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Andy Murray beats Milos Raonic: Wimbledon final 2016

Andy Murray beat Milos Raonic 6-4,7-6,7-6 in the men’s final at Wimbledon this afternoon.

. Wimbledon (United Kingdom), 10/07/2016.- Andy Murray of Britain celebrates after beating Milos Raonic of Canada in the men's singles final of the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, in London, Britain, 10 July 2016. (Londre

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon 6-4, 7-6, 7-6

Andy Murray brushed aside Milos Raonic's challenge on Centre Court to win his second Wimbledon title 6-4, 7-6, 7-6 without being seriously troubled by the big-serving Canadian at any point in his straight-sets victory.

Murray with the Wimbledon trophy
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Murray with the Wimbledon trophyANDY RAINEFE

Milos Raonic wasn't a push over though and Murray had to play some fine tennis to get the break in the first set and triumph in the tie-breaks. It was noticeable though just how much Murray was able to raise his game in the breakers, winning both of them easily (to 3 and to 2). 

Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion 2016: As it happened

Murray says he'll be back next year to roars from the crowd. 

Dave Cameron gets a mixed reaction after he's named by Andy Murray. 

"I'll enjoy this one tonight for sure" says Andy Murray asked if he'll be able to enjoy this win more than his previous victory in 2013, when he was somewhat overwhelmed by becoming the first British player to win the title in 77 years.

Murray says thanks to all his team, and then to his family, with his voice breaking with the emotion. 

Murray congratulates Raonic, in particular for his win over Federer in the semi-final. 

Murray up to the mic. "The wins are extra special because of the tough losses. I'm glad to get my hands on the trophy again!" 

Raonic congratulates Murray:  "This one’s gonna sting so I’m going to make sure, as these courts are green, that I’m going to be back here. I keep plugging away. Every single day I try to get better, to give myself these chances, because I want to be back here. Thank you to my team, everybody that’s here, everybody that’s not here. We’ve dealt with a lot and I know I’m not the easiest to deal with. I love them a lot". 

Andy Murray lifts the Wimbledon trophy! 

Andy Murray is in tears in his seat on centre court having defeated Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon final 2016. The emotions have finally got the better of the Scot after a match in which he was never seriously troubled by Canadian Milos Raonic. 

Raonic only really raised his game in the third set, but even then he struggled to hurt Murray, apart from forcing a couple of break-points halfway through the set. 

Third set tie-break Raonic - Murray


Raonic nets and Murray takes the title! 2-7. 

Let. Let. First serve Murray. Into the net. Second serve. Murray sees glory but goes wild and blasts long. 2-6.

Raonic big down the middle, but it's out. Second serve, Murray returns onto the baseline and that's his point! 1-6 CHAMPIONSHIP POINT

Raonic second serve. Murray runs on aggressively but puts it unexpectedly into the net. 1-5

Murray serves and he's too aggressive here for Raonic. Batters the ball harder every time till he gets the cross-court winner! 0-5

Murray serves down the middle, into a baseline rally, but Raonic drops one into the net. 0-4

Murray all over Raonic here and forces the Canadian to go long! 0-3

Murray passes Raonic at the net! Boom! 0-2

Murray serves wide and volleys the winner! 0-1

Raonic* (0) 6-6 (2) Murray: New balls! Which according to the stats actually favours the returner... But Raonic takes the first point, sending Murray miles, miles out wide on his backhand, then volleying into an empty court for 15-0. ACE! Those new balls go fast, eh. 30-0. Murray comes up the net, and Raonic seems so taken aback that he pops an easy one wide. 30-15. Then the 2013 Champion nets going for the passing winner. 15-40. Great volley from Raonic to bring up the tie-break!

Raonic (0) 5-6 (2) Murray*: Murray cruises effortlessly to 30-0, then gets involved in a longer battle, including a huge Raonic high ball that lands on the baseline. But Murray takes this point too, winning the battle of devilish slices. 40-0. And Murray takes the game with a cute drop shot that's bounced four times by the time Raonic gets there. Raonic will, again, serve to stay in Wimbledon.

Raonic* (0) 5-5 (2) Murray: Net-tape just denies Murray as he goes to pass Raonic at the net. It just dropped back in the scot's side. 15-0. Murray misses the next return and it's 30-0. ACE! 40-0. Baseline rally with Raonic moving swiftly around the back and he takes the point as Murray goes long. Raonic shows how to hold when your Wimbledon survival is on the line.

Raonic (0) 4-5 (2) Murray*: 41 from 68 points won at the net from Raonic. It feels like less given how often Murray has passed him. He wins one here to make it 15-15. A Murray ace takes us to 30-15. Raonic nets what looked like a simple serve return. 40-15. ACE! GAME! 5-4 for Murray. Raonic will serve to stay in Wimbledon.

Raonic* (0) 4-4 (2) Murray: Service winner to get us going as Raonic looks to level at 4-4. Murray's return loops up and stright back down. And then 15-15 as Raonic can't deal with Murray's return into his knees. He puts it into the net. Great overhead from Raonic to go to 30-15. Murray's attempted lob just too short, but the Canadian still had a lot of work to do. And then Raonic nets inexplicably to make it 30-30. That's a great point. Murray defends with one lob whicn Raonic can't kill and Murray's next is far enough back that Raonic can't smash and has to let it bounce. But the Canadian ends up winning the point on a battle of wits at the net. He then takes the game to level up at 4-4.

Raonic (0) 3-4 (2) Murray*: Murray's second double fault brings up 15-15. Murray's very effective serve out wide, wide, to the Raonic forehand works again and the return is long. ACE from Murray to move to 40-15! And a blasted Murray forehand hits the tape and trickles over to give him the game.

Raonic* (0) 3-3 (2) Murray: Service winner and a couple of aces and Raonic is at 40-0. He can't control a wickedly fast Murray return: 40-15. Raonic takes the game as Murray goes wide. That was very easy for Milos.

Raonic (0) 2-3 (2) Murray*: Murray slams a backhand into the tape to give Raonic an early advantage. 0-15. Then puts one long under no pressure. 0-30! ACE! Nae a bad response from Andy. 15-30. Second serve and it's short and Raonic blasts the winner back past Murray. BREAK POINT! 15-40! His box goes wild.

Murray serves out wide and Raonic can only net the forehand return. 30-40. Second break point. Murray fist pumps as he saves! Baseline rally and Raonic eventually goes into the net. Deuce. And Raonic should get a break point, but Murray's too fast and like a cornered viper turns defence into attack and passes Raonic when the Canadian's volley wasn't good enough. AND MURRAY HOLDS!

Murray showed how mentally tough he can be there. Raonic didn't quite up his game when he had the chance. Kim does a lot of shouting, Murray fist pumps, Wimbledon cheers and applauds.

Raonic* (0) 2-2 (2) Murray: Big long beautiful probing point from both players, but it's Murray who's faster round the back and outthinks Raonic. The Canadian comes up and Murray passes. 0-15. Murray follows that sublime moment up by a ridiculous fluff, failing to get the ball even to the net on his own side of the court. 15-15. Then it's Raonic's turn to weakly plop a volley into the net. 15-30. Dangerous moment for Raonic. But he responds with a good volley then a superb one to give Murray no chance. 30-30. Bosh! Fast up to the net and slams the return away. Nice from Milos. 40-30. Carbon copy of the last point. Game Raonic. Easy hold.

Raonic (0) 1-2 (2) Murray*: Raonic is a bit more fired up now. He batters Murray's opening serve and moves ahead. But puts his next return long and it's 15-15. Again Raonic goes for a booming return, but when Murray gets it back he tries to go even bigger and nets. 30-15. Steady serve from Murray, Raonic still trying to be aggressive and he goes long down the middle this time. 40-15. Baseline rally and eventually Raonic makes the mistake, putting it long. Raonic can't get any pressure onto Murray like this. Game for the Scot.

Raonic* (0) 1-1 (2) Murray: Murray just won't stop running and in a point where he's on the back foot ends up winning it as he runs onto a stop volley from Raonic and blasts it at the Canadian #persistence. Nearly pays off again fro Murray as he runs onto another volley Raonic hadn't quite killed, but this time Murray puts it long. 15-15. Boom! There's Raonic forehand in full artillery mode right into Murray's backhand corner. He needs more of that, a lot more. 30-15. And then a decent deep volley for 40-15. And game with a well-worked point.

Raonic (0) 0-1 (2) Murray*: Off we go in the third set. Murray serving. His opener is into the net. Second serve out. Tame double fault to start with. 0-15. Raonic hits a beast of a cross court that's called out, but umpire overrules. Murray was in deep trouble there, but gets to replay the point. And as so often happens Raonic goes wide on the replayed point. 15-15. A let off for the Scot. Service winner from Murray to settle things down at 30-15. ACE! 40-15. Third ace for the Scot. Kim nods in approval. Raonic with a great approach to the net and a volley Murray doesn't even chase (unlike him). But Raonic then goes wide with ANOTHER unforced error to hand the game to Murray. 0-1.

Murray is two sets to love up here and it's well deserved. He's playing the better tennis and not letting Raonic into the match. Equally the big Canadian's nerve has let him down at certain key moments, as has his decision making, particularly on when to come to the net. 

Raonic has been off for a comfort break. Will he have come up with a cunning plan in the dressing room to turn this around? 

Murray wins second set 7-6 (3). Murray leads Raonic 2 sets to love

Second set tiebreak: Raonic - Murray

Murray takes his time over his serve. First is into the net. Second serve on the line and RAONIC CAN'T GET IT BACK! SECOND SET FOR MURRAY!! 3-7

Service winner Raonic! 3-6

Raonic first serve out. Second serve sits up and Murray blasts long. 2-6

Murray serves out wide and the return is into the net! Set points! 1-6

Murray serving at 1-4. First serve down the middle and just out. Raonic leans into the return but Murray always on top and batters home the backhand winner. 1-5

Murray defending with some big lobs, gets back into the point and HITS THE WINNER! 1-4

Raonic gets a chance this time at the net and slams it away! 1-3

Murray forces another mistake from Raonic. 0-3

Long base-line rally. Raonic up. Murray gets one to dip at his toes and the Canadian goes wide! 0-2

Second serve from Raonic, and he nets Murray's fairly tame return! 0-1

Raonic* 6-5 (1) Murray: Murray at 15-0 is lobbed and he's so fast back to it, but gets overexcited going for the passing winner he puts it just out. 15-15. Raonic KEEPS trying to hit winners down Murray's back-hand side and he mostly keeps putting them just out. 30-15. Baseline rally with Murray under a bit of pressure, the Scot gets one to land deep in the rough near the baseline and Raonic nets. 40-15. TIE-BREAK!!

Raonic* 6-5 (1) Murray: Nice touch at the net from Raonic there to plop a ball over that dies straight away. Murray miles from getting it. And then a service winner to move to 30-0. And a huge forehand winner from Murray's half-court return. 40-0. And an easy volley to the Scot's next return. That's how to win a service game on the grass. Murray to serve to take us to a tie-break in the second.

Raonic 5-5 (1) Murray*: Great leave Milos to move to 0-15! Murray serving to stay in the second set, and he hit that one just a smidgen long. But Raonic nets a forehand next up and it's all square at 15-15. Net chord gives Raonic a nicely sat up forehand he comes in behind. But Murray spots the neat cross court angle past him and takes full advantage. 30-15. Another Milos forehand fail and it's 40-15. Desperate high ball from Raonic is smashed away happily by Murray to take the game. Easy hold. 5-5.

Raonic* 5-4 (1) Murray: Raonic nicely to 15-0. Then the net chord does a Woody Allen's 'Match point' to Murray, with ball just dropping back on his side. 30-0. Great point next with Murray never letting up and getting a smash back that Raonic nets. 30-15. And then Murray gets a passing backhand to hit the tape and sneak in! 30-30. Mad first serve from Raonic probably tells us something about his mental state. Miles out. A Raonic ball is called out, to give Murray break point, but he correctly challenges! Repeat the point and this time Murray passes diagonally with Raonic coming up again at the wrong time. BREAK POINT MURRAY! Second serve... but Murray slices into the net. As unforced an error as an error can be. Murray gets another break point! Calling for a review correctly as his winner went in. And again Murray has an easy forehand and plops it poorly into the net. Raonic breathes a sigh of relief. And batters away a smash right at the net from Murray's return on the next point. Game point Milos. Big serve from him and Murray's return miles out. Game Raonic. 5-4.

Raonic 4-4 (1) Murray*: Terrible mistake from Murray brings up 0-15. But Raonic gets overexcited and blasts long to go to 15-15. Big serve from the Scot leaves Raonic helpless. 30-15. And Murray's too good as he moves the Canadian around the back of the court, with Raonic eventually netting. 40-15. DOUBLE NET CHORD! Murray hits the tape from the back. Raonic is at the net and just reacts, and his shot hits the top of the net and drops just on the other side. He apologises. But Murray wraps up next point to move to 4-4.

Raonic 4-3 (1) Murray: Murray lashes out at his own foot after netting from the back of the court. To be fair it hit the scuffed area near the line and took an odd bounce. THIRD ACE for Raonic. 30-0. Then Raonic makes a mistake at the net, when he looked to have it under control. 30-15. AND MURRAY PASSES BEAUTIFULLY to get to 30-30. Backhand down the line past Raonic's forehand. 4 passing winners for Murray now. Raonic service winner to get to game point. 40-30. Raonic runs in behind a big serve and gets an attack of the wrist wobbles and nets an easy volleyed winner to bring up deuce.Milos gets another service winner for advantage. TASTY FROM MURRAY. Diagonal cross-court onto Raonic's toes at the net and he can't dig it out. DEUCE. Oh yes from Murray to bring up break point, winner down Raonic's forehand side. BREAK POINT! And Murray has the chance to pass down the same side, but nets the backhand. As you were, deuce. ACE! Advantage Raonic. Four aces now for the Canadian (Murray has 2). Raonic once again comes to the net when he probably shouldn't, but Murray swings wildly at the forehand and goes wide. Game Raonic.

Raonic 3-3 (1) Murray*: Still struggling with his ball toss Murray into the sun, and his wickedly swinging second serve equivalent is battered well wide by Raonic. 15-0. The next serve sits up tastily and Raonic LEAPS into the backhand battered passing shot. 15-15. Right out of the middle, the Canadian enjoyed that one. Then Murray gets one ON the line down the middle and Raonic flails and sends the ball out of SW19 (almost). 30-15. Service winner. 40-15. And Raonic comes in behind his next return, but Murray has time to play the passing shot and goes easily past the Canadian for the game.

Raonic* 3-2 (1) Murray: Service game to love from Raonic. Big serve, run in behind it, slam volley away: Raonic with a masterclass grass court point. Murray puts a lob long on the next point. And Raonic holds easily. 

Raonic 2-2 (1) Murray*: The unforced error rate is going up here. Raonic now nets in the first point under no pressure (well, no pressure other than playing in your first Slam final). Then Murray's serve out wide is too big for Raonic. 30-0. Raonic goes for the diagonal winner to Murray's backhand, but his targeting is still off out there. Just wide. 40-0. Then Raonic gets one to land ON the baseline, the ball doesn't bounce and Murray slumps away in disgust. 40-15. Catch that! Raonic gets the edge of his racquet to a fast Murray serve and the ball flies away into the crowd. Game Murray. 

Raonic* 2-1 (1) Murray: Raonic big serves to 30-0. Murray goes long with a backhand during a bog standard baseline rally. Lendl won't like those errors creeping in. Raonic next up on the unforced error front, putting an easy volley into the base of the net. 40-15. And then Murray slams a return miles long. Game Raonic. Easy stuff to hold serve there. 

Raonic 1-1 (1) Murray*: Murray nips up to 40-0 no bother. Then a sliced back-hand from the Scot goes long, 40-15. And then a looping forehand goes long from the man from Dunblane. 40-30. Careless from Murray. But Raonic spots Murray's unforced errors and copies him. Blasting into the net for no real reason.

Raonic* 1-0 (1) Murray: Raonic comes to the net and forces Murray into the mistake. 15-0. And then the Scot gets a great ball right onto Raonic's toes as he steps up to the net. The Canadian goes wide and it's 15-15. Murray moves to 15-30, but can't take advantage after out-thinking Raonic as they both come up to the net and puts an easy chance long. 30-30. Murray nets a return and curses. 40-30. Murray powers a perfect diagonal return past Raonic and fist pumps. Deuce. And DOUBLE FAULT! And BREAK POINT! Raonic screams: "Nooo!" Murray gets into the rally and then nets. He's raging about that. 2nd deuce. Murray is great at getting the ball into the toes of the man at the net, but Raonic dealt with that one perfectly to bring up game point. He converts after a cracking long baseline rally with the shots getting more and more angled all the time. Eventually it's Murray who cracks.

Murray wins the first set 6-4

Raonic* 4-6 Murray: Bizarre mistake by Murray on the first point, sending an easy backhand miles out the back. And Raonic then sends an easy forehand just out the back. 15-15. Great grass court play from Murray coming in behind a big shot to the Raonic backhand before putting away the volley to make it 30-15. Raonic nets in the next rally AND IT'S DOUBLE SET POINT FOR MURRAY! And he converts the first with an easy volley after once again moving Raonic around at his pleasure. Murray wins the first set!

Raonic* 4-5 Murray: 15-0 with a big serve from Raonic. And then Murray produces a gem of a sliced angled return that Raonic gets to but flobs into the net. 15-15. Groundstroke rally and then Murray comes up to the net and plays a fairly tame volley but Raonic makes a complete mess of the passing shot, playing it onto a grateful Murray racquet. The Scot plays it easily into the open empty court to move to 15-30. Raonic instantly booms out a big one to get back to 30-30. And ACE! Or maybe Murray touched it... either way, it's Raonic's point. 40-30. And Murray goes for a cheeky sliced drop-shot to kill an exchange of baseline shots, but he gets it all wrong and it goes straight into the net. Raonic holds and Murray will serve for the first set.

Raonic 3-5* Murray: All sorts of toss problems for Murray as he pulls out of two serves at the start of this game defending his break advantage. Raonic with some superb net play goes to 0-15, but Murray aces in response. He then moves Raonic miles out wide and booms the hardest shot in tennis, the drive volley the other way to get to 30-15. A poor flailing return from Raonic goes out and brings up 40-15. Murray then goes for the winner down Raonic's forehand side, but it's well into the tramlines. 40-30. And Raonic brings up deuce with a HUGE blast to a tame Murray serve that the Scot bobbles back into the net. More toss problems for Murray. He connects with that serve though and Raonic can't do anything with that, or the next one down the middle. Murray consolidates the break!

Murray has first blood and the first break. Raonic has been looking good, but a couple of unforced errors and coming up to the net too soon sees him drop his serve to give Murray the advantage. 

Raonic* 3-4 Murray: Big serve for 15-0 that Murray gets a forehand to, but can't control. And then Raonic misses a fairly easy volley. 15-15. And MURRAY! that's top play. Fast as lightning round the back of the court and bullets the diagonal winner past Raaonic at the net. AND DOUBLE BREAK POINT as Raonic goes wide on Murray's back-hand side. Raonic follows in behind a tame second serve and MURRAY MISSES AN EASY PASS. Puts it long. First break point saved. Another second serve on break point for the Canadian. And he nets a fairly easy volley after an exchange of groundstrokes! BREAK FOR ANDY MURRAY!

Raonic 3-3 Murray*: Raonic can only get an edge if the racquet on Murray's first serve and then puts his next return long. 30-0. An exchange of baseline groundstrokes is quite exciting until Raonic blasts out wide down Murray's backhand. And Raonic goes wide down the same side looking for what would've been a genius winner. But is a smidgen wide.

Raonic* 3-2 Murray: Great net play from Raonic there on the opening point with two deft volleys, the final one outwitting and outfoxing Murray. A big serve, and then to move to 40-0 Raonic finds the absolute corner down Murray's back-hand side and the Scot can't get it back. Raonic takes the game when Murray nets looking for a diagonal passing shot. Raonic is looking good here, he's aggressive and is finding the lines.

Raonic 2-2 Murray*: Murray has a couple of failed throw-ups with the sun causing problems, but gets his first first-serve and goes to 15-0. Raonic again finds the net looking to raise the aggression levels and Murray moves to 30-0. Murray finds the corner and Raonic, stretching, goes long. 40-0. BOOM. Big forehand winner from Raonic after Murray played too short with a half-volley. 40-15. And another forehand winner to the forehand side. It's not JUST big serving. 40-30. But when Raonic plays his next return short Murray scampers up to the short ball and batters away the winner. Game Murray.

Raonic 2-1 Murray: Raonic's first two serves are two big for Murray to handle, but he gets the next one back in and Raonic puts a fairly easy shot long. The Canadian then nets having come up to the net to make it 30-30.

Murray just gets a tough return right into the body back and Raonic GOES LONG! BREAK POINT! 30-40. First serve into the net. Great second serve out wide to Murray's forehand and he can't control it. Deuce. Murray goes for a straight winner and it's straight into thet net. Advantage Raonic. And he takes the game with a serve into Murray's body that the Scot gets back somehow but is all out of position and Raonic converts the volley easily.

Raonic 1-1 Murray: Murray to 30-0 with two solid points and two winners following up solid serves. Raonic then comes into the net and wins a decent point to make it 30-15, with a great half-volley pickup off his toes and a massive smash to win it. BUt Murray responds with another big forehand winner RIGHT into the corner. 40-15. And then Murray hits the line with his serve and all Raonic can get is an edge on it. Game Murray 1-1.

Raonic 1-0 Murray: Murray wins the first point, great return to a second serve and then into the corner with the winner. He goes long on his next point though to make it 15-15. Raonic hits a boomer Murray can't control and it's 30-15. Great point! Lots of defence from Murray, Raonic comes to the net, and Murray just reaches his drop shot, the Scot's last-gasp shot hits the tape and nearly gets past Raonic, but he reacts and finishes to make it 40-15 and then serves out to take the opening game. 

Raonic up first. Murray takes his time and gets a huge cheer as heads to his end.  Here we go! Raonic to serve!

Jake Garner from the USA is the Chair Umpire today. He looks very relaxed up in his big high-chair. 

Raonic and Murray are out and warming up. Centre Court is packed. The Royal Box has a number of big names: Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Chrissie Evert, Manuel "Grass is for cows" Santana. And not from the tennis world, Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicola Sturgeon (wonder who she's rooting for?) and a certain David Cameron, outgoing Prime Minister of Britain. 

It's overcast in south-west London, but looks like a pretty pleasant day for a knock-up, or a Grand Slam final. 21 degrees and a 14 mph breeze the extra weather stats. Murray's very solid in the wind, so that breeze might well work in his favour.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wimbledon Final 2016, featuring big-serving* Canadian Milos Raonic against canny Scotsman Andy Murray live! 

*that has to be written at least once next to Raonic's name, so let's get it out of the way early on. 

Milos Raonic v Andy Murray: Build-up

Andy Murray and Milos Raonic meet this afternoon in the Wimbledon final. Scot Andy Murray is going for his second Wimbledon title (he won on the manicured turf at SW19 in 2013) while this is his Canadian opponent’s first Grand Slam final.

Magical Murray

Andy Murray is overwhelming favourite to take the title, and he’s been playing some of the best scintillating tennis of his career this tournament. So good was he against Nick Kyrgios in the fourth round he felt compelled to say sorry to the Australian at the net at the end, after his sublime play had caused Kyrgios to undergo a fairly comprehensive melt-down.

Murray’s one mild hiccup came in the quarter-final against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who forced a fifth set from 2-0 down, before Murray closed out the fifth 6-1. From there he went into the semi-final against Berdych, handily dismantling the 10th seed in straight sets to head into the final.

Also in Murray’s favour is his recent win over Raonic at Queen’s Club, coming back from a set and a break down to clinch his fifth Championship there.

“Big-serving” Raonic

Meanwhile Raonic, one of the new generation, comes into his first Grand Slam final having overcame Federer in the semi-final in five sets, the first time the Swiss legend had ever been beaten in 11 semi-finals at Wimbledon.

While many simply stick the title of ‘big-serving’ on Raonic there’s more to his game than that, as he showed superbly against Federer, where in the first set in particular he played some marvellously aggressive tennis using the angles superbly. His serve is, though, a fearsome weapon, but he finds himself up against probably the best returner of a tennis ball around at the moment. Raonic’s service games are going to be entertaining encounters.

If Raonic does triumph it will herald something of a shift in the tennis world: he’d be the first player outside of the current ‘big four’ (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray) to win here since Lleyton Hewitt claimed the Gentleman’s Single trophy in 2002.

But Raonic is up against it, Murray has been here before, he’ll have the crowd on his side, and he’s been playing the better tennis over these Championships. Whoever comes out top, follow all the action live here on AS.

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