Ivan Origone sets new word speed skiing record: 255 km/h

The Italian speed skier broke his own record on a run at the French station of Vars. His brother Simone and French skier Billy Simon also went past the 250km/h mark.
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Speed skiing

Italian speed skier Ivan Origone has set a new world record, hurtling down the piste at 254.958 km/h (158.424 mph), and breaking his own previous best of 252.632 km/h (156.978 mph). On a fine day for high-speed descending Origone's brother, Simone, and French speed-man Billy Simon also went past the 250km/h barrier.

Origone spoke after breaking the record at the French ski station of Vars: "It's the first time I've gone really fast. I was so keen to do what I've done. This record is the proof that if I'm on a good piste, where I can brake safely, I can cope with any angle and not have any fear."