foul from Miretti who in turn receives a yellow card.


Closing out the half now the ball is worked to Messi who begins to play a bit of 'keep it' with Neymar, much to the frustration of the Italian side. 2-0 the score remains as we enter the first of 2 minutes of stoppage time.


Ramos brings the ball out an delivers it to Messi, who at walking pace allows Veratti to go forward without him.


Again Juventus are enjoying a spell of possession, but without any real threat. In the end PSG regain the ball and will have a throw deep in their defensive third. Veratti is fouled by Rabiot for his troubles and PSG will restart with a throw..


Messi with the corner. Strange though it may be the little magician has done little tonight. Such can be the case when you play alongside the likes of Mbappe and Neymar.


We're in the final 5 now and its back to Neymar with his bag of tricks.the Brazilian comes inside and the ball is worked back to Mbappe on the left. A low cross from the Frenchman is blocked and PSG have a corner.


Cuadrado beats his marker and attempts to work a 1-2 but his teammate fails to control. The Colombian is understandably frustrated as one of the few players who seems to be putting up a fight.


Juventus restart in midfield after a cynical foul from PSG.


As we approach the 40 minute mark, the score is 2-0 to PSG here in this Group H tie with Juventus of Turin. It's Matchday 1 in the UEFA Champions League. If you're just joining us, then welcome from us here at AS USA!


Juventus will need to get at least a goal before the end of the half if they are to hope for a result in this match. At the moment it doesn't look likely, but stranger things have happened.


In the end the referee sticks with his original decision. A drop ball for the Italian's keeper. Juventus restart.


Neymar almost forces his way through the Juventus defense and collapses in a heep just infront of Perin. The Brazilian is holding his lower back, but replays don't appear to show any impact. He's yet to get to his feet.


PSG work through Mbappe on the left this time but his attempted cross is cleared for a throw. PSG restart with a throw.


Once again PSG reclaim the ball and work the ball to the left. Neymar with a slick piece of skill drifts past Rabiot. The ball is eventually worked to Messi in the middle who sets Vitihna for a shot at goal, but his effort is well over the bars.


Though Juventus is doing somewhat better in possession, it is without any real end porduct as the 2-0 scoreline will remind you.


Cuadrado to take. and a looping header goes over the bars. PSG to restart with a goal kick.


To the right they go, but again back to the defense. The PSG faithful whistle loudly until eventually Cuadrado is fouled. A Juventus freekick on the right side of the field.


Juventus attempt to get things going on the left side, but are forced back into their own defense. Again they attempt to work on the left, however, there seems to be no daylight.


PSG play down the right with Messi who surprisingly has not been majorly involved thus far with Neymar and Mbappe doing most of the offensive work.


Juventus face a seriously uphill task at this point and unfortunately are yet to show any signs that they are up for it.


In the end a deep past to the back post for Sergio Ramos is overcooked and Juventus will restart with a goalkick.


PSG will restart with a freekick. Neymar to take.


Play is still yet to resume with both teams involved in discussions with the referee. Mbappe is now on his feet but walking shakily.


Sergio Ramos will receive the first yellow of the match for his protests to the referee following the foul.


Juventus could well be in trouble now and after a cynical foul on Mbappe it would appear they are at risk of losing their composure as well.


As if on queue Mbappe with his second. A finely worked move involving a sequence of short passess between Messi, Hakimi and Mbappe with the latter rifling the ball into the left fart post! 2-0 PSG!


A foul by Neymar in the middle of the pitch. Juventus restart. The Italians are starting to find their feet now. Can they find a goal is the question


A Milik header from point blank range is stopped by Donnaruma and then subsequently cleared off the line by Sergio Ramos. A follow up shot rasps across the face of goal and the Parc des Princes breathes a collective sigh of relief. Milik stands with a look of disgust on his face.


Juventus are looking slightly better here


In what has been their longest spell of possession so far Juventus has not managed to find any angle of penetration, but not for lack of trying. Alas the Parisians win the ball and off they go again.


Juventus are forced back to their own area, but still retain possession. Slightly better from the Italians.


The Italians try to settle themselves but can only get as far as the halfline. They will have a throw-in after which they advance to PSG's area but again the french are able to defend.


Messi finally gets involved - strange to say it - as Neymar includes him in a move in front of Juventus' area, but in the end Juventus wins the ball and tries to break.


Mbappe is fouled attempting to cross the midfield with the ball. A freekick to PSG with Neymar and Veratti over the ball. They play the ball short and attempt to work the ball around.


Neymar comes deep to intercept a Juventus pass and PSG once again have the ball. It would appear the Brazilian can't put a foot wrong.


Neymar glides past Rabiot and there is a hint of a foul for which he goes to ground, but the referee is having none of it. Play resumes and Juventus continue in search of an equalizer.


Once again Neymar the man in the middle, but his clever pass is just out of reach for Hakimi.


Neymar has shown a noteworthy level of maturity in these opening exchanges. Playing in a somewhat deeper midfield role, the #10 has been at the center of everything for PSG thus far.


A decisive pass over the top once again finds Mbappe in space, but the French prodigy is unable to find the right connection with his right foot and Perin is able to claim the ball.


There is a pep in PSG's step as they are now well and truly in their rhythm as the Parc des Princes sings along.


Mbappe receives a heavy foul in midfield. Immediate retribution perhaps?


Juventus now down 1-0, will have to dig deep in this one as they are playing in a hostile environment against a team with sinister intentions.


After the dispossesion of Vlahovic PSG pounce and follwoing a deft flick over the defense by Neymay, Mbappe oblidges with a perfect right-footed volley into the far post. 1-0 PSG!


Juventus defend Hakimi well and again try a direct ball to their lone foward (Vlahovic), but the pass is inaccurate.


Messi with his first touch works around in front of the Italian defense and finds Hakimi out on the right. For the moment, they can't find an in.


Juve break through Vlahovic and manage to work a clever move with a header back across goal, but in the end Donnaruma claims the ball for himself.


Neymar the protagonist in an early PSG move which ends in a throw for PSG deep in Juve's defensive third.


Juventus give up possession easily allowing PSG to take a look at the lay of the land. The Parisians attempt to play around their defense but Kimpembe is fouled and they will restart with a freekick.


And we're off! Juventus with the touch and we begin!

The teams are on the field!

Both sides are on the field and the stadium is packed for what promises to be a mouthwatering tie in Group H of the UEFA Champions League.

There is no shortage of star power on the field, which is to say expect fireworks in this one. While the sides haven't met in some 25 years, it goes without saying a lot has happened in that time, with Juventus getting there hands on a champions league title to boot.

What will they produce tonight? Stay with us to find out!

It's time!

We're moments away from kickoff in this Matchday 1 tie between PSG and Juventus in the 2022 UEFA Champions League. Welcome to our coverage here on AS USA of this Group H clash!

A sight for sore eyes

the Parc des Princes is ready, but are you?

The pressure is on for PSG after massive spenditure

With some $1.3 billion spent in transfers over the last decade and no European silverware to show for it, the pressure on PSG's 'project' is now well and truly on.

Add to that the fact that they recently added Leo Messi - the GOAT himself - to their ranks which already included the world's most expensive player in Neymar and the world's best young talent in Kylian Mbappe and you'd be forgiven for having a laugh.

Yet such is the nature of elite sports, as one can't simply buy a trophy by placing talent together. Titles require many variables such as the correct coach, a balanced squad, a mix of talent and experience and of course depth.

Regardless, one has to feel that if they don't get things right - like this year - this dream of Champions League glory could soon become a nightmare.

Confirmed Starting 11s

Here's how the teams will line up tonight, with both starting 11s now confirmed and ready to go.

Lucky Break?

PSG will likely be thanking their lucky stars that they don't have to face one of their former players. Juventus on the other hand will be happy that the Argentinian is fine, but not so pleased that he won't be available.

Matchday 1 has arrived!

In case you're wondering, here's a look at the full slate of games this Tuesday on Matchday 1 of the 2022 UEFA Champions League!


While it's not about PSG or Juventus, we thought you might want to have a look at the Americans who are participating in this year's edition of the UEFA Champions League. Incidentally, one of them does in fact play for the the Turin based side!

This one promises to be special

With some of the best in the business on show tonight, not to mention the world's best player, we're pretty sure this is going to be a footballing fiesta when the whistle blows. Get ready!

The head to head favors the Italians

It's been quite some time since the two sides met and one might argue that football matches are won on the day, time and time again we've seen how the past can shape the present.

Kylian Mbappé: Relationship with Neymar is “hot and cold”


Kylian Mbappé: Relationship with Neymar is “hot and cold”

Could it be there that there is trouble in PSG's camp? It's starting to look that way.

The Starting 11s are in

Yes indeed, Leo Messi has been included in the starting lineup!


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