"Cristiano is unique. I never scored 4 goals in a game"

"It's difficult to play well for 90 minutes. In the second half we pressed more in their half and were more up for it", the Madrid coach said after the game.
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"Cristiano is unique. I never scored 4 goals in a game"

Half-time chat: "Yes, I did say something to the players. But in the first half we were up against a very good side, who have a lot to show for themselves. It's difficult to play well for 90 minutes. In the second half we pressed more in their half and we were more fired up. Once you score, everything becomes easier. It was the complete opposite in the Deportivo game. We can still improve and that's what we are going to try to do".

Crowd whistling Cristiano: "I'd rather focus on his performance today. The whistling is a part of football. They don't just whistle Cristiano. The public here are very demanding, they always want more from their players, but that's a good thing. And you all know Cristiano. He is capable of scoring four. He's unique".

No player guaranteed a place: "The idea is that everyone gets to play because they're all good players. All of the substitutions we made gave us more energy and that's a good thing for the coach to see".

Bale: "He seemed fine to me. He was happy to be back and happy for the game he put in. He's ready to play from the start, but we'll see how he is tomorrow".

Problems in the more tactical games: "We need to know what kinmd of team we are playing against. Celta have a few weak points but in attack, they're tremendous. The most important thing is knowing what to do when we have the ball and when we don't. We we can defend well when we don't have the ball and play as a team, we shouldn't really have any difficulties because in attack we have so much quality. I'm not worried about our game when we are in possession".

Cristiano: "He's unique. Only he's got that talent. I could strike the ball well when I was close to the goal but I never scored four goals in the same match. It's important that he's scoring freely with the Champions League games coming up".