Neymar buys a new plane for nine million dollars

The Cessna Citation 680 can hold up to twelve people, has a maximum range of over three thousand miles and a cruising speed of 890 km/h.

Neymar buys a plane.

The Brazilian footballer, Neymar, has bought a new executive plane, the Cessna 680, which is worth a cool $9.1 million dollars. Although purchased last year year, the details have only just come to light.

The transaction took place on 6 August 2015 on behalf of Neymar Sport & Marketing, after a loan signed by Bir Participaçoes, according to a document published on the web by O Globo.

The Cessna Citation 680 is a medium-sized, executive jet that can hold up to twelve people, has a range of 3,190 miles and a cruising speed close to 890 kilometres per hour, based on the details from the manufacturer.

Last February, the Federal Prosecutor in Brazil ordered the embargo of section of the star's accounts and assets to guarantee potential payment of fines that could have been charged as part of an ongoing tax investigation. Among the assets frozen were a 3.8 million euro helicopter, a yacht and another plane. Although that jet was only worth four million!