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Uruguay vs Israel, summary: Duarte, score, goals, highlights | FIFA U20 World Cup semi-final

Marcelo Broli’s solid side beat Israel 1-0 with Anderson Duarte getting the winner in the second half.

Uruguay vs Israel: as it happened

Full-time report:

Uruguay make it to the U20 World Cup final after an extraordinarily tense game in La Plata, with Anderson Duarte's second-half goal sealing the victory for the South American side.

La Celeste played the majority of the game on the counter-attack, sitting solidly in defence with Duarte, De los Santos, González and co. bursting forward at any opportunity Israel gave them during the game.

Israel, it must be said, while they did not do enough to make it past the blue wall and into the final, played a fantastic game, as they have done all tournament. But the South American defence was just too strong, and they did excellently well for 90 minutes to frustrate Turgeman, which is something that had not happened until today.

Whoever come up against Uruguay in the final (either South Korea or Italy) will have an incredibly tough time in breaking them down.

You can follow the second semi-final on

Joe's MVP: Matturro (Uruguay)

Thank you!

So, Uruguay are our first finalists of this intriguing tournament that is surprising us more than a box of snakes.

Thanks for joining me for the coverage of the game, and I sincerely thank you for sticking through the Ferrari puns.


Don't move a muscle!

I'll make sure and drop the link to the live coverage of the second semi-final between Italy and South Korea right here once we're up and rolling. If it's anything like the one we've just seen then we're in for a tasty football treat.

Before I forget...

A shoutout for Lemkin in the Israeli back line, who had a fantastic game tonight, despite not being on the winning side. 

I thought he was exceptional in defensive moments, with a calm presence at the back that permeated through the rest of the team. But it was in buildup where he stood out, timing his passes perfectly under pressure that allowed more space for his teammates to receive the ball in the middle third. 

One for the future.

Uruguay post-match comments:

The people deserve this, they travelled a long way to come and this is for them. I hope they enjoy it.

Anderson Duarte, Uruguay

Everything this involves, the journey, everything, it's amazing. 

So many people have travelled to see us, which is great.

We had to attack, we were going to create if we attacked. The players gave everything in the game, and now we're in the final.

The players earned the confidence they have, now it's time to rest and prepare for the final on Sunday.

Marcelo Broli, Uruguay manager


Duarte's goal seals La Celeste's win over Israel!

The time is up as the ball rolls out for a Uruguay throw... but no whistle just yet.

We're into the final minute.

Siri ON

Damián García OFF

Page 130, rule 9 of Dark Arts: Uruguay prepare a substitute as they run the ball to the corner of the pitch.

The ball is eventually whipped in and Uruguay clear to Israelov, who goes for glory with an ambitious effort from distance that sails high over the bar.

Uruguay are standing firm as Israel's strikers wait patiently for a ball into the box that is yet to come...

Israel have relied on late goals so far during this tournament - can they get another?

FIVE added minutes.

We're into the last minute and Israel have La Celeste pinned against their own goal.

Uruguay have the big book of Dark Arts, Tips and Tricks out on the touchline and are relying on every post-it-note that they have stuck throughout the manual.

The ball is being fired into the corner where they are looking to buy cheap fouls, go down suspiciously easily and look to stop the game at every moment.

It's a very deep 5-3-2 from Uruguay who are looking to defend their way out of the game. 

Lemkin hits a cross into the box that is collected easily by man of the moment, Rodríguez.

Might that have been the moment for Israel?

De Ritis ON

De Los Santos OFF

Senior was through and 1vs1 with the goalkeeper after being played in behind by Turgeman, but Rodríguez got down superbly well to pluck the ball from the feet of Senior who was all on his own in front of goal!



It's not really happened for Turgeman today, who has been bossed by Boselli all day long. Israel are firing passes into his feet but the defender is there every time to pressure him like a madman.

Nawi gets a booking for a slice at De Los Santos' legs.

Homenchenko ON

Duarte OFF

The ball was worked out to the left and then played to the penalty spot, where the defender was waiting to fire an effort at the goalkeeper.


Saved by Tzafati!

Duarte, after ten seconds of wiggling and wriggling with the ball, is taken out by Senior.

Ben Harush and Navi ON

Kancepolsky and Feingold OFF

Senior goes up against Matturro but the ball rolls out of play (despite the complaints from the forward) and Señor Sánchez says goal-kick.

Boselli sends a header spinning over the bar from a fierce corner whipped in from the left.


Franco González lashes a powerful effort towards goal from inside the box that is blocked by Lemkin, who has been excellent today.

Binyamin ON

Madmoun OFF

(wow, he's very, very angry...)

The nerves are showing for Israel, who fail two or three times to clear the ball from their own box, with Uruguay snapping like caged dogs at the poor clearances sliced high into the air.

González is almost slipped in by Duarte as Uruguay break again. Israel need to be careful as the South American side are threatening them on the counter.

Great tackle from Revivo on Boselli, who broke away for La Celeste as Uruguay defended the free-kick well inside their own box.

Israel have a free-kick out wide on the right...

Isreal have scored in every game so far at the tournament - as have Uruguay - will we see them keep up their record?

(hey, the last time I said we had 'no goals yet', Uruguay scored instantly)

That was close: Matturro gets down the left and almost finds Duarte again - La Celeste want more!

And we're back underway with Israel having it all to do.

My mistake there with the goal scorer, it was a tumble in the box from a few players and it looks like the goal has been giventoDuarte.

Tzafati tipped Matturro's long-range drive onto the far post and Duarte dived in on the rebound to tap home from a yard out!




Half an hour to go... no goals yet.

Ibrahim and Senior ON

Abed and Khalaila OFF

Ferrari gets up but his header is not great and the ball goes wide.

De Los Santos is tripped on the right, close to the corner flag. A dangerous free-kick to La Celeste.

Facundo González gets on the end of the corner with a big header but it flies wide.

Duarte stabs the ball across the box and Israelovslidesin to save it from crossing the line.

My head was flicking left and right like I was watching a tennis match played by scrambling ants on 100x speed. Such frantic football from Israel had Uruguay fully on the ropes.

Around 10,000 passes inside the Uruguay box between all of Israel's players and maybe even subs ends with a shot from Madmoun that is deflected wide. Hugely nervous moment for Uruguay, who stood strong.

Fantastic work from FrancoGonzález, who digs his chin into his chest as he surges down the right before cutting the ball back to Duarte. 

The striker takes a touch and fires a shot to the far post that thwacks off the upright!


Scratch that, the replay shows clearly that it didn't hit Lemkin's hand, so Duarte's protests were just sneaky.

Matturro whips in a cross which finds Duarte seems to hit the hand of Lemkin, but it's probably not worthy of a penalty...

Uruguay have switched things up and are now playing with 2 up front: Duarte and Ferrari are playing a striking pair in what is now something like a 4-4-2.

Ferrari starts the second half like an Italian sports car (I am so sorry) and fires a long-range effort with his huge, piston-like legs towards goal.

And we're off again for the second half!

La Celeste get us going in La Plata!

Ferrari ON

Sosa OFF

Here come the players!

We're almost ready to go for the second half!

Will we see Israel stick with what we've seen so far?

This game is either going all the way or a single moment of class will break the stalemate.

The newcomers to the tournament are once again the underdogs, but they have not feared their experienced opponents and we know that they have made a habit of scoring second half goals. All of them, in fact.

Uruguay have had their moments...

They've been the side that has come closest to scoring, but that does not mean that they have been on top. It's been Israel with all the ball, and they too have made La Celeste sweat throughout the match.

Stats at half-time:

Shots: 5-6

On target: 3-2

Shots inside box: 4-2

Shots outside box: 1-4

Passes: 130-234

No goals at the break and it's a real chess match on the pitch at La Plata. Both teams have had various spells of possession and have looked dangerous in moments.

Duarte is the player who has come the closest for either side, seeing his shot from inside the box whizz just wide after a lovely turn.


And that's all for now!

1 added minute.

He's OK to continue.

Feingoldneedstreatment after taking another fall; Duarte with the 'Harry Kane' special, shifting his Shakira hips into the player as he jumps to win a high ball.

Chagas sends in a wonderful cross towards Duarte but Israel clear the danger. 

Sosa follows it up with a ludicrous effort from at least 30 yards out that is easilyblocked.

Shibli has a very nice touch, but his decision-making has caused Israel to miss out on some fantastic opportunities to get close to goal.

Shibli wastes a great chance to break as he overhits a pass to the right after he slipped through a few challenges with some nice skill.

Matturro does well to get the ball into the box from a tricky position and it falls to Duarte, who is facing away from goal.

The striker spins on his heels and whips a leg round the ball that flies just wide!

That was the best chance of the game!


Ten to go until half-time, and we've got no clear favourite to win so far. Both teams have pretty much cancelled each other out.

Señor Sánchezsaysnopenalty and we continue...

The replay shows the player didn't get the ball, but there wasn't enough contact for a penalty.

Duarte goes down in the box as Lemkin challenges the striker!

Uruguay broke and the ball fell to Duarte on the left who felt he was held back by the defender.


Saved by Rodríguez!

He might even shoot...

A chance now for Abed to whip the ball in from the right with his left foot...

Díaz is booked, despite the challenge being exceptional in my book. Poor lad.

Shibli dances through the middle, past various challenges before opening out to Khalaili, who is fouledbyDíaz.

Israelreallyareplayingsomelovelyfootball: so many angles are open for different players and they are all aware of what options they have in possession. The product of excellent coaching.

Kancepolski snatches the ball from Díaz as the midfielder tries to slip and slide past him on the edge of the box.

The game has exploded into life!

Chagas breaks down the right and switches the play to Duarte, who sees his shot saved by the goalkeeper.


Israel have a corner after Khalaili gets the better of González... they take it short but Uruguay break...

I've just realised I haven't shown you the scoreboard!

Remember, we've got 90 normal minutes and if things are level after that, then it's 30 minutes of extra-time, and then the dreaded P word...

It's Revivo who does brilliantly to slide in Abed down the left channel, and his shot is ferocious, forcing Rodríguez into a low save across goal. Fantastic play from all involved.


We're over 20 minutes in and while Uruguay have had the better chances, it's not their game by any means and Israel are doing well to control the ball and the pace of the game.

Tzafati grabs hold of Matturro's shot that loops towards the far post, causing the crowd all to shout oooohh in unison.

De Los Santos bursts through the defensive line and almost sees the whites of the goalkeeper's eyes before Israelov steps in to clear.

A fast, short corner almost leads to a chance for Israel as Uruguay look utterly unprepared for the pass. Madmoun shoots from distance but his effort is blocked.

Uruguay are being made to run as Israel continue to pass, pass, pass their way into midfield and back out again, trying to tempt La Celeste out of their shape...

Ouch. Feingold takes a tumble after colliding with Duarte as the pair contested a high ball.

Israel have taken over the majority of possession now and are enjoying a positive spell on the ball as Uruguay decide that can can exploit them on the break instead of drawing them out.

Israel almost get themselves into some trouble in the buildup but they manage to zip out of the high press and the move makes it all the way to the Uruguay box, where Abed goes for the spectacular, flicking the ball up for an overhead kick.

Duarte gives Facundo González the ball after using his chest as a crash mat for the high kick from the goalkeeper, but the touch from the number 10 is slightly too far from his feet, allowing the Israeli defence to step in.

And the header is saved by Tzafati!

It was Boselli who jumped the highest to connect with the ball.

Duarte wins Uruguay the first corner of the game. Here come González and Matturro...

The pace of the game feels like a final, with nerves the overriding feeling as the two teams try to feel their way through the opening stages. Uruguay have had more of the ball as things stand but some nice touches from Israel have kept them on their toes in defence.

Tzafati does well to get off his line and hoof away a venom-laced through ball towards Duarte, who had broken through a gap in the middle of the Israel defence.

The first chance of the game almost comes from Uruguay, as Damián García wins the ball back well high up the pitch. The move flows forward and González gets a cross away but it's well blocked.

Señor referee gives Sosa a quick telling off and now we're back underway with the Israeli centre-back looking OK to carry on after that big hit.

Ooof! A big challenge early on from Sosa on Israelov... he's down on the ground.

It looks as though Chagas, normally Uruguay's midfielder, is at right-back...

Israel have set up with a high press on Uruguay's back four as La Celeste look to play the ball round at the back in the opening stages.

Israel are in all white; Uruguay, who are attacking towards my right, are in blue shirts, black shorts and black socks.

And we're off!

The first semi-final is underway in La Plata!

And now time for the national anthems

Uruguay's is a delight, and definitely a great tune to calm the nervous faces in the crowd and on the pitch.

Sorry, Israel, but you don't beat that easily. 

Anyway... time for kick-off!

Here come the teams!

Referee José María Sánchez Martínez leads the two teams out onto the pitch!

Weather check!

It's a lovely sunny day in La Plata, in the Buenos Aires province of Eastern Argentina.

The sun is shining (23ºC) and the breeze is blowing as the two teams finish up their pre-match preparations and head down the tunnel.

A reminder of the starting XIs:


GK: Rodríguez

DEF: Boselli, Matturro, García, Fa González

MID: Sosa, Díaz, Chagas

ATT: Duarte, Fr González, Santos



GK: Tzafati

DEF: Feingold, Lemkin, Israelov, Revivo

MID: Kancepolski, Madmon, Abed, Khalaila, Shbili

ATT: Turgeman
Soccer Football - FIFA U20 World Cup Argentina 2023 - Group E - Uruguay v England - Estadio Unico Diego Armando Maradona, La Plata, Argentina - May 25, 2023 Uruguay's Fabricio Diaz in action with England's Harvey Vale REUTERS/Matias Baglietto

Matias Baglietto / Reuters

Who to keep an eye on...

We've had a recommendation for Israel's potential star, so the man to watch in blue will be FabricioDíaz

The centre-midfielder, bornin 2003, is Uruguay'scaptain and has already been linked with a move to FC Barcelona, saying it would be "beautiful".

He has already amassed over 100 games for Liverpool Montevideo; most comfortable as a defensivepivot, he can play anywhere in the middle third of the pitch, and is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Under half an hour to go!

The clock is counting down as we approach kick-off, and the stadium is filling up nicely!

Both Uruguay and Israel have had huge support all throughout the tournament and by the amount of fans that are present today, things don't look to be changing!

The players have just come out of the tunnel for the final warmups before we get going and the atmosphere is now really buzzing in La Plata!

The Estadio Unico Diego Maradona is the setting for the game:

It holds 53,000 people and was opened in 2003 before being reopened in 2011. 

We've seen plenty of games hosted here during this fantastic U20 World Cup so far, and it's the location for both semi-finals that we've got today.
AMDEP1437. LA PLATA (ARGENTINA), 21/05/2023.- El seleccionador de Israel Ofir Haim dirige hoy, en un partido del grupo C de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol sub-20 entre Israel y Colombia en el estadio Diego Armando Maradona en La Plata (Argentina). EFE/ Demian Alday Estevez

Demian Alday Estevez / EFE

Israel's manager...

Ofir Haim's CV is so huge that he could bring it out in hardback.

Heplayed over 400 games at club level and had, wait for it... thirteen different stints at various clubs in Israel and Turkey.

He went from a playing role at Hapoel Marmorek straight into managing the team and Israel's U20 side is his tenth job in management.
Soccer Football - LaLiga - Real Madrid v FC Barcelona - Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain - October 16, 2022 Referee Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez talks to FC Barcelona coach Xavi REUTERS/Susana Vera

Susana Vera / Reuters

Who's the ref?

The referee for the game today is José María Sánchez Martínez.

Born in Lorca, Murcia, on 3 October 1983, Sánchez Martínez is one of Spain's most recognisable referees.

He became a Primera División referee in the summer of 2015.

The experienced Spaniard has overseen three games during this competition, including Uruguay's win over Tunisia.

And here's the Israel XI [4-2-3-1]:

GK: Tzarfati

DEF: Feingold - Lemkin - Israelov - Revivo

MID: Kancepolski - Madmon - Abed - Khalaila - Shbili

ATT: Turgeman

Uruguay XI!

It's a strong XI from Marcelo Broli as he tries to guide his team to the U20 World Cup final.

Díaz leads from the midfield while Duarte leads the line.
Uruguay's midfielder Anderson Duarte celebrates scoring his team's first goal during the Argentina 2023 U-20 World Cup quarter-final football match between United States and Uruguay at the Madre de Ciudades stadium in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, on June 4, 2023. (Photo by Luis ROBAYO / AFP)

Luis Robayo / AFP

Pre-game stats:

- Uruguay could become the sixth nation to reach three U-20 World Cup finals after Brazil (9), Argentina (7), Ghana (3), Portugal (3) and Spain (3)

- Israel are yet to score a goal in the first half at the tournament

- Both sides are on a three-game win streak

Here come La Celeste!

The players have arrived at the stadium in La Plata. They are looking to get to the final for the first time since 2013.

Their top scorer in that edition of the tournament was NicolásLópez who now plays for Tigres in Mexico.
Israel's forward Dor Turgeman (L) celebrates after scoring his team's third goal during extra-time of the Argentina 2023 U-20 World Cup quarter-final football match between Israel and Brazil at the San Juan del Bicentenario stadium in San Juan, Argentina, on June 3, 2023. (Photo by Andres Larrovere / AFP)

Andres Larrovere / AFP

Who to watch?

Israel's big man, DorDavidTurgeman is the big threat for the Israelis, and one that Uruguay's always-solid defence need to keep an eye out for, if he plays.

The player, as mentioned, went off early against Brazil, but should be OK to play.

Two goals in 5 might not be the best return rate, but his influence on the pitch is huge.
Uruguay vs Israel: times, how to watch on TV, stream online, 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup semi-final

Hey, want to find out exactly how you can watch the game on your TV or online? I know this sounds like ChatGPT just wrote that last sentence, but I can promise you it's Joe here (or is it?) and I'm just excited for the countdown to kick-off. 

Anyway, I'm rambling. Here's how you can watch the game today on any device that has a screen and an internet connection.

Israel are on a magical journey

What a performance from the side that hadneverqualified for the FIFA U20 World Cup. Now, they're one step away from the final.
USA - Uruguay: summary, score, goals, highlights, FIFA U-20 World Cup

How did Uruguay get here?

Well, simply put, by beating a very impressive USMNT. 

Here's the match report from the game that was settled by a 2-0 scoreline to La Celeste, with a goal from Duarte and a Wynder own goal sealing the deal.

They were the last team to qualify for the semis and could be the first team to qualify for the final, if they get past Israel at La Plata. More on them later.

Team news: Israel

Sorry, Israel, you're not getting a big paragraph, but mainly because the list is a lot shorter.

The only doubt is Turgeman, Israel's big attacker, who went off in the frankly unbelievable win over Brazil in the previous round. 

Reports on the player's fitness, however, seem to suggest that he'll be fine and dandy for the game. Let's hope so.

Team news: Uruguay

Let's get started with the doubts and certainties: as for the South Americans, they will be sweating on the fitness of an important trio ahead of the game tonight.

Ponte, Abaldo and Ferrari are all walking around with floating question marks over their heads, and we will have to wait and see if boss Marcelo Broli uses them from the start or prefers to keep his aces on the bench. 

Someone who definitely will not be featuring is LucianoRodríguez, whoissuspended

Uruguay vs Israel: the build-up

Hello and welcome to the AS USA live coverage of the U20 World Cup semi-finals!

It's Joe here today with the first of the two game and we've got a cracker!

Two of the most impressive teams in the entire tournament go head to head today to find out who will make the grand final of the U20 World Cup.

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