Wolfsburg: German dependability

I’m not counting my chickens just yet, like I did a year ago when we drew Juventus in the semi-finals. However, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that, along with Benfica, Wolfsburg was the name we wanted to see pitted against Real Madrid. Ever since I was a boy I’ve always respected the dependability of German sides, but it’s clear to see that Wolfsburg are not Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. In addition, any slips up in the first leg can be resolved a week later in front of 85,000 screaming fans at the Bernabéu. Failing to go through is not an option. The hour of truth is upon us. Cristiano, Bale, James, Ramos and company have to make the most of this stroke of good fortune offered to them by the draw in Nyon and continue their march towards La Undécima.

With all respects to Wolfsburg, only true football hipsters are familiar with their key players (Draxler, Schurrle and Ricardo Rodríguez). But the disguise of humility is not a bad thing. Madrid’s disastrous campaign requires us to tread with caution and not start singing from the rooftops just yet.