Salom lost control braking over bump in track, says rider's team

SAG Team issued a statement on Monday after analysing the telemetry of the Spanish Moto2 rider's fatal accident at Montmeló.

El accidente de Salom lo causó un bache en la 12, no una avería.

Luis Salom's team says the Moto2 rider lost control of his bike after braking over a bump in the track at Montmeló, causing his fatal crash in practice for the weekend's Gran Premi de Catalunya.

The Spaniard suffered the accident in the second free practice session on Friday after careering off the circuit at turn 12, and died at a Barcelona hospital shortly afterwards.

In a statement released on Monday after analysing the crash, SAG Team said: "Luis arrived to the turn 12 braking reference point 6 km/h slower than his fastest lap, according to the telemetry that was because [of] a lower acceleration at the exit of turn 11.

"Due to that reduced speed, Luis operated the brakes 9 meters later to maintain a proper corner speed at turn 12.

-Relatives and mechanics of SAG Team Moto2 Spanish rider Luis Salom observe a minute of silence during a tribute for the 24-year-old.

"At the entry of the corner there is an irregularity on the asphalt known by all the riders (bump).

"The delay of the braking instant made Luis to maintain the brakes operated running over that asphalt irregularity, as opposed [to] the previous laps where he already had released the brakes on that spot.

"All of that added to an even speed [to] his best lap of the FP2 produced a stress on the front tire and a grip lost on the irregularity of the asphalt.

"That grip lost produced the crash with the tragic outcome that we all know."