"I enjoy stoking the rivalry between Madrid and Barça"

The Barça central defender says that the competitive edge that goes with 'El Clásico' is: "All part of the show".


Barça centre-back Gerard Piqué was interviewed by GQ this week. Aside from talking about his hobbies off the field and his eating habits, the player gave his opinions on the eternal rivalry between Barcelona y Madrid, as well as giving a few words on Spain's national team.

You are what you eat:

“Lately I've been looking after myself a lot more. As you get older you realize the importance of eating healthily and learn more about your own body. When I was at Manchester United, dinner might easily have consisted of a packet of Doritos and a jar of Nutella. But the older you get, you realize that you're not going to get anywhere eating like that. Physically, you cann't cope if you're not looking after yourself, you get injured more frequently and you feel worse out on the pitch”.


Barça - Madrid rivalry:

“I don't consider myself more authentic than anyone else. I have it quite clear who I am and I try to remain true to myself in the way I comport myself. Personally I like the edginess that goes with the Clásico and I consider it to be part of the show. It's the fun part of the game. The rivalry which Barça-Madrid have is what has made both of us two of the great teams and what has kept us among the best. That's why I like to stoke that rivalry sometimes. It's not a case of being provacative just for the sake of it”.

The national team:

“It's a family. We are team mates who have spent many years sjharing the same dressing room. I am talking about experiencing defeats together, victories together, doubts and worries, problems, happiness, hopes and injuries. And I don't mean just the players, also the physios, doctors, coaches, members of staff… Playing for the national team has given me such a lot. We have had so many great experiences and so many great memories; and I will continue to give my all for Spain until I am physically or mentally unable to”.


“When I am with the squad before a game and I have some spare time, I like to watch television series. Right now I am completely immersed in ‘Narcos’. I've been a little more choosy since I watched ‘Breaking Bad’. I wasn't into it at first, but from the end of the first series I really got hooked. I suppose you have to give these things time, and be patient. And it's the same with certain players or coaches”.